Responsible Dog Breeders in Ireland

Don't knock the person that researches a particular breed a wants to purchase a pedigree dog from a person that knows the breed inside out and carries out all the breed specific health tests before breeding from adult dogs that have great temperaments. The resulting pups have the very best chance of going on to lead long & healthy lives and very rarely if ever end up in a shelter / pound due to the screening that the owner / breeder does before placing a pup in a suitable home. Promoting responsible breeding / breeders and dog ownership is also a very valid form of combating the mess that back yard breeders & puppy farms create that often end up in the terrible situation of a pound / shelter due to being bred from unhealthy unsocialised dogs. By showing people there is a right way, they can then make an informed choice. But if you don't go down the above road, please visit your local shelter before you buy a dog from the back of a car on the by pass because t…
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