Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened !

It’s with a heavy heart that I sit at the computer today and type this blog. Back in April of this year I was contacted by Cuca the Cocker Spaniel all the way from Lisbon Portugal, a lady that I never actually got to meet, but felt like she was a sister from another litter. You can read what Cuca sent me & my reply at this link Yesterday I learned that Cuca made the journey that we will all have to make someday, & peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Now I know as well as the next canine or human what an unbelievably difficult time this is for all that are left this side of the bridge.  You see over 3 years ago I had to say goodbye to my soul mate Dempsey, a half brother that I took under my wing from the day he joined my household, and I still miss him terribly. Back then I wasn’t blogging or felt experienced enough to impart with my knowledge by way of a canine agony aunt, but my humans wrote a small piece about Dempsey which I know helped them tremen…
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