Diabetic Dogs – How we manged Diabetes in our Dog

Doris Dachshund 7/11/01 - 30/09/14 It was with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to our beloved Doris on the 30th September last year. We had 13 wonderful years with Doris and she brought us tremendous happiness, we will never forget her ! We very rarely had to bring Doris to the vets but unfortunately in April 2011 she had a few symptoms that caused us concern. She had started to drink a lot of water and would often shiver despite being in a warm house. We brought her straight to the vets and after taking some bloods and doing tests he diagnosed Doris as a diabetic, she was 9 years old. We were both devastated upon hearing this news as we knew a little bit about diabetes in humans but we knew nothing about it in dogs, but this would soon change. The vet explained to us what we would have to do on a daily basis to care for our diabetic dog but it was all too much to take in at the time and it took us a while to get our head around things. Doris now had …
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Doris Day’s in the Summer

Summer greetings to you all from Bridie’s Cottage, Sorry I haven’t been in touch lately but I have been feeling a little bit under the weather.  The recent humidity a few weeks ago really took it out of me and affected my diabetes and my sugars went a bit high, but that’s another days blog ! Thankfully my loving, ever observant humans noticed my warning signs immediately and they provided me with a fan and cooled me down with a little cool mist spray on my head, belly and my little feet at regular intervals. I was feeling really drained even though I spent most of the day in the shade of a cool kitchen and I only went outside for toilet breaks. To help me recuperate I came down to my peaceful holiday retreat with my humans in lovely Clonakilty, which is in the heart of West Cork and is part of the Wild Atlantic Way, to get away from it all and to restore myself back to full health. Once the humidity lifted from the air so did my spirits and I felt vibrant again within …
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Are we feeding our dogs to death ?

Doing some research recently re diets for dogs with diabetes I came across the following statement "It has been my observation that the prescription diets for diabetic animals, sold by vets , are generally very low protein, which means they are very high in carbohydrates, or carb based food. Research shows us now that carbohydrates, especially poor quality carbs are the last thing you want in a diabetic diet, due to the glycemic index, or the way the body utilizes carbohydrates. Plus a lower protein diet means loss of muscle mass, and the largest muscle in the body is the heart" The author also went on to say that in her experience "Vets have little or no training in nutrition " This sounds quiet absurd, as the saying goes, "you are what you eat" , so therefore our dogs are what they eat. You would imagine alongside exercise, grooming & veterinary care that your dogs diet and therefore nutrition should play a major role in your dogs general well-being. Since …
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Dachshunds,Diabetes & Doris

On the following Blog I advised that Doris our oldest Standard Smooth Dachshund was diagnosed as being diabetic We were aware of diabetes being on the increase in dogs around the world, but to be honest didn't think we would be affected, as our pack are kept at a healthy weight and receive the required amount of exercise for the breed and the individual dogs age. Initially, we were very worried about the diagnosis, mainly having to administer the insulin by injection every morning. I have administered different vaccines over the years by way of syringe, but these instances were few and far between, and now I would have to be doing it every morning for the hopefully very distant future. You can imagine my delight then, when I came across the following news that the head of biotechnology and cosmetics company Phosphagenics, Dr Ogru has joined Swiss-based Novartis Animal Health to perfect patches that will deliver an insulin gel through an animal's skin. The technol…
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