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How to lower your vet bill over the life of your dog.

| blog | March 26, 2016

Dog breed health test breed clubsWith the site getting over 600 visits per day we get quite a few emails from people looking to be put in touch with a reputable owner / breeder of the breed they have researched and now want to introduce to the family.

Probably the most popular requests we get are for Miniature Schnauzers, Labradors & all the different varieties of Dachshunds.

In the case of one of the above breeds that I got 5 emailed enquiries for in the last 2 weeks, I wanted to see what the relative breed club had to offer by way of web presence and information for the potential owner.

When on the website for the breed I clicked on the puppies / dogs for sale and noted that there were 3 litters available. Now before I put the 5 people that had emailed me in touch with one of the particular advertisers I wanted to ensure that the pups were a result of a mating between 2 adult dogs that had been tested for the minimum breed specific health tests recommended for the breed. I emailed the person with the litter regarding the above & the response was ”  I do not have them tested, I am arranging this at moment ”

I then sent an email to the secretary of the club to find out what the clubs position on allowing pups to be advertised on their website from untested dogs and a week later haven’t received a reply.

Surely you would think that the club charged with the task of promoting the breed as well as giving advice re health and welfare would insist that any dogs or pups advertised on their site would at the very least come from dogs with the very minimum of health checks completed.

Now maybe it’s not this clubs fault, as it’s not a requirement for registration purposes for a dog or pup to have these health checks in place before being registered with the IKC and by being affiliated to the IKC the club aren’t breaking any laws.

Somebody once said to me that we are only custodians of our chosen dog breeds, and hopefully we leave the breed in a better position than when we first became involved with it.

Maybe some breed clubs should take that on board regardless of IKC policy.

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Dog Breed Village Pet Expo, RDS Dublin 2014

| blog | November 24, 2014

Dog Breeds IrelandSo that’s it for another year.

The Dog Breed Village as part of Pet Expo held at the week end in the RDS Dublin, was, even if I say so myself, a great success.

Now obviously I am not taking the credit for this, I’m just the puppet master, not that the breed village representatives are puppets…No, start again, I’m just the organ grinder not the monkey..

Maybe I should stop digging myself a hole !

What I’m trying to say is, that without the dedication that the breed village representatives display towards their breed, & as a result, responsible dog ownership in general, there would be no dog breed village. Then there would be no success when it comes to getting our message across to the vast amount of visitors that came to the 2 day event, about the right way to go about researching a breed & then a responsible, reputable breeder.

Somebody once said to me that we are just custodians of our breed, and hopefully we hand it on to the next generations in the same shape or maybe better than when we got involved.

Another way of looking at it is that it’s all about the dog, and our job whether it be an individual or breed club is to make sure that we do all that we can to make their lives the best we can. So as long as we all follow our own code of ethics & ensure that we health test for all the breed specific ailments in our breeds and continue to use events like Pet Expo & the dog breed village to get this information out to the general public, your breed is in good hands.

So once again I’d like to thank the many individuals & the breed clubs, some that are now considered part of the furniture when it comes to this event & all that gave so generously of their own time over the 2 long days at your own expense.

Last & by no means least, I’d like to thank Marie & Lesley, the event organisers, for giving us this FANTASTIC opportunity to promote our Pedigree Dogs.

Now as the puppet master / organ grinder, I’d like to invite you all to take a bow.

Well done.

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