The Poodle Club of Ireland

Name of Club ?

The Poodle Club of Ireland
Specialist club for welfare, breeding and exhibition of recognized FCI poodles of all 4 sizes

When year was the Club established ?

The poodle club of Ireland was established in 1952

Does the Club host any open or championship dog shows or breed seminars ?

The club run a championship show every year and usual run a seminar on breed standards, which was held in February this year. Hopefully we will run a seminar on showing your dog and grooming in 2024.

We are a specialist club formed to promote the welfare breeding and exhibition of all size poodles and encourage our members to breed poodles that confirm to the breed standard as adopted by the Irish Kennel Club

Does the breed have any specific health tests that should be done before a Dog or Bitch is used at stud or bred from ?

We would recommend that puppies should be from health tested parents, different tests for different sizes. Eye tests on all sizes. Pra and Pra/cd for all sizes hip dysplasia on standards, elbow for mins and mediums, IVDD for toys, SA, VwD for standards and NE. As a rule poodles are generally a very healthy breed, but like all breeds, things can go wrong.

What advice would you offer to anybody that is interested in becoming an owner of the breed ?

Poodles are a wonderful family dog, they like to be with their family.

Regular exercise, is wonderful for any dog, poodles do not need a high amount of exercise but will walk with you for miles.

Grooming is a big part of their life, they need regular grooming every 6-8 week professionally and at home approx twice a week, they are very clever and learn fast, so agility is a great sport to partake in.

They are not a shy retiring breed and should be happy to greet you as a puppy, with clean eyes, not running or stained, clean coat not dirty or smelling. You should be able to see pups with their mother.

Generally we have a list of reputable breeders that do carry out health tests on their puppies so future puppy owners can check to see if they do health testing in the new puppy

For more information check out our website at this link 


Poodle Club Of Ireland