The ten pet peeves dogs have with humans…..

‘1′ Blaming your farts on me….. not funny….. not funny at all !!! ——————————– ‘2′ Yelling at me for barking. I’M A FRIGGIN’ DOG!!! ——————————– ‘3′ Taking me for a walk, then not letting me check stuff out. Exactly whose walk is this anyway?   ——————————– ‘4′ Any trick that involves balancing food on my nose. Stop it!  ——————————– ‘5′ Any haircut that involves bows or ribbons. Now you know why we chew your stuff up when you’re not home!   ——————————————– ‘6′ The sleight of hand, fake fetch throw. You fooled a dog! Whoooo Hoooooooo, what a proud moment for the top of the food chain.  ——————————– ‘7′ Taking me to the vet for ‘the big snip’, then acting surprised when I freak out every time we go back! ——————————– ‘8′ Getting upset when I sniff the crotches of your guests. Sorry, but I haven’t quite mastered that handshake thing yet. ————————————— ‘9′ Dog sweaters. Hello??? Haven’t you noticed the fur? '10' How you act disgusted whe…
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Tralee & District Canine Club Championship Show 2010

Next week is the start of the Rose of Tralee festival. Beautiful girls from all over the World will compete for the Crown “Rose of Tralee, but Yesterday in Castleisland just a few miles from Tralee there was a festival of other sorts it was the annual Tralee Dog Show. Tralee Dog Show committee has had to move the venue for the dog show over the years, many moon ago it was in a school, some rings were in the school yard while other in an adjoining sports pitch. This was followed by a  moved to the Rugby Grounds just outside the town, this was a friendly place and occasionally the bar opened at night for the people staying in camper van and caravans at the top end of the field, to meet and relax and a song or two could be heard too. (more…)
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Limerick All Breed Championship Show 2010

A light drizzle of rain stayed over Limerick show yesterday, but luckily not like other years the ground was rock hard at the Woodlands Hotel venue, so unlike previous years the ground under foot was not like whipped cream and straw had to be put in the entrances so to get people in and out, leaving a terrible mess for the committee to later have to clear up. The Woodland Hotel, Adare  is really a superb venue for Limerick show, its a real treat on arrival to go in and enjoy a cooked breakfast and lunch time a hearty meal in Timmy Macs Bistro is a real must. Limerick show is always very well laid out and this year was no exception, at every corner you can see committee members in their very smart blue jackets keeping a good eye on what's happening and group timings etc seem to work just like clock-work, just proving how much work the committee put into the yearly show. The large Best in Show ring as usual was well decorated with seating for the judges, as soon as the G…
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Irish Canine Press – Pedigree Dogs

If you are enjoying the "Munster Circuit" or at home this week, a must is most certainly giving yourself some time to relax and read the latest publication of Irish Canine Press. This huge special "circuit" issue contains 112 pages jam packed with information of great interest to any Irish canine enthusiast. This issue is really superb, many congrats to Joyce and Des the hard working editors. The photographs from the shows and of owners and their dogs are amazing, congrats to the excellent photographic team. The adverts and layouts are stunning, most certainly anyone looking to become a dog owner would be advised to buy it so at their leisure can look at the photos and so giving them an idea of what kind of dog appeals to them before they make the big plunge. Many pages are devoted to show reports, and the excellent photos from them with all the smiling and happy proud looking winning owners. There are breed writers giving reports on their respective breeds, what’s hap…
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Killarney All Breed Championship Dog show 2010

Killarney All Breed Championship Dog show is the only Irish dog show that is set amongst a busy town, not alone this but Killarney without any doubt is one of Ireland's most beautiful and popular tourist towns, So therefore at Killarney show there is a good mix of local people visiting and holiday makers having a day out to see the dogs which adds nicely to the relaxed atmosphere of “Circuit” week.. The show is looked down on by the magnificent St Mary's Cathedral, this August celebrating 155 years since its consecration . (more…)
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Clonmel & District Canine Club

