Hibernian All Breed Championship Show

We had Hibernian All Breed Championship Show {under IKC rules} yesterday in the National Show Center, Cloghran. The show was laid out nicely, indoors and out doors, with ample sized rings for most breeds. The sun shone most of the day and temperatures were a little warmer than of late, so it was good to see the tents popping up again around the rings and folk enjoying out door picnics and relaxing, and feeling the sun on their backs. Hopefully yesterday good weather will be the start of a trend for good weather for our shows for the up-coming summer season. The Best in show judge was the ever charming Mr Michael Forte, who found two new dogs to high honors to place BIS and res BIS. The big rosette for BIS was awarded to the winner of Group 2 the Doberman Pincher Tuwos Ferando Torres {owned by Miss SR & Messers B&JO Rourke & Henderson} and handled by Billy Henderson. Res BIS was awarded to the Group 7 winner, the Irish Setter Glennara Coer De Lion owned by Ms Barty K…
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Dog Breeding Establishments Bill 2009: Discussion with Canine Breeders of Ireland.

Parliamentary DebateTuesday 30-03-2010 Mr. David Hamilton(CBI): I thank the Chairman. My presentation is on the Canine Breeders of Ireland, CBI, and its role in the industry. With over 600 members representing an industry estimated to be worth over €300 million annually to the economy, we consider ourselves the largest organisation of our kind. At present our membership is mostly made up of commercial dog breeding establishments. We have been overwhelmed by the interest from breeders, politicians and the media and we hope to launch our website in the very near future. This is expected to boost membership significantly and to bring up many more topics about which breeders are concerned. We intend to use the CBI to promote a code of ethics which members must abide by and, through engagement with dog breeders, we will improve our industry and make it more open and acceptable to the public. Currently, if a dog breeder wishes to become a full member of the CBI he or she must h…
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Bray Dog Show, Showentryireland, Technology & The Irish Kennel Club

On yesterday's Blog we featured the up-coming Bray Dog Show. Many may have missed the fact that there now is a second Irish on-line website handling dog show entries. The name, www.showentryireland.com is very similar to the exisiting on line entry service, www.dogshowentry.ie, . Do be aware of this if you are planning to enter Bray or any other up-coming shows. So technology is most certainly changing the face of the dog show world. Everything these days seems to have a presence on the internet, and with the recent release of the Irish Kennel Club's Mission Statement, I wonder how long it will be before we have on line Dog registrations ?
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Bray Dog Show New Venue

New Venue for Bray Show. Bray & District Canine Club All Breed Championship Show will be held on Saturday July 3rd 2010 at a new venue Wicklow Rugby Club, Ashdown Lane, Wicklow, Co Wicklow. Entries close 4th June {postmark}  enter on line at www.showentryireland.com.   Online entries close at midnight on June 7th 2010. Show Secretary Mr N White, Abberann, Drumbawn, Greystones, Co Wicklow. Ph 01 4433628 Fax 01 4370700. Above show is held under licence of Irish Kennel Club (IKC)
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The Hound Assocation of Ireland Championship show

The Hound Assocation of Ireland Championship show was the last show of the Mini-Circuit for exhibitors involved with groups 4,6 and 10. (Held under licence of The Irish Kennel Club) The weather had provided both Fermoy and South Tipperary shows with a mixture of cold, wind and heavy showers, but although still cold yesterday at Clonmel we had lovely sun. The sun most certainly did shine down on Mrs Louise Casey when her Dalmatian, Ch/Int/GbCh Camargue Calvin Klein, was awarded BIS by judge Mrs Anne Cuthbert. Res BIS went to the Smooth-Haired Kaninchen Dachshund, Ch D'Arisca Seal The Deal, owned by Miss Karen Weir. Congratulation to both very proud owners, and all the owners and their dogs who won major awards over the week-end. So now the Irish show scene has really stated for 2010, and we at Pedigree dogs will be pleased to bring you show results. Good luck to all our exhibitor friends. If you do have a major show win ie BOB, Group or Group placement or a BIS, pl…
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Fermoy Canine Club, Mini Circuit & Irish Canine Press

We call this week-end the Min-Circuit, the Circuit proper is a full week in August. Firstly, our congratulations to Fermoy Canine Club for putting together such an excellent panel of judges yesterday, many from overseas and their first judging appointment in Ireland. Unfortunately, the show did suffer from rather inclement weather, but nevertheless the hard working Fermoy committee still ran everything like clockwork. Well done Marshal, Niamh, Stephen, Geraldine and all the hard-working committee. Attending the Mini-Circuit shows really is a busy few days. Driving to venues, showing dogs, and ducking 'n diving between showers. So I know many like me will gladly relax after the shows enjoying reading the new edition of Irish Canine Press. Once again the editors of ICP Des and Joyce and their team of writers and photographers have surpassed themselves with another packed edition, full of show news photos, information on breeds and everything any canine enthusiast would be mo…
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Dogs being armed to the teeth…

