Pet Expo RDS Dublin 7th & 8th November 2015 –

The aim of the Breed Village at Pet Expo Dublin is as follows To give the potential dog owner : All the relevant information on exercise,training,grooming,feeding and housing requirements of the breed from some of the top people in their chosen breeds in Ireland Who have fully researched the breed, information on the correct route and process when considering bringing a pup or adult dog into your home A chance to see their chosen breed in the flesh, with all the coat and slobber that may go with the breed Information on breed specific health tests that both parents of any potential pup should have taken A reference point for the future should any interested persons need further information before making the decision of being "owned" by the breed The Breed Village is an opportunity to showcase Pedigree Dogs and educate the general public about potential ownership of same. If you are interested in a certain breed and go to a responsible breeder, that carries …
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