A suitable home …

A good hobby breeder's idea of a 'suitable' home makes human adoption agencies look outright sloppy. They aggressively screen prospective homes, and in some breeds it actually is easier to adopt a child. Their contracts would frighten a Supreme Court Justice and unlike retail merchants, they will take back a dog that doesn't work out.
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Good response to yesterday’s Blog..

Thanks for another interesting article :) Having lived in a country where we had snow for many weeks of the winter, I would like to add a couple of tips. Most dogs have no problem at all, as Paul wrote just trim the feathers off underneath their paws. The best way of removing the ice balls is to just dung their feet in LUKE warm water when you get back from your walks. Never too warm...hot aches!! it saves all the hassel and no pain for the dog trying to remove them. Then the most important thing is to make sure you dry the paws and check for any cuts or open cracks. Vaseline or udder creme works wonders between the paws to protect before going out, but never on the pads especially if there is ice underneath the snow... Boots are in my opinion something only dog owners of minature breeds should use or to protect a damage paw. The dogs have no grip in them and an unnatural movement.
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Caesarean Sections – Vets Asked to Report on

The Kennel Club (KC London) has announced that from January 2012 it will no longer register any puppies born by caesarean section from a bitch that has had two previous caesarean operations. The British Veterinary Association (BVA) and British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) are now calling on vets in practice to engage with the new reporting system that will be put in place next year ahead of the rule change. The change has come about following discussions between the Kennel Club, RCVS, BVA and BSAVA. Vets are being asked to report caesarean operations in the same way as the current reporting system for procedures altering the natural conformation of a dog. In addition, the Kennel Club is amending its rules to make it a condition of registration, or continued registration, that the owner consents to the reporting, to the Kennel Club, of any caesarean operation carried out on their bitch (subject to approval by the KC General Committee on 4th January 2011). …
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How Do I Protect my Dog’s Paws in the Snow?

Question: How Do I Protect my Dog's Paws in the Snow? Answer: Walking the dogs in cold snowy weather is one of the hazards of dog ownership, unless you are lucky enough to live where snow doesn't exist. Along with the hazards of having an enthusiastic dog on the end of the leash in icy conditions, ice and snow can cause damage to your dog's paws as well. Snow and ice can get stuck in between the pads on your dog's paws, causing cuts and uncomfortably cold toes. Even a small amount of build-up under your dog's feet can pull the sensitive hairs underneath and cause a noticable loss of traction. (more…)
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Temporary Milk Substitute

When the entire litter is deprived of the mother's milk, if the mother dies or her milk does not come in (agalactia), is not sufficient (hypogalactia) or is toxic (mastitis), use of a milk substitute adapted for dogs usually ensures the survival of the puppies, although there may be a slight slowdown (less than ten percent) in growth compared to the average of the breed, which is often regained later by spontaneous consumption of a weaning formula. On their own, puppies will nurse more than twenty times per day. It would be difficult for the owner to keep up with such a feeding schedule! A schedule of feeding once every three hours for the first week should be adequate, as long as the feedings are regular and the sleep schedule is respected (puppies sleep more than ninety percent of the time during the first week) so the puppies get the rest so essential to bonding and imprinting. (more…)
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Mark Evans RSPCA’s former veterinary advisor stands down

But he had complimentary words for dogdom’s many responsible breeders. “Potential puppy buyers need to be channelled in their direction,” he said. “At the moment the excellent breeders are lumped in with the rotten ones.”Pick up the baton and run with it, he said, and drive the irresponsible ones out of existence. “We should be celebrating excellence in dog breeding and not let the practice be defined by rotten apples,” he added.
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Good post on Dog Forum.