Yesterdays Clonmel and District All Breed Championship proved to be a real sizzler of a day, most certainly holding the record for 2010 as the hottest show day with temperatures at about 25c all day. Most certainly a day for dogs and humans to seek shade and try to keep cool, good to see bottles of suncream being handed around amongst exhibitors, and being lashed on in all the right spots - not many folk wished to start the circuit week looking like red rooster. Many judges took consideration of the new founded Irish heatwave and in the more heavily coated breeds and only kept the exhibits in the ring the minimum of time for assessment and movement. The Clonmel lay out for the show is in complete reverse to Fermoy Show held earlier in the year in the Ferry House Complex, now a pretty regular show venue for Southern shows. The rings for yesterdays show were laid out in what many will remember as the car-park area, while they use the normal show ring area now for car-pa…
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Hound Association of Ireland Group Championship Show

Best in show at today's Hound Association of Ireland Ch Show at Nass Race Course under Spanish judge Mr Adolfo Martinez Noguera was Geordie & Jane Anthony's Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch Rottzridge Walk The Walk Jnr Ch CW 10. Reserve Best in Show Mary & Tony Smith's Ch Uella O'Hogan (Jnr Ch CW 08). The new venue proved a major success, and left us wondering why it had not been used for this show before now. Situated en route for the next day's Circuit show in Clonmel, it had perfect facilities for this 3 group show. The large equine parade ring provided great space for the 4 rings on an immaculate lawn surrounded by low hedging and a railing and fixed seating for onlookers. Many congratulations to the commitee of the HAI for again running an excellent show, but a first this year the show was blessed with proper summer weather, hopefully the sunshine will continue for the rest of the Munster Circuit week.
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Dog shedding is like the weather…

You can try to  prepare for it, but no one can really stop it from happening. Particularly if your decor favors plush carpets and upholstered furniture and especially if your wardrobe favors cotton, dogs that shed top the list of cleaning dilemmas—as well as most people’s lists of “What I Would Change about My Dogs If I Could.” Here’s how to cope  and keep excessive shedding at bay. Best Way to Stop a Shedding Dog? Grooming. If everything in your house has a fine layer of dog hair that seems to reappear the second you vacuum, it means you need to start at the source with a dog de-shedding tool. Invest in a dog brush and establish a once-a-day brushing routine, always in the same place and at the same time. Furry pooches will shed less hair if you brush them regularly, and grooming your dog in a consistent pattern will get them in the habit of reminding you that it’s time for a currycomb. After brushing your dog, pry the matted hairs from the base of the brush bristles or tin…
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Bangor & North Down Canine Club

Bangor and North Down Canine Club All Breed Championship Show Saturday August 7th 2010. Bangor and North Down Canine Club Show at Balmoral, Belfast was one of this year shows blessed with near perfect weather, although yesterday morning started a bit cloudy it brightened up with some extenstive sunshine and was warm enough with no wind for man and beast to be comfortable. Again Bangor was one of the shows using indoor and outdoor rings, so a lot of running around for exhibitors having more then one breed. Indeed this year more breeds than other years were in doors , talking amongst exhibitors and many agreed they would prefer to show their dogs outside. Most dogs prefer grass under foot and so seem to show theselves off better. And easy and convenient too too with the sunshine outside and so any people already established outside in their tents. The Best In Show ring this year was indoors, where the groups were judged. At about 4.30 the Group winners were called into …
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The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog..

Today being the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe, I thought it relevant to re post this blog - The last years of the screen legend are told through the eyes of a pup called Maf. When Andrew O’Hagan was growing up, there was only one book in his parents’ Kilwinning council house “apart from the Kilmarnock telephone directory”. It was, bizarrely, a paperback of Fred Lawrence Guiles’s 1969 biography, Norma Jean: The Life Of Marilyn Monroe. O’Hagan remembers his carpenter father, who dropped chaotically in and out of family life, bringing it home in his duffle bag after working in Carlisle. His parents never read books, but the 11-year-old boy consumed this one, mesmerised by the luminous beauty of the image of the woman on its cover. “I had never seen a woman like that. Her dress was golden, split to the waist, her hair was golden, her lips were inviting and rejecting at the same time. I’d never seen anything like it, despite living in Ayrshire, where half the women had lips…
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Dogs, Pedigree or Rescue. Choosing the right one

