Showing Dogs – Where did it all go wrong ?

There are hundreds of thousands of dogs in Ireland, yet only approx 1500 of these attend at any individual dog show affiliated by the IKC. In the year 2010/11 there were over 29,000 dogs registered with The Irish Kennel Club which included over 5,000 litters. Let's guestimate that 1000 of these litters were from show kennels, that's 4000 litters registered by people not involved in the show dog scene. So the question might be what are show dog people and the governing bodies doing in relation to assisting and educating all the other dog owning / loving people out there ? Now some show dogs have it and others just don't - It's true that some dogs really come alive when in the show ring, and it looks like this is their true vocation, but time spent in the actual show ring for most dogs accounts for approx 5 minutes out of the whole dog show day. The rest can be spent crated in the back of a van, car or trailer for periods from 10 minutes to 10 hours, not to mention th…
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Your Dog and the pursuit of happiness

Ok we're back......I hope some of you noticed that we hadn't been what you'd call very active on the run up to and through the Christmas Holiday. TBH it was a most welcome break, and a time where we could reflect on the year just passed, and plan for the year ahead. I've decided on a personal theme for myself this year, which can be summed up in one word - Happiness - My thinking is that if you try and make yourself happy then everything else in life must be good, or should eventually fall into place. Happiness comes in all shapes and forms but mid last year we posted a blog stating that happiness is Canis Lupus or Dog to you and me I'm sure everybody reading this blog right now or maybe years in the future, will have experienced the happiness that a dog can bring into your life. But let's flip that card, and look at it from a dogs perspective. What really makes your dog happy ? Is your dog happy sitting with you on the sofa after a good long walk and balan…
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Budget 2013 – Michael Noonan, Pure Bred Dog or Cross Breed ?

Weather forecast not good for Dogs in Ireland It well and truly looks like the country is preparing to brace itself on two counts. Firstly it looks like the weather has taken a turn with temperatures heading due south,and secondly December 5th is rapidly approaching, the day we all find out just how much poorer we will all be next year when details of the Budget are released. Something tells me that Michael Noonan, won't be getting as many Christmas cards this year as he is used to. Noonan being the countries Minister for finance (for the meantime anyhow) is given the task of looking after the countries finances. The rest of us get to look after whatever little we have left after Mr Noonan decides on what we should pay in relation to keeping the government jet and ministerial cars fueled, as well as funding the health service etc, etc. You could say that we are all Ministers of Finance. Isn't it a pity then that some people in Irish society when getting a p…
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A Dog Is For Life Not Just For Christmas

This is the message that ALL reputable breeders send out at this time of the year. I got thinking recently about another phrase we hear from time to time, "Do as I say not as I do" Can some Show Kennels be accused of this...What do we do if the promising pup we kept back from a litter gets a fright in the Show Ring, and decides it doesn't like this showing lark or just isn't making the grade ? What happens when we discover the breed that we start out in is just too competitive, or "Sewn up" so we look around for a rare breed, or one with less numbers in...what happens to the dogs we have from our first breed ? OK we can always say there are always people out there looking for a mature dog, no puppy training to do, with all the hard work done, but these are the minority. I'm sure we all know of people in our respective breeds that move on an older dog / champion - the only reason being to make way for the new kid on the block. Maybe after 30 years the messa…
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Leopard for sale on Gumtree !

We posted a blog not so long ago titled Is your local Puppy Farmer playing by the rules ? Now I'm not in anyway trying to trivialise the whole practice of puppy farming, but they only exist because there are van loads (excuse the pun) of un educated people out there only to willing to shell out hard earned money to buy one of these poorly bred & raised pups. Some of these pups end up in the Pet Shops that continue to be involved in this cruel and unjust practice. Puppy Farmers Can Advertise for Free Others end up on the general online classified web sites, some of which offer the puppy farmer a free opportunity to reach their potential customers. Recently one of the largest Free online classified web sites announced a drastic overhaul of it's policies in relation to the advertising of dogs. All of a sudden they will no longer allow ads from puppy farmers or commercial breeders. No stud dogs will be allowed No animals under the age of eight weeks Only …
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Buying a dog for Christmas ?