If you ABSOLUTELY have to have a "Malty-Poo" (eek ...what a name  ) please think again. By creating demand for just another pseudo-breed, some experimental breeders' newest fashion, you'll just help along the creation of another fad. Not necessarily one that will lead to the general betterment of dogs and their health. Way too many ****ed up Labradoodles, Schnoodels and other -oodles out there already. Most of them created by people who think breeding dogs is as easy as mixing paint ...a bit of this and a bit of that equals ...well ...not always what you expected. The whole lot bred from dogs without health screening, hip scores, check for hereditary diseases ...and you're heading for disaster. Stay well clear. And pleeeease don't give these amateurs playing GOD any money for their "creations" either ...it'll just create more greedy amateurs jumping on the -oodles wagon.
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Pedigree Dogs Vet – Bad Behaviour – chewing

Have you ever been getting ready to go out to dinner and your dog is sitting in its bed gleefully shredding your shoes or dress?  Or have you gone off to the shop and come back 10 minutes later to discover that you have no skirting boards left?  For dogs, chewing is a normal behaviour.  Puppies will not only chew when they are teething, but also out of curiosity.  Older dogs enjoy chewing objects because it keeps them entertained, and it also helps to brush their teeth.  However, some dogs that chew on objects tend to swallow them.  This can cause intestinal obstruction and require a trip to the vet for possible surgery. So how do you train a dog to chew it toys and not your prized possessions?  Don’t leave shoes, bags, toys, etc. lying around the house where your dog can reach.  Offer your dog a variety of toys, including nylon, and rubber bones, balls, plush toys, and rawhide to name a few.  It is best to rotate the toys so that your dog does not get bored.  If your dog st…
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English Bull Terrier

  Bull Terrier Some Web Sites will not allow people to advertise their Bull Terrier Puppies or dogs, which we of course think is crazy, as a Jack Russell can be a serious threat in the wrong hands. If you can't find any Bull Terrier Pups for sale on our web site, send us an email and we will put you in touch with a reputable breeder Of Bull Terriers. ORIGIN : Great Britain. DATE OF PUBLICATION OF THE ORIGINAL VALID STANDARD : 04.11.2008. UTILIZATION : Terrier. CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group     3    Terriers. Section 3    Bull type Terriers. Without working trial. GENERAL APPEARANCE : Strongly built, muscular, well balanced and active with a keen, determined and intelligent expression. Courageous, full of spirit, with a fun loving attitude.  A unique feature is a downfaced, eggshaped head.  Irrespective of size dogs should look masculine and bitches feminine. (more…)
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Pedigree Dogs Vet – Bad Behaviours – Barking Mad

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, such as loneliness, boredom, attention seeking, and defending territory to name a few.  Whatever the reason, barking can turn into a noisy, undesirable habit.  Yelling at a barking dog to stop may make things worse, so here are a few tips on ways to make your household quieter. Training, companionship, and affection are ways to prevent your dog from developing the bad habit of barking.  Dogs are pack animals, so they may get distressed when you leave them alone.  In order to get your dog used to your absence, try leaving at different times of the day for varying amounts of time.  Don’t make a fuss over the dog when you leave or return.  Leaving the radio or TV on may help relax your dog.  You can also give your dog a special toy before you leave to keep it occupied. Dogs left outside may bark because they hear strange noises, they are bored, or they are protecting their territory.  If this is happening, try to walk your dog more often, …
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Pedigree Dogs Vet – Halloween

Halloween is a scary time for pets. They can get nervous when people in costumes come to the door to trick-or-treat, and they can become terrified when fireworks go off. Here are a few tips for a happier Halloween with your pets. Keep animals (dogs and cats) indoors for a few weeks before and after Halloween to shield them from fireworks, especially at night. Their hearing is more sensitive than ours, so what might sound loud to you, sounds deafening to them. (more…)
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Yesterday we had Bull Breeds show which is the third last Championship show of the 2010. It drew a very respectable entry of just under 1500 dogs. The committee headed by Johnny and Colette Muldoon had set the show up very well, using rings both inside and outside. The weather started a bit chilly in Cloghran, but soon brightened up to a lovely Autumn day, so exhibitors were very happy to be exhibiting outside. The outside rings were mainly for the bigger breeds so gave ample space for judge to see movement. German Shepherds drew an excellent entry of 43 dogs for Breed Specialist Mrs H Gleason from the US . BOB and his 7th Green Star, so also becoming a Champion on the day, was awarded to the German bred Barak Von Hamilberg Schhi Kkli owned by Neil Lawlor and Keith Fitzpatrick . But the day was to get even better for this dog, not yet 2 years old and exceptionally well handled by Richard Stapelton, as Mrs Gleason could find nothing in Group 1 to beat him, so again he w…
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The All Terrier Association Breed Seminar