Not choosing the right dog, regardless if it comes from a shelter or if it is pedigree, is one of the reasons why there are 2-3 million euthanized dogs every year in the USA “Nearly 40 percent of shelter and pedigree dogs do not make it through their first year with their first owner, and instead are returned to their breeder, given to a shelter, euthanized or abandoned, according to statistics gathered by the U.S. Humane Society” says Stanley Coren, author "The Intelligence of Dogs," "How Dogs Think," and the "Modern Dog." In my opinion, this is a greater challenge to attack rather than the controversy between shelter vs. pedigree dogs. A lot of angles regarding this topic are worth reading in the recent NY Times article "Felling guilty about your purebred dog?".
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Excerpts taken from the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill 2009 [Seanad]: Friday 02-07-2010

The new fees will vary in accordance with the number of breeding bitches so as to reflect the size and scale of the operation, as recommended by the working group. To that end the appropriate fee bands will be as follows: in the case of a dog breeding establishment at which six to 18 eligible bitches are kept, €400; for 19 to 30 bitches, €800; for 31 to 100 bitches, €1,600; for 101 to 200 bitches, €3,000; and a further €1,600 for each 100 bitches thereafter. The fee will be payable to the local authority and the moneys raised are intended to cover the costs of regulation and inspection. Any remaining balance will be spent on dog control in general. The fees can be hardly considered excessive when set against the income stream from the number of breeding bitches. For example, a premises with 12 breeding bitches might conservatively be expected to produce nine litters per annum of six pups each, resulting in 54 pups. A search on the Internet will show a healthy range of prices…
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Yesterday was Independence Day in the US, and we are sure all our American friends celebrated in style. The committee of  the ILKA were also celebrating the excellent entry of over 1100 dogs they had received for their Championship Show held in the National Show centre, Cloghran, Co Dublin. The ILKA committee had invited a  good mix of both overseas judges and well known Irish judges. The good-sized  rings were well laid out and the centre piece was a beautifully decorated Best in Show ring. There was ample space for tenting, which was quickly filled up. Now it's nearly obligatory for Irish dog show exhibitors to have their tent for grooming etc. Unfortunately, the weather proved the forecasters right and was very mixed, starting dry but chilly, then getting warm but with heavy showers of rain and gusty winds, the changing weather proved too much for some exhibitors and they requested the respective breeds to move indoors for judging, It was very nice to see a new face judgin…
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Pet Expo 2010

We are delighted to announce that will be attending this years Pet Expo as an exhibitor Now in its 4th year, Pet Expo 2010 returns to the RDS, Dublin, as a 3-day consumer show open to the animal loving public with a wider variety of pets, pet products, service providers, entertainers, clubs and organisations that cater to pets. Pet Expo 2010 will be taking place on Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th July 2010. Please feel free to swing by on any of the days for a chat, and for more information in relation to our web site.
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We are told to vaccinate our dogs and cats every year !!!

We are told to vaccinate our dogs and cats every year. This is not necessary, but it can be harmful. After years of writing to the British government and the government's licensing authority (the Veterinary Medicines Directorate), Canine Health Concern and over 100 vets/pet owners called for the withdrawal of one-year dog and cat vaccines. Annual shots are unnecessary, and they are causing harm. Who says so? (more…)
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Deise All Breed Championship Show

Tramore Racecourse was the venue to-day for Deise All Breed Championship Show. The morning started with some heavy rain showers but by the time judging began the sun was starting to shine and this super summer sunshine continued all day. Despite the sun there was a chilly wind at times which made the day enjoyable for man and dog. The rings were laid out on the tarmac but the surrounding grassy area were used as tenting areas so the show had a very homely pleasant feeling as exhibitors and their dogs could relax. The show also had an excellent restaurant and the ice-cream van did a roaring business Best in show judge to-day was Limerick man Mr Jimmy Byrne, very well know in Staffordshire Bull Terriers where for many year he has exhibited his dogs under the Lackyle affix. To-day Deise entry was just under 1100 and when Mr Byrne entered the BIS to make the final decisions, he had 10 top class dogs to choose from. When Mr Byrne awarded the big rosette it was to newcomer to top hon…
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Kilkenny All Breed Dog Show

