Diabetic Dogs – How we manged Diabetes in our Dog

Doris Dachshund 7/11/01 - 30/09/14 It was with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to our beloved Doris on the 30th September last year. We had 13 wonderful years with Doris and she brought us tremendous happiness, we will never forget her ! We very rarely had to bring Doris to the vets but unfortunately in April 2011 she had a few symptoms that caused us concern. She had started to drink a lot of water and would often shiver despite being in a warm house. We brought her straight to the vets and after taking some bloods and doing tests he diagnosed Doris as a diabetic, she was 9 years old. We were both devastated upon hearing this news as we knew a little bit about diabetes in humans but we knew nothing about it in dogs, but this would soon change. The vet explained to us what we would have to do on a daily basis to care for our diabetic dog but it was all too much to take in at the time and it took us a while to get our head around things. Doris now had …
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