The All Terrier Association Breed Seminar Sunday 31st October 2010  10.30 AM  to 4.00 PM The last in our current series if seminars Speaker Dan Ericsson (Raglan) about Scottish Terriers and West Highland White Terriers Venue: Green Isle Hotel, Newlands Cross, Exit 2, N7, Dublin Registration 10 am Contact: Fionnuala Tel # 00353 86 8750614 Email: [email protected]
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The Bullmastiff Association Of Ireland

Breed Specific Seminar 14th November day after Cloghran Show Bewleys Airport Hotel Swords Co Dublin ,10am, 20 Euro incl Morning Tea & Coffee ,discounted Lunch rates and Room Rates through the Club , Speakers Mr Alan & Mave Rostron (Graecia), Mr Grant Slater ( Chalfs), Ms Sonja Oliver ( Nashbank) The Bullmastiff Breed Liaison Officer with the Kennel Club (London) with a particular interest in health issues within the breed Mr Des Manton (Scallywag). IKC accredited , Contact info [email protected]
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Portadown Canine Club All Breed Championship Show.

Portadown Canine Club established in 1943,is one of Ireland longest established Canine Clubs and yesterday it hosted its 6th All Breed Championship Show at Kings Hall Complex, Balmoral, Belfast. Although the judging was done indoors in the Nugent and Alexander halls, unfortunately though not adjacent so for people with different breeds it could have involved the running to and from each hall so as not to miss classes. Car-parking is excellent at Balmoral and with so much out door space available and with yesterday's near summer weather a lot of exhibitors were able to enjoy walking their dogs outside, so giving everyone a nice relaxed day. By mid-after noon all the groups were completed so very well known secretary of Kilkenny Canine Club and owner with her daughter Anita of the Lorient Shit Tzus and Siberian Huskies. Mrs Josie Foley took center stage in the beautifully decorated Best in Show ring. BIS was awarded to the top winning and already a multi Group and BIS…
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Pedigree Dogs Vet – Microchipping

It can happen in so many ways: an open door, an unlocked gate, a romp off-lead in a field. In a split second, your pet can go missing. Sometimes a pet finds its way home on its own. More often, though, a lost pet remains lost. The main cause: lack of identification. You can greatly increase your chances of finding your wandering pet by making sure it has identification at all times. The standard collar and identification tag are a must. But you should also consider the added insurance of a modern microchip, a permanent identification technique that successfully reunites hundreds of pets and owners every year. (more…)
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Creedons Doggie Daycare

Hi there, We have finalised the details of the next set of classes here at Creedons Doggie Daycare. Below are all the details you need to know, and how to book your place on the class. Good Dog Basic Obedience The Good Dog Obedience Course is a great foundation course that we believe every single dog owner should complete. You will learn all about owning adog, and we will teach you how to teach your dog using only positive reinforcement methods. (Please note that this class also runs on Thursday evenings at 7pm and 8.15pm. If you would prefer to attend on Thursday please let us know.) Course: Good Dog Basic Obedience Date: Sunday October 10th Time: 2pm Duration: 4 weeks Location: Creedons Doggie Daycare Max attendants: 8 Cost: €100 How to book: Phone 085-8268738, 021-4840004, or email [email protected] (more…)
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Pedigree Dogs Vet – Heart Trouble in Dogs

Did you know that heart disease is one of the most common health problems affecting dogs today?  But if caught early enough, heart disease can be managed with medication, diet, exercise, and possibly surgery.  New puppy exams and yearly adult exams by a veterinary surgeon can detect heart problems early, before symptoms start. One of the hardest-working muscles in the body, the heart is essentially a four-chambered pump for circulating blood.  The right side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs, while the left side pumps blood to the rest of the body. (more…)
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Well done Lynda

Our heartiest congratulations to the intrepid traveller Lynda Dunne, who really swept the boards at the Sighthound Specialty Show and the European Show in Slovenia this week-end. At the Sighthound Show her beautiful young Saluki, Ulmarra Cuib Ogheir, won Best Puppy in Show and the next day at the European Show Rocky's sister, Ulmarra Isnaslice, won Best puppy in Show day 3. Congratulations also to Lynda's travelling companion, Emer Mooney, whose Currabell whippets notched some nice wins at both shows too.
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Pedigree Dogs Vet – The Importance of Lab Tests

