You want a piece of this ?

To say that us dog owners are a varied group of people is, to say the least a bit of an understatement.

Take the emotive subject of greyhound racing for instance. I am sure there are plenty of owner trainers out there that care for their dogs every need, and there are dogs out there that are better fed and taken care of than the owners themselves. Then there are those that think that the whole industry is rotten to the core and there isn’t a decent dog person within the greyhound game.

But whatever side of the fence, or whatever area of involvement you are involved in with dogs, be it a rescue or occasional breeder, the one thing I think we can all agree on is that education is the key.

I blogged about it recently in relation to events such as Pet Expo where we get an opportunity to try and educate members of the public in relation to responsible dog ownership, and that “Adults have become prejudiced towards certain breeds or just dogs and pedigree dogs in general, and it is very difficult to try and change this persons mind once made up. Children on the other hand are open to the whole experience”

It would of course be silly of us all to think by educating Children that all would be well in the world of dogs in Ireland, and that this is an easy task, especially when video game makers come up with games and advertising like the above for the pending launch of Grand Theft Auto “V”

What kind of a message is this sending out to the hundreds of thousands of easily influenced teenagers and young adults that will kill to get there hands on this game as soon as it hits the shelves.

Not being a player of video games, (I lost interest after Pac-Man) and far from considering myself to be cool, it’s obviously desirable now to the hip crowd in to have a vicious dog on the end of a chain connected to a prong collar, and just in case that doesn’t work, lets’ throw in a baseball bat.

The message that this advert is sending out will reach far and wide, and I know that not everybody that buys this game will aspire to the stereotype of what the makers consider as hip, and the ones that do are lost to us in regards to ever going on to become a responsible dog owner.

However, as you can see, the odds certainly looked stacked against us, so maybe it’s about time we forget about our differences, and all started singing from the same hymn sheet, as there’s plenty of work to be done if we are to win this war.