Kilkenny All Breed Dog Show was held in the Hub Centre just outside the town of Kilkenny to-day. Although all outdoor, the rings were laid out on tarmac. They were spacious with ample room between them for people to set up their chairs, tables etc. Just as judging was about to begin, there was a light shower of rain, but the black cloud cleared quickly and lovely summer weather followed, but still a nice wind was around to keep man and dog nicely refreshed. The Hub is an excellent centre, with both outdoor and indoor facilities with an good restaurant and bar. To-day at the Hub too there was a market with a host of stalls selling everything from tools to toys, cosmetics etc. It was a nice diversion for dog show folk and some good bargains were to be had. Also the market attracted some local Kilkenny folk to visit the dog show too, so all  in all the day was a relaxed affair, enjoyed by all. Best in Show was judged in the large indoor ring, beautifully laid out surrounded…
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World Dog Show Denmark

Yesterday seen the start of competition re the 2010 World Dog Show in Denmark, with 19354 dogs entered, its amazing to think of so many top class dogs gathered in one place Herning which is in the north of Jutland..... Entries for the show have come from all over Europe the US, South America and even further a field. A good number of Irish exhibitors have travelled with dogs over to the show. Some folk have already been exhibiting at other shows in Sweden last week-end and are now enjoying a few well earned relaxing days before what should be 4 very hectic and exciting days at the World show. As well as regular dog showing activities the Danish Kennel Club are putting on a host of dog related activities and performances. There will be a super display of heel- work to music in the centre ring, so really something to keep everyone entertained. Good luck to all the Irish exhibitors attending.
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Munster Agricultural Society All Breed Open Dog Show

On what must have been one of the hottest days in Cork this year the Irish Kennel Cub affiliated, Munster Agricultural Society All Breed Open Dog Show, was hosted Yesterday on the last day of their 3 day event The Cork Summer Show, at Greenfields, Ballincollig, Co. Cork 3 large rings were laid on by the organizing committee for the exhibitors and dogs, whom entered under experienced judges, June Bollard and Carla Bollard-O'Callaghan from Cork and John Coffey from Killarney June Bollard was centre stage when the nine group winners came into the best in show ring, and top dog on the day was awarded to Tim Herlihy's whippet Keilbar Dreamer, a result that pleased the sizeable crowd that had gathered around the rings throughout the day I am sure that the committee are extremely happy with the overall results, on this their first show for many years held under IKC rules, and I am sure that next years show will be an even bigger success, if today's standards are anything to go by.
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Swords & District Canine Society

The sun really shone down at the National Show Centre yesterday for Swords & District Canine Society All breed Championship show generously sponsored by Royal Canin. A very big compliment must be paid to the hard working committee headed by Secretary Philip Behan for having the spacious rings so well laid out and the venue looking spectacularly smart and very welcoming for the judging panel, practically all from overseas. Although this year "Swords" was not an International show it stilll attracted an entry with over 1600 dogs   -  a superb achievement. By 4.30 it was time to call for Best In Show. The judge for this was Mr D Smith from the UK. He had a wonderful line up of the 10 group-winning dogs. Mr Smith quickly shortlisted his favourite 4 dogs and then placed in BIS top spot, the already multi BIS-winning Border Collie, representing group 1 to-day, Sh Ch/GB Sh Ch Tonkory Move Over To Huntley AnCh'08/JCH/CW'08. Owned by Mr/Mrs D Connolly and Mrs K Gregory. For res B…
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Did you Know…?

