Featured Kennel: Mossbawnhill Whippets

Name of Kennel: Mossbawnhill What age were you and how did you become involved in the world of Dogs?: I became involved in the dog world at a very young age via my parents,as my father bred long haired GSD's and my mother always had a miniature poodle in the house,so I basically grew up with dogs and have actually never had a time in my life when I haven't lived with at least one dog. What Breeds of Dogs have you had over the years? I have lived with quire a few different breeds over the years,as I say as a young child it was miniature poodles and long haired GSD's,then in the early eighties my father bought me a whippet to go to the stables with me and also keep up with the ponies whilst out hacking,when I left home I had a flat coated retriever and a wiemaraner and then when I met my husband Ryan and bought our first home we took on his old golden retriever and then got a rescue border collie,after that came a harlequin great dane and then the working gundogs..…
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