Lolmar Goldens – Golden Retriever & Miniature Schnauzer Stud Dogs PLUS full canine reproduction package

Can you tell us about Lolmar Goldens and the services you provide: Lolmar Goldens offers numerous canine reproductive services. We can offer a full reproduction package from ovulation detection, Artificial Insemination/Natural Mating to ultrasound scanning at 30 days post mating or Insemination. So this isn’t your run of the mill stud service; Well, yes and no. The traditional stud service is available however, taking a more scientific approach, we can dramatically improve the chance of a bitch going home in pup. Scientific Approach ? Yes. Mark is fully trained and Accredited in Canine Reproduction, Canine Artificial Insemination and Canine Cytology. We can accurately predict a bitch’s fertile period and mate her on her most fertile days. Cytology can also detect split and silent heats which can save everyone lots of time and hassle and allows us prepare a plan for the bitch and her owner for her next cycle. Artificial Insemination is a very useful service to off…
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Golden Retrievers

Name of Kennel / Prefix / Affix: Balibeau Golden Retrievers What age were you and how did you become involved in the world of Dogs ? I have been involved with dogs all my life with my grandfather and father breeding English Springer Spaniels What Breeds of Dogs have you had over the years ? The breeds my family have owned over the years are English Springer Spaniels, German Short Haired Pointers, Border Collies and