Sometimes when you bring your dog to the vet, it might be recommended that a blood, urine, or tissue sample is taken.  This will give your vet a better indication to your dogs’ health status than a physical exam.  The various tests will help your vet diagnose disease, determine prognosis, and monitor therapy.  Blood tests are also useful for monitoring health status in apparently healthy animals.  You should have pets over the age of 8 years tested yearly.  This will not only give a baseline of your pets’ health status, but it will help to identify problems early. (more…)
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Pedigree Dogs Vet – MOUTH MATTERS

One of the most common conditions affecting dogs today is dental disease.  A dog’s mouth is similar to a human’s, and they suffer from some of the same oral problems as we do.  By examining your dog’s mouth on a regular basis, you can help identify problems early. Early detection is important because dental disease can lead to other diseases. When buying a puppy, always examine the mouth to make sure that the lower jaw isn’t overshot or undershot (unless it is normal for the breed, such as Bulldogs), and make sure that the teeth line up properly.  Puppies do not suffer from the same mouth problems as adult dogs.  They can, however, have retained baby teeth, which can trap food, hair, and debris.  The canine teeth are most commonly retained and must be removed under general anaesthetic.  Start your dental exams with your puppy right away to get it used to having its mouth handled.  This is also a good opportunity to start brushing the teeth with a dog toothbrush and dog tooth…
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Irish Dachshund Club

Irish Dachshund Club THE IRISH DACHSHUND CLUB WILL BE HOLDING A SEMINAR “Dachshund Conformation and Movement”. On Saturday October 9th 2010. Venue St Colmcilles GFC, Applewood, Swords, Co Dublin . The seminar will commence at 11 am speaker Miss Lesley Patton {Lesandnic} Cost per person incl pre-seminar tea/coffee €6. If you wish to attend the seminar we would appreciate you informing us by email [email protected] before Saturday October 2nd 2010. Marion Finney Secretary IDC Directions to St Colmcilles are available on the IDC website www.irishdachshundclub.ie
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Last week-end we had 2 very successful Irish Kennel Club shows, and for those involved in Native Irish Breeds there was a third show. So, many dog show folk I am sure had burn out during the week. But dog show folk are very resilient and keen to get going again. We all groomed our dogs, packed the vehicles and headed to Carlow show yesterday. Carlow show had drawn a very respectable entry of just under 1200 dogs, so secretary Noreen Clarke must have felt very pleased. We all know Noreen and her Carlow committee had been worried that the IKC shows might have reduced her Carlow entry, but the show now is long established on the dog show calender. So, many folk just regard it as their regular visit to Carlow each year and indeed the last show over the M50 toll bridge for 2010. Carlow had invited a very good mix of well respected overseas judges coming from the UK /Europe and Irish judges, including the founding secretary of Carlow All Breed Championship Show, Des Kavanagh, n…
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PWDCI – Membership

I am just sending out a reminder that the PWDCI membership is due for renewal. Forms can be downloaded from our website www.PWDCI.com  and posted to the club secretary. We would like to thank everyone for their support in our first year as a club. Our first newsletter will be out shortly. Sincerely, Rachael Gordon, MVB Chairperson PWDCI
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Pedigree Dogs Vet – Tail Dragging

Quite often dog owners think their dog has worms because it is dragging its tail on the ground.  This activity is instead a sign that the dog is having trouble with its anal glands (sacs). What are anal glands?  They are primarily used for territorial marking and communication, not only in dogs, but all predators.  They are small pouches located on each side and slightly below the anal opening, at the 4 o’ clock and 8 o’ clock positions.  A small duct leads from the gland to an opening directly beside the anus. The sacs contain a thick, strong-smelling liquid that is pressed out when a dog relieves itself.  This allows other dogs to recognise each other because each dog produces its own unique scent. (more…)
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Pedigreedogs.ie Sunday Times 12-09-2010

