Starting your puppy on raw dog food

This is a guest post by Dean Barrow who runs raw feeding website, Raw Dog Food.  Raw feeding is getting increasingly popular amongst dog owners these days, and it’s no surprise that they’d like their pets to be as healthily as possible. For those of you in the dark, raw feeding is the process of mimicking a dog’s natural diet as closely as possible. This is done by feeding what dogs have been eating for thousands of years - raw meat. There are two distinct feeding methods undertaken by raw feeders, these are BARF, short for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods, and the Prey method. That doesn’t mean you have to take sides though, some feed one, the other, or even a mix of both, whatever works best for you and your dog. BARF - Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods This is the quickest and easiest way to start feeding raw, BARF is essentially a pre-mixed blend of raw meat, bone, fruit and veg, calculated for the perfect nutritional balance for your dog. The Prey Method Pr…
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