In memory of Daisy

Daisy Irish Champion Dessaur “Driving Miss Daisy” 03/08/2018 – 12/10/2018 Sadly we had to give our final hugs to our beautiful Dachshund, Daisy on the 12th October. In early June Daisy had been diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease . This horrible disease is common in certain breeds like Shih tzus,Cocker Spaniels, Beagles. IVDD however is most prevalent in Dachshunds and it is just heartbreaking to watch your dog go through it. We fell in lovely with this adorable breed 18 years ago when we saw them for the first time while on holidays in Italy. They just looked so cute, stylish and classy and we were besotted. Unfortunately like a lot of people we did not do our research on the breed and just fell in love with how they looked ! We knew nothing back then of Intervertebral Disc disease that is way too common in Dachshunds. We don’t regret a single day we have had with this wonderful breed as they are so affectionate, loyal and great watch dogs but I never want to …
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Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital, let our dog fall on his head

Danno AKA Irish Champion Dessaur Hawaii Five O - 03/08/08 – 09/05/16 Danno was born in our kitchen on the 03rd of August 2008 and the first and last voices he ever heard was ours, his life was brought to an abrupt end on the 09th May this year due to the negligence at one of Ireland's leading veterinary practices, Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital in Cork. Events leading to Danno being Put To Sleep On Monday 23rd November 2015 we attended Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital for the first time after being referred by our vet. The cause was that Danno our Male Standard Smooth Dachshund had symptoms of spinal injury. At this consultation Shane Guerin examined Danno and gave us a detailed explanation as to what was actually happening. The surgery to be performed on Danno was Thoracolumbar Hemi-laminectomy (Spinal Surgery) and the decision to carry out this procedure is based on what symptoms are present on a scale of one to six. One being the dog feeling pain and six meaning the dog w…
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