A picture paints a thousand words

Dear Doris I’m writing to you as a last resort. I’m so close to going out of my mind & if that happens I’m not sure what I might do to myself. The thing is, I was bred to work but it’s not the downturn in the economy that has affected me. It hasn’t always been this way as I don’t mind saying it but I was the most beautiful pup you could lay two eyes one. In fact it was my eyes that made me look so spectacular. They are ice blue. In a way it was my good looks that have landed me in the dire predicament that I currently find myself in. You see I was such a gorgeous pup that the first person that came to visit me and my siblings with my mother, snapped me up and couldn’t wait to show me off to their family & friends. It seemed a very slick transaction as I don’t recall too many questions being asked of the new humans about what set up they were bringing me to. Did they work all day ? Were there children in the house & if so would they have enough time to…
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