Yesterday our site Pedigreedogs.ie featured on page 8 of the business section of The Sunday Times. We are delighted with this exposure, and hope that it brings our web site to the attention of a lot more reputable breeders / owners so they are aware that there is a web site in Ireland, where the welfare of the dogs is paramount. Thanks to everyone that has supported us from the start. Onwards and upwards Best regards Paul Barry (Pictured with Daisy the Dachshund, one of his homebred Irish Champions & Kyla a friends Ir Ch Leonberger)
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IKC International Show

IRISH KENNEL CLUB INTERNATIONAL SHOW SEPT 11TH 2010. The Irish Kennel Club made new history this week-end, as this was the first occasion the IKC hosted two back-to back dog shows . Yesterday we had an All Breed International Championsip Dog show and to-day the IKC will be hosting an All Breed National dog show both events being held at the National Show Centre Cloghran, Co Dublin. The present economic climate was a part of the reason for the IKC having these shows, as the IKC had suffered consederable financial losses when they hosted the European show in Dublin June 2009. So some action had to be taken by the IKC, and as the saying is, always do what you can do best when the need is great, so holding  this 2 days of shows was an obvious choice for the IKC. There was some doubt thrown by IKC memebrs on the idea, as adding 2 more shows to the already full IKC show calender and maybe some people felt having added shows in September, following the popular “Circuit”…
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Dog Judging appointments – Munster Agricultural Society

The Munster Agricultural Society are holding an All Breed Open Show in Cork on the 19th June 2011, and are looking for applications to fill the four judging appointments (Venue to be decided) Plans are already in place to ensure that last years success is built upon, and with the assistance of show sponsors, and cash prizes for the major wins, they are confident that a large entry will be in attendance for the judges to go over. If you know of or have any suggestions for these appointments, please contact Pedigreedogs.ie and we will forward on to the organisers Best regards Paul Barry Pedigreedogs.ie
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Pedigree Dogs Vet – The Coughing Dog

Coughing is a common problem in dogs.  A cough is caused by irritation of the throat, airways, or lungs.  Coughing is just a symptom of a variety of diseases.  It may require your vet to do a number of diagnostic tests in order to determine the cause of the cough.If you notice your dog coughing, it is important for you to make note of the frequency (e.g. frequent, chronic, or intermittent), the nature of the cough (e.g. dry, moist, hacking, weak, bubbly), when the cough occurs (i.e. during or after exercise, when excited, or at night), and if there is any phlegm or mucous that comes out when the dog coughs. (more…)
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Dogs in Ireland and Commercial Vehicles

I just had the DOE on my Toyota Crew Cab , and when I got the Log book back and the Vehicle Testing Form, I was also given the RF111A (Goods Only Declaration) If your commercial vehicle is under 3500 kilos unladen weight,(Not 1524 kilos as per this copy) you must complete this form stating that the vehicle will not be used at any time for social,domestic or pleasure purposes, and provide details of your VAT registration. I know that a lot of people use their vans to bring their dogs to vets, beach / forest walks, and shows, but how many of us have the vans taxed as private vehicles ? If you are not in a position to complete this form, the word is that you will have to pay road tax as per the engine size / emission levels..which for most vans is far greater than the commercial rate available. Now, the garage where I got my DOE advised that they had 3 Gardai in the garage the other day, and they asked them if they would be enforcing this on the road, and they answered…
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Newtownards & District Canine Club

Ards Club Entertain Chernobyl Children. Last year when the Irish Kennel club hosted the European show in Dublin, we had about 4 bus-loads of exhibitors from former Soviet Union countries and many many dogs, made the journey overland and sea to Ireland. The long journey was well worth it for many of the these visitors, as they took home Europe and Irish Championship titles on their dog as well as other major awards from the Euro show and the breed specialty shows held as well that week-end. Dog showing has become very big in these former Soviet Union countries and many their breeders are totally devoted and strive all the time to improve their breeding stock. Traveling long distances to obtain new dogs and just to exhibit seems not to be a big barrier for Russian exhibitors and at all the major European shows you can see their big buses loaded with dogs and owners. Within a short number of years these Eastern bloc breeders have proved themselves very clever at producing…
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