Is Christmas a good time to Introduce a Puppy to your House ? I was asked recently to give an opinion on whether Christmas is a good or bad time to introduce a dog to the family. It's a question that raises it's head about this time every year. Rather than just give my own views on the matter, I asked followers of the pedigree dogs Facebook page to give their views on it. We got a great response, and answers covered the full spectrum, from "never,never,never" to "I got my first dog as a Christmas present & it was the best one I ever received" A Puppy to the right home After reading all the comment's I posted the following - "Would it be safe to say that a puppy to the right home at Christmas is far better than a puppy to the wrong home any other time of the year ?" which met with a general acceptance. As the picture above proves, different dogs are suited to different lifestyles / households, so whatever time of the year you are introducing a new puppy or d…
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Pedigree Dogs Featured Kennel – Dar Og Dogue de Bordeaux

I will never forget the first time I saw Hooch. He was just 8 weeks old and he oozed confidence. We had seen an advertisement in our local paper for Dogue de Bordeaux and with curiosity getting the better of us we just had to go and see this litter. We were fascinated by them and once I had met Hooch and his siblings that was it, I was hooked and it would start a passion which has spanned nearly a decade for me with this wonderful breed. Now I am the proud owner of six Dogue de Bordeaux, 4 of which are my own breeding. I was granted the prefix “Dar Og” about 7 years ago and was also a breeder of Bullmastiff and Japanese Spitz although now my main focus is the Dogue de Bordeaux. I am a huge lover of Isabella and it is a colour which will always be in my lines but sadly this colour is being lost in preference for darker dogs on this side of the world. All our Dogue de Bordeaux are hip and elbow scored with the B.V.A. I have bred 4 litters of Dogue de Bordeaux in the last 7…
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Is your Dog Crazy ?

Firstly, let me start by wishing everybody a happy and healthy 2012, and let's hope that we and our dogs get all we wish for this year. I am sure we are all sick of over eating and being stuck in front of the TV over the holiday, and it's time to get right back out there, and shake the cobwebs off. Having said that there were some good films on TV, and it amazes me the amount of dogs that are used in the making of these films, mostly portrayed as man's best friend. One film I watched, and really enjoyed, wasn't about a Dog but a Beaver, starring Mel Gibson, and titled, no prizes for guessing this one.....The Beaver In this film the main character is suffering from a breakdown, states that "Crazy is pretending to be happy"  and if this is the case, then I suppose we are all a little bit crazy. That's one thing then that our dogs can never be called, as they never pretend to be anything but themselves. The human equivalent would be the not too common person that sp…
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Pedigree Dogs Vet – Tail Dragging

Quite often dog owners think their dog has worms because it is dragging its tail on the ground.  This activity is instead a sign that the dog is having trouble with its anal glands (sacs). What are anal glands?  They are primarily used for territorial marking and communication, not only in dogs, but all predators.  They are small pouches located on each side and slightly below the anal opening, at the 4 o’ clock and 8 o’ clock positions.  A small duct leads from the gland to an opening directly beside the anus. The sacs contain a thick, strong-smelling liquid that is pressed out when a dog relieves itself.  This allows other dogs to recognise each other because each dog produces its own unique scent. (more…)
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Yesterday our site featured on page 8 of the business section of The Sunday Times. We are delighted with this exposure, and hope that it brings our web site to the attention of a lot more reputable breeders / owners so they are aware that there is a web site in Ireland, where the welfare of the dogs is paramount. Thanks to everyone that has supported us from the start. Onwards and upwards Best regards Paul Barry (Pictured with Daisy the Dachshund, one of his homebred Irish Champions & Kyla a friends Ir Ch Leonberger)
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The ten pet peeves dogs have with humans…..

‘1′ Blaming your farts on me….. not funny….. not funny at all !!! ——————————– ‘2′ Yelling at me for barking. I’M A FRIGGIN’ DOG!!! ——————————– ‘3′ Taking me for a walk, then not letting me check stuff out. Exactly whose walk is this anyway?   ——————————– ‘4′ Any trick that involves balancing food on my nose. Stop it!  ——————————– ‘5′ Any haircut that involves bows or ribbons. Now you know why we chew your stuff up when you’re not home!   ——————————————– ‘6′ The sleight of hand, fake fetch throw. You fooled a dog! Whoooo Hoooooooo, what a proud moment for the top of the food chain.  ——————————– ‘7′ Taking me to the vet for ‘the big snip’, then acting surprised when I freak out every time we go back! ——————————– ‘8′ Getting upset when I sniff the crotches of your guests. Sorry, but I haven’t quite mastered that handshake thing yet. ————————————— ‘9′ Dog sweaters. Hello??? Haven’t you noticed the fur? '10' How you act disgusted whe…
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Tralee & District Canine Club Championship Show 2010

Next week is the start of the Rose of Tralee festival. Beautiful girls from all over the World will compete for the Crown “Rose of Tralee, but Yesterday in Castleisland just a few miles from Tralee there was a festival of other sorts it was the annual Tralee Dog Show. Tralee Dog Show committee has had to move the venue for the dog show over the years, many moon ago it was in a school, some rings were in the school yard while other in an adjoining sports pitch. This was followed by a  moved to the Rugby Grounds just outside the town, this was a friendly place and occasionally the bar opened at night for the people staying in camper van and caravans at the top end of the field, to meet and relax and a song or two could be heard too. (more…)
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Limerick All Breed Championship Show 2010