Whilst continuing to read Two Suitcases & A Dog by Finnbar Mac Eoin (Sunday's Blog) I discovered that an Irish man was one of the founding members of the RSPCA. "It was Richard Martin, 1754-1834, born in Dublin, died in Boulogne-sur-Mer, one of the founding members of the RSPCA. Martin was a barrister and also a member of parliament for Galway in 1822. It was Martin who introduced the legislation to the House of Commons for the protection of animals. He had brought many prosecutions before the courts, but the first and most famous was a case against Bill Burns for his mistreatment of a Donkey. The magistrates were reluctant to charge Burns as the evidence was only hearsay, but Martin was having none of that, so he went and got the donkey and brought him into the courtroom to show the judges the scars. Burns was duly fined and this set the precedent for what is today international law. At the head office of the RSPCA in Horsham, West Sussex, the original painting o…
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Cork Summer Show 2010 – 18/19/20th June

Stroll around, relax and enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of Cork Summer Show. There are a vast range of Activities for Children to Enjoy such as Face Paining, Clowns, Balloon Modelling, Bouncy Castles, Fun Fair, School Art Competitions, and of course loads of animals. There is something for everyone at Cork summer Show. A perfect day out for all the family. This is family-orientated entertainment at its Best. Lots of Giveaways such as Food hampers, Beauty hampers, Spa treatments, Jewellery vouchers, Clothes vouchers, Garden strimmers,  and much more...
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Search and Rescue Dog Association (Ireland North)

Search and Rescue Dog Association (Ireland North) needs your vote this week as it goes head to head with other Lottery-funded projects from across the UK in the semi-finals of The National Lottery Awards 2010. SARDA(IN) is one of only 10 projects to make it through in the Best Voluntary/Charity Project category of The National Lottery Awards, which are an annual search to find the UK’s favourite Lottery-funded projects. All the projects in the running have already received Lottery funding and the Awards celebrate how they have put that money to good use. Dog-lovers are being urged to show their support by casting a vote to help SARDA(IN) make it through to the final stage. (more…)
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Two Suitcases & A Dog

Two Suitcases & A Dog I am just back from a fabulous weeks holiday in Provence. This was my first trip to France after many years of putting it off. Our first port of call was the beautiful village of Lourmarin, which in is Provence. One morning while my wife Josephine was on her way back from the bakery, she spotted a lovely Irish Terrier being walked in her direction. She addressed the lovely lady in her broken French and discovered that she was in fact from New Zealand, and found out that she was married to an Irish Man from Mallow Co. Cork, and that they had been living in France for many years and were now based in Lacoste. Shortly afterwards we both went in search of the Irish Terrier, and as the village was so small we quickly found him. Caron then called her husband Finn and we all met for a coffee in the village square. It transpired that he was a writer and had recently self published the book "Two Suitcases & A Dog" I read the first four chapte…
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Cork & District All Breed Ch Show

The second All Breed Ch Show of the Cork  Canine Festival week-end, the Cork & District Show took place at its usual venue Inniscarra Community Centre yesterday. Most exhibitors stayed over for  yesterdays show and coincidently 2  of the 4 highest placed dog from Saturday won their respected Groups again.     Yesterdays BIS judge was Mr D Kavanagh,  awarded another BIS  following on his Saturdays triump too the Group 8 winner the American Cocker Spaniel, AmCh/GBCh/Ch San Jo’s Born To Party  An Ch ‘07/’08, CW 08/09′08 ‘07 CW 08 ,09  owned Mrs M & Miss M Boardman. Res BIS was awarded to the locally based and US bred Old English Sheepdog and Group 1 winner Ch/AmCh Lambluv's Live The Dream  AN.CH.09.CW.09.EU.W.09  owned by Mr & Mrs C Hastings. Awarded  3rd place was the  Group 5 winner the Siberian Husky Ch/ Int Ch Leorient Artic Blue Lady An Ch '09CW'10  owned by Mr J  Duggan . And standing again in the 4th place, was the Beagle and the winner of Group 6 , …
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Munster Spitz & Primitive Breeds Ch Show

It was very nice for exhibitors involved with breeds in Group 5 to have 2 shows  yesterday. At the Munster Spitz & Primitive Breeds Ch Show BIS judge Mr C Hastings awarded the big rosette to Mr S Carroll & Mr J Newman's Pomeranian Belliver Unexpected Connection Res BIS to the Siberian Husky CH & INT CH Leorient Artic Blue Lady An Ch'09 owned by Mr J Duggan. 3rd place to the US import American Akita Ch Danti's Living Legend by Stecal Am Ch '09 AOM owned by Mr K, MissF & C Mr D Venezia, Bevis & Miele. And in 4 th place to the recendly imported from Norway Keeshound owned Mr & Mrs B Carroll's Artic Best Kept Secret. Congratulations to all the very proud and happy owners, spcecial congrats to Sean & James, with yet again another BIS winning Pomeranian.
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Shar-Pei & Tacking..