Breed legislation isn't working, No human beings were killed by pit bulls before 1991, but since then we've had one death after another, mostly caused by cross-breeds. Dangerous dogs are not born, dangerous dogs are made, through abuse and neglect, and they can be any breed.' But pit bulls also have a more practical use. They are as deadly as any knife or gun, and with one crucial advantage: while carrying a gun brings a prison sentence of up to 10 years and a knife four years, anyone caught possessing an illegal dog faces a maximum prison sentence of six months, which is rarely imposed They say that if a pit bull is fighting another dog you could hack off its leg and it would carry on fighting. Hence the injuries from a sustained dog attack will be far greater than from a gunshot wound from a low-velocity weapon.' Kenneth (now Lord) Baker believes the 1997 amendment was a mistake. 'The intention of the Dangerous Dogs Act was to eliminate breeds like pit bulls in this …
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Dogs and The National History Museum

The National History Museum situated beside the Dáil in Merrion Square Dublin is re-opening to-day, This museum, which is part of The National Museum of Ireland, is a zoological museum containing diverse collections of world wildlife. The Irish Room, on the ground floor, is devoted largely to Irish mammals, sea-creatures and insects. And who do we find there in a large glass cabinet shared with the polar bear and the grizzly but Ch Ouborough Acushla. I’ll let judge L A Loraine speak for us - Ch Ouborough Acushla (born 1925) "In this breed I had the pleasure of seeing one of the finest animals of any variety that is has been my lot so far. What have you breeders of Irish Wolfhounds being trying for? To produce an animal somewhat approaching the mythical stories of the giant dogs that inhabited Ireland in past ages. It has been a great effort and one that has produced some beautiful hounds, but never til now have you succeeded in producing a dog so nearly reaching in size and…
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Junior Champion of Champion – Irish Kennel Club

Junior Champion of Champion will be held on 14th November 2010. How to compete: - Confirmation of Junior Champion must be confirmed by the Irish Kennel Club - IKC  (i.e. Junior Champion Certificate), a copy of which must accompany your entry. You must apply to Irish Kennel Club - IKC with details of your wins to receive your Junior Champion Certificate. To Become a Junior Champion the requirements are:- 5 first placings at an All Breed Championship Show in Junior Dog or Junior Bitch. Qualifying Shows are from Cloghran All Breed Championship Show 2009 to Bull Breeds All Breed Championship Show 2010.
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The following was posted on the Irish Kennel Club - IKC - web site recently The Irish Kennel Club - IKC - are the governing body and regulators for Pedigree Dogs in Ireland "To regulate and promote every aspect of Pedigree Dogs through efficient cost effective electronic registrations and validations. To promote the health and welfare of all dogs and to develop public relations, information and educative services by organising events that will achieve these aims."
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Banbridge & District 2010

Congratulations to all of the following whom have all advertised on pedigreedogs.ie, regarding their win at Sundays Banbridge & District Show held under licence of The Irish Kennel Club (IKC) Basset Hound - Best Of Breed - CH FABURN NINA OF KNOCKOGUE - Co owned by Barry O'Neill Dachshund Smooth Haired Miniature - Best Of Breed - BARISSE SPREADS THE MAGIC WITH SMARTDAC ALSO Reserve Best Of Breed - SMARTDAC DARK N DESIGNER - Suzanee Jamison / Martin McDonnell Rhodesian Ridgeback - Best Of Breed - CH GB INT CH VELDTKAMMER DEW TO MORE DUO - Lydia Cooper Reserve Best Of Breed - IR CH ROTTZRIDGE WALK THE WALK - Jane Armastrong Tibetan Spaniel - Reserve Green Star Dog - ROSANNA RIO AT GLISHANNA - Julie / Philip Bryan Tibetan Terrier - Best Of Breed - AM/IR/INT/GIB/FR CH ATISHA`S FIREBIRD FLOWER - Mr Sean Lydon - ALSO Reserve Green Star Dog - CH & AM CH TRIPITAKA BLAZING FIREBIRD AN CH - 09 BullDog - Reserve Best of Breed - BELUSHI BATISTA Martin / Leanne S…
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Change of Judges – Banbridge & District Show April 18th

The above show held under licence to The Irish Kennel Club (IKC) has had some changes to the appointed Judges Neither Mrs Marie Ward or Mr Antonio Di Lorenzo are able to judge at Banbridge & District Canine Club show on Sunday 18th April. Basenji, Eurasier, Japanese Shiba Inu and Japanese Spitz will be judged by Mrs Dolores Dinneen in Ring 9 following her scheduled breeds. Deerhound, Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Italian Greyhound, Saluki, Sloughi, Whippet, Any Variety Group 10, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bloodhound, Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, Hamiltonstovare, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Any Variety Group 6 and Group 6 will now be judged by Mr Rodney McDowell Rottweilers will now be judged by Mrs Catherine Rooney in Ring 10 after her scheduled breeds. Group 2 will be judged by Mr Jim Gardiner FURTHER UPDATE - Due to flight disruptions Mr F Cocchetti and Mr M Cocozza are also unable to attend
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Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs…Natural

