Dogs & the lessons we can learn from them.

Bow Wow Wow We’re just about recovered from what can only be described as an insanely busy week end at Pet Expo. This was the 9th year that the show gave pet owners and potential pet owners their fix on all things pet related. Obviously being involved with the Dog Breed Village I am biased in saying that it ranks up there with some of the other major attractions, and based on the feedback, post Expo on my personal facebook page where I posted pictures of the Breed Village, it delivered exactly what we set out to do every year. The message that all the breed village representatives get across to the huge numbers that visited over the 2 days, is one of responsible dog ownership. Often when people hear the term breeder, they shudder. It implies something “bad” and suggests that pedigree dog breeders are creating health difficulties in dogs down the line. This 2 day event gives us the opportunity to wave our hands in the air and say, hello, we are here, and tell t…
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Pedigree Dogs Happy 5th Birthday

Today five years ago, the website went live on the World Wide Web. In the 5 years since we launched the site, we have learned an unbelievable amount not just about dogs & people, but also about search engine optimisation and techy things we would never had gotten involved in only for the site. The site also got us involved with the event organisers of Pet Expo and as a result we have organised the Dog Breed Village for them for the last 4 years. The world of Dogs in Ireland is massive covering such areas as rescues, puppy farms, dog shows, agility, and so much more, and you would have to be extremely foolish to think that you can improve the life of all dogs in each of these areas. What we have come to learn over the past 5 years is that it would be extremely unlikely that we will win the war on puppy farms, but we can all make a difference by winning the odd battle along the way. Promoting responsible dog ownership and the responsible breeding o…
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Dog Owners, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

As per the classic spaghetti western staring Clint Eastwood, you could classify all dog owners into the above categories. Yesterday I met one of the bad & ugly ones. We were just coming in from one of our daily walks, and were stopped at a pedestrian crossing waiting for the light to go in our favour. Across the road a "Gent" was walking his German Shepherd on an extendable lead. The German Shepherd had stopped at the other side of the road, right at the crossing and had a what can only be described as a projectile shite ! Let's put it this way, if the dog was in the decorating business he would have been very proud of his achievement as he got great coverage, with minimum effort. At this stage the light went in our favour and we crossed relatively close to where this disgusting mess lay resting on the pavement. When the dog had finally finished, the "Gent" just tugged the lead, and went to trot off with not a bother on him. Being a responsible dog owner (Don't …
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It’s a Dogs life in Europe

During the Celtic Tiger years Ireland went through a major transformation. People everywhere wanted more from their lives, and would do anything to keep up with the latest trend. Streetside cafe's sprung up all over the place, and a law was even tabled where alcohol could be served at these premises late into the evening. This trend was of course mirrored on the European system, that works so well. Why is it then that we are prepared to freeze sitting outside a cafe in the middle of November, all in the hope of looking more trendy or European, but we don't adopt their practices when it comes to keeping dogs. Dogs would be allowed into these premises in Europe, and there dogs are considered an integral part of the family unit. That in my opinion is the crux of the problem re dog ownership in this country, as in Europe the dog is considered as part of the family, but here in Ireland, the majority of people just see a dog as a pet or less, and something that can …
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Shame on you Frankie Dettori !

Claire Balding the sports presenter, journalist, jockey & anchor for the TV airing of Crufts posted the following on Twitter over 1 hour ago, with the potential to reach her 88'957 followers on same "Frankie Dettori has puppies AND miniature donkeys. I'm in heaven" Then 13 minutes ago posted the following "Frankie's terrier puppies were an accident. His bitch got friendly with the farrier's dog. They are very sweet" Firstly, Frankie Dettori is not setting a very good example of Responsible Dog ownership, a point that I made know on Twitter to Clare Balding. Has he never heard of spaying ? Does he not know that dog pounds across the UK & Ireland are at bursting point with unwanted dogs, from unplanned mating's ? Secondly, and I'm not saying that Clare Balding is endorsing Mr Dettori's actions, but throughout the coverage of Crufts this year, more so than previous years, the message was about responsible dog ownership I hope that Clare let Frankie kno…
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Responsible Pet Ownership

I know yesterday was World Animal Day, and this week end we have Pet Expo in the RDS, but I couldn't resist posting this picture up. Messing aside, the World Of Cats should be an equally enjoyable experience as the Dog Breed Village at this weeks ends Pet Expo , as top specimens from both the Cat & Dog World will be on display, with their extremely knowledgeable owners on had to advise and part with information gained from many years devoted to their specific breeds. Cat lover, Dog lover, who cares, come on down to the RDS this week end, it's a puurrrfect way to educate the family re responsible Pet ownership, and you would be barking mad to miss it !
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