A light drizzle of rain stayed over Limerick show yesterday, but luckily not like other years the ground was rock hard at the Woodlands Hotel venue, so unlike previous years the ground under foot was not like whipped cream and straw had to be put in the entrances so to get people in and out, leaving a terrible mess for the committee to later have to clear up. The Woodland Hotel, Adare  is really a superb venue for Limerick show, its a real treat on arrival to go in and enjoy a cooked breakfast and lunch time a hearty meal in Timmy Macs Bistro is a real must. Limerick show is always very well laid out and this year was no exception, at every corner you can see committee members in their very smart blue jackets keeping a good eye on what's happening and group timings etc seem to work just like clock-work, just proving how much work the committee put into the yearly show. The large Best in Show ring as usual was well decorated with seating for the judges, as soon as the G…
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Killarney All Breed Championship Dog show 2010

Killarney All Breed Championship Dog show is the only Irish dog show that is set amongst a busy town, not alone this but Killarney without any doubt is one of Ireland's most beautiful and popular tourist towns, So therefore at Killarney show there is a good mix of local people visiting and holiday makers having a day out to see the dogs which adds nicely to the relaxed atmosphere of “Circuit” week.. The show is looked down on by the magnificent St Mary's Cathedral, this August celebrating 155 years since its consecration . (more…)
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Clonmel & District Canine Club

Yesterdays Clonmel and District All Breed Championship proved to be a real sizzler of a day, most certainly holding the record for 2010 as the hottest show day with temperatures at about 25c all day. Most certainly a day for dogs and humans to seek shade and try to keep cool, good to see bottles of suncream being handed around amongst exhibitors, and being lashed on in all the right spots - not many folk wished to start the circuit week looking like red rooster. Many judges took consideration of the new founded Irish heatwave and in the more heavily coated breeds and only kept the exhibits in the ring the minimum of time for assessment and movement. The Clonmel lay out for the show is in complete reverse to Fermoy Show held earlier in the year in the Ferry House Complex, now a pretty regular show venue for Southern shows. The rings for yesterdays show were laid out in what many will remember as the car-park area, while they use the normal show ring area now for car-pa…
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Hound Association of Ireland Group Championship Show

Best in show at today's Hound Association of Ireland Ch Show at Nass Race Course under Spanish judge Mr Adolfo Martinez Noguera was Geordie & Jane Anthony's Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch Rottzridge Walk The Walk Jnr Ch CW 10. Reserve Best in Show Mary & Tony Smith's Ch Uella O'Hogan (Jnr Ch CW 08). The new venue proved a major success, and left us wondering why it had not been used for this show before now. Situated en route for the next day's Circuit show in Clonmel, it had perfect facilities for this 3 group show. The large equine parade ring provided great space for the 4 rings on an immaculate lawn surrounded by low hedging and a railing and fixed seating for onlookers. Many congratulations to the commitee of the HAI for again running an excellent show, but a first this year the show was blessed with proper summer weather, hopefully the sunshine will continue for the rest of the Munster Circuit week.
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Dog shedding is like the weather…

You can try to  prepare for it, but no one can really stop it from happening. Particularly if your decor favors plush carpets and upholstered furniture and especially if your wardrobe favors cotton, dogs that shed top the list of cleaning dilemmas—as well as most people’s lists of “What I Would Change about My Dogs If I Could.” Here’s how to cope  and keep excessive shedding at bay. Best Way to Stop a Shedding Dog? Grooming. If everything in your house has a fine layer of dog hair that seems to reappear the second you vacuum, it means you need to start at the source with a dog de-shedding tool. Invest in a dog brush and establish a once-a-day brushing routine, always in the same place and at the same time. Furry pooches will shed less hair if you brush them regularly, and grooming your dog in a consistent pattern will get them in the habit of reminding you that it’s time for a currycomb. After brushing your dog, pry the matted hairs from the base of the brush bristles or tin…
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The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog..

Today being the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe, I thought it relevant to re post this blog - The last years of the screen legend are told through the eyes of a pup called Maf. When Andrew O’Hagan was growing up, there was only one book in his parents’ Kilwinning council house “apart from the Kilmarnock telephone directory”. It was, bizarrely, a paperback of Fred Lawrence Guiles’s 1969 biography, Norma Jean: The Life Of Marilyn Monroe. O’Hagan remembers his carpenter father, who dropped chaotically in and out of family life, bringing it home in his duffle bag after working in Carlisle. His parents never read books, but the 11-year-old boy consumed this one, mesmerised by the luminous beauty of the image of the woman on its cover. “I had never seen a woman like that. Her dress was golden, split to the waist, her hair was golden, her lips were inviting and rejecting at the same time. I’d never seen anything like it, despite living in Ayrshire, where half the women had lips…
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