In one day, a single flea can bite your dog more than 400 times. During that same day, the flea can consume more than its body weight of your pet's blood. And before it's through, a female flea can lay hundreds of eggs on your pet, ensuring that its work will be carried on by generations to come CITRUS REPELLENT Cut a lemon into quarters and place in a pint jug. Cover the lemon with boiling water and let it steep overnight. Next day you have a flea repellent that you can use in a spray bottle. Spray all over your dog remembering especially behind the ears and around the head generally (careful of eyes), around the base of the tail (once again keep away from delicate bits) and under your dog’s ‘armpits’. Aromatherapy repellent: Using 10 ml. of sweet almond oil as your base, add 10 drops of lavender and 5 drops of cedarwood. Shake well and use 1 or 2 drops spread over the skin at least twice a week to keep the fleas away. A flea collar can be made by rubbing a few dro…
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Irish Pup of the Year

The Pup of The Year 2009 Finals took place at the Moran's Red Cow Hotel, Dublin on Easter Sunday, 4th April. The event is hosted by The Combined Canine Club, this years sponsors were BNY Mellon. There were 29 qualified from the 30 shows held in 2009, as the lovely Keeshond had qualified twice. Preliminary judging was completed by judges Ricky Loch Romans from the Netherlands, Berri Beare and Anthony Kelly from Ireland. Each judge independently assessed and scored each qualifier. Each qualifier received an engraved photo frame sponsored by Irish Canine Press and as guests waited for dinner to be served the short list of the 8 finalists were announced. Ramuné Kazlauskaite from Lithuania had the honorging the final After careful assessessingThe final 2 were asked for another lap of the ring and called into number 1 spot was Yvonne Cannon's homebred Shih Tzu, Cloughlea The Demon Diva and second place was awarded to John Canty's Lakeland Terrier Brocolitia Right Reaction. …
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Happy Easter

At yesterday's Easter Classic show  Combined International All Breed Championship Show, Best in Show was awarded to Mr W & Mrs A Dobbins Newfoundland Brooklynbear Nijinsky and reserve to Mr S Carrolls & Mr J Newman's Pomeranian Ch Belliver The Ultimate Creation. Many congrats to all the winners. Our congratulations too must go to the committee of the Combined Canine Club for once again putting on an excellent well organised show.
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Pedigree Dogs

We are the only dedicated site in Ireland that deals with Pedigree Dogs, registered with the Irish Kennel Club and Kennel Club (London) Unlike any other dog related website, we review every single ad before it is published, ensuring that only ad’s that meet our criteria will go live, so that your ad will only share space with like minded breeders. The emphasis throughout is on attracting reputable breeders and owners and there are a number of stipulations that have to be met – puppies or adult dogs being sold must be registered with the Irish Kennel Club or the Kennel Club London, ads must be accompanied by a photo that promotes responsible dog ownership, showing dogs of good health, and kept in suitable conditions, no exaggerated claims can be used in the text. Only people living on the Island of Ireland can use the site to advertise on.(Or accredited breeders / known breeders to us from the UK mainland) We are a site that only advertises registered puppies You …
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Why not give your dog a treat this week-end that you know is full of home made goodness and free from all preservatives … This is a special for the dog with a savoury tooth. Cheesey Bone INGREDIENTS 50 g margarine 150 g{6ozs} grated cheddar cheese 150 g {6ozs} whole wheat flour 25 g {1ozs} milk. METHOD Heat oven to... 375/190/gas 5 Cream together cheese and margarine. Add flour and milk. Mix together and shape into ball. Roll out to about 1cm thick {½ ins} Cut into bone shapes. Bake for 20 mins until nicely browned. Don't forget to let these delicious bones cool before you give them to your 4-footed friends. We know how populat these Cheesey Bones are but, if you have any over, do please store in a air-tight contained to keep crispy and fresh.
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Four walls and a Woof..

Dog Sanctuary in desperate need of a new premises Cork Dog Action Welfare Group (DAWG) is appealing to Cork's animal loving public for help after learning that they will need to find new premises for their dog sanctuary in the coming months. DAWG has rehomed over 1,200 of Cork's dogs since the organisation was set up over two and a half years ago. It is run solely by volunteers who helped rescue 663 dogs last year alone. For more information please visit our website www.dogactionwelfaregroup.ie If you are in a position to donate unused land, building supplies, building services or funds, or you'd simply like to show your support for this wonderful Cork charity, visit www.dogactionwelfaregroup.ie/donate.hmtl or make a donation to the DAWG fundraising account: Permanent TSB, Bishopstown, Cork Sort Code;99-07-09 A/C Number; 11670826
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Irish Canine Press Annual 2010.

I have just spent a few most enjoyable hours reading through the ICP annual '10. The editors Des and Joyce Manton must be heartily congratulated on a wonderful production covering every aspect of the Irish dog show scene from North to South over the past year. The articles are excellent and most informative. Special mention must go to Rachael's Veterinary corner. Rachael covers many of the diseases that affect our dogs, her article is put in a very easy to read way, and it's a real must read for all canine owners. The photos are stunning, and the general information from the kennels  makes it a very easy read. It's a magazine that can sit on your coffee table for the remainder of the year and will give many people a lot of enjoyment  and relaxing reading.. ICP can be purchased at any dog show and directly from www.irishcaninepress.com cost €10.
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Celtic Winners 2010 – Advertising on Pedigreedogs.ie

At yesterday's Irish Kennel Club annual St Patrick's Day show, Best in Show was won by Mr & Mrs G Cox's Bull Terrier Ir/GBCh Coxgal Oiche Angel EW09 . Many many congratulations to Ger and Laura on this wonderful win and Angels CC/BOB last Friday at Crufts. And reserve BIS yesterday went to Mr S Carroll and Mr J Newman's Pomeranian Ch  Belliver The Ultimate Creation. Again well done Sean and James. The Best in Show judge was one of Irelands most respected and highly regarded judge  Mr Gerry Hickey owner of the very famouse Lyre Shih Tzus kennel. And well done to all the other exhibitors who did so well yesterday. And to the Irish Kennel Club who once again organised such and excellent show. A special word of congratulations to the following whom are advertising on www.pedigreedogs.ie Alaskan Malamute BOB Tamon Del Biaggio For Libertia - Nice one Peri Bullmastiff BOB - Belwood Phantom - Well done Paul Irish Wolfhounds BOB - Gulliagh Ardtully -…
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Pedigree Dogs Feature In The Sunday Business Post!

From The Sundays Business Post Feb 21 2010: "Corkman Paul Barry established PedigreeDogs.ie at the start of the year to provide dog lovers with a reputable purebred resource. "I realised that there would be a definite market for breeders and prospective owners in the existence of a website specialising in pedigree dogs registered by the Irish Kennel Club (IKC) and the Kennel Club London," said Barry, who also runs DeBarra Freight Services" The Web Design Team He worked with web design team Jamjo to develop the site and spent a year building up a customer database to launch the service. "When the site went live, this information was processed and various methods were used in contacting prospective customers. Most was through the use of website contact forms, and dog-related forums," he said. "Since it went live at the start of the year, the site has had over 6,000 visitors and over 10,000 individual visits, with 28 per cent of these coming from the search eng…
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Want to show at Crufts next year ??

If you missed out on showing at Crufts this year, and want to be part of the biggest Dog Show in the World next time it comes around...here's a list of qualifying shows that you can enter that could be your passport to the same... The following IKC Shows are the Crufts Qualifiers for 2011 GROUPS 1 & 2 - Belgian Shepherd Dog Club Of Ireland - 29th May 2010 GROUP 3 - All Terrier Association - 14th August 2010 GROUPS 4, 6 & 10 - Hound Association Of Ireland - 14th August 2010 GROUP 5 - Munster Spitz & Primitive Breeds Association - 5th June 2010 GROUPS 7 & 8 - Black Red Or Golden Cocker Club Of Ireland - 22nd August 2010 GROUP 9 - Irish Toy/Companion Dog Society - 22nd May 2010
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Irish Kennel Club Judges Education Seminar

The Irish Kennel Club Judges Education Seminar 6th March 2010, (10.00-16.00) lunch 1 - 2 Green Isle Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin Pre-booked only. Marion Campbell [[email protected]) Fottrell House, Harold’s X Bridgem Dublin 6W Tel: 01 4533300 Cost: €10 euro, including Tea/Coffee on arriving, lunch available 1 - 2. Topics covered: Canine construction, movement, Breed features, ring control Critiques’, overview of groups Health issues, panel Q + A This is the first public presentation of the IKC’s Judges Education Seminar. When it is refined it will be compulsory for all aspiring and progressing judges. The intention is to make those interested in judging more prepared, more knowledgeable and to give them an approach and structure that will make them a better judge.
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And we are off…..Article published in The Sunday Business Post 21st February

Corkman Paul Barry established online venture Pedigreedogs.ie at the start of the year to provide dog-lovers with a reputable purebred resource. "I realised that there would be a definite market for breeders and prospective owners in the existence of a website specialising in pedigree dogs registered by the Irish Kennel Club (IKC) and the Kennel Club London," said Barry, (more…)
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