"The helpline has been busy and the numbers of new owners seeking help with their new puppies seems to be increasing. Sadly this doesn’t reflect too well on some of the breeders, who often seem unable or unwilling to help and simply refer the hapless and worried owners to the helplines. Some vets too continue to show their ignorance of the breed by giving bad advice and making things worse for the dogs rather than better. "One choice case was of a first-time breeder who had one puppy whose eyes had opened but at four weeks had progressively closed and clearly needed tacking. Their vet agreed but pronounced that the puppy needed to be ten weeks old before they would tack. However the case would be that after ten weeks of discomfort this poor puppy would need more than a simple tack. "Luckily, the breeder was put in touch with a Shar-Pei-friendly vet via the stud’s owners and a simple tack done immediately has now led to a happy puppy with no sight problems at all. It woul…
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Pet Expo 2010

We are delighted to announce that will be attending this years Pet Expo as an exhibitor Now in its 4th year, Pet Expo 2010 returns to the RDS, Dublin, as a 3-day consumer show open to the animal loving public with a wider variety of pets, pet products, service providers, entertainers, clubs and organisations that cater to pets. Pet Expo 2010 will be taking place on Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th July 2010. Please feel free to swing by on any of the days for a chat, and for more information in relation to our web site.
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Dog Judge fined for poor ring manner

ANDREW BRACE, one of the UK’s top all-round judges, has been warned and fined £300 over the nature of his judging of Border collies at Blackpool last year. Following the judging, many people watched the video of Mr Brace on YouTube, and many more commented on an apparent lack of interest in the exhibits. Several complaints were lodged with the Kennel Club. At its meeting in February, the General Committee considered these objections and subsequently upheld them. The Committee said it ‘was particularly disturbed by Mr brace’s cursory nature of examination of exhibits and his disinterested, detached and offhand manner towards exhibitors.’ He was found to be in breach of Regulation F9 - failing to maintain and abide by the highest standards in accordance with KC Rules and regulations and the Code of Best Practice for Judges
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Cork Canine Festival 2010 – Saturday June 5th (11am – 5:30pm)

Cork Canine Festival 2010 - Saturday June 5th (11am - 5:30pm) Being held at the Cork Co-Operative Marts New Venue & Conference Centre, Corrin near Fermoy The festival is being promoted by : Munster Canine Association Hon. Secretary - Kay Marret & Group 9 Spitz & Primitive Breeds Association Hon. Secretary - Andrew Mulcahy Have A Wonderful Family Day At The Dogs! One charge of €10 for car park and all the family See over 160 dog breeds at the Munster Canine All Breeds Championship Show & the Spitz and Primitive Breeds Association Championship Show - Dog entertainment events will take place at the venue - Have you a performing dog? Would you like your dog to perform at this festival? Check out our - Trade stands offering specialised canine equipment - Main Group Judging starting at 2pm Best in Show at 5:30pm(approx)
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Dog Show Sportsmanship Checklist:

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.” Heywood Hale Broun Thanks to Carol Boyd whom posted this on her Facebook page. AKC Judge Dr. Harry Smith Jr. was once asked, “What things tend to irritate you when judging?” He responded, “It takes a lot to get me irritated in the ring when I am judging. When I do, it's usually because one of the exhibitors has been a poor sport. None of us are infallible. We do our best to render excellent judgments. When, in the eye of an exhibitor, we do not do what they think is correct, they must be a good sport about it, and go far away from the ring before they explode! Good sportsmanship is the strongest part of our dog show sport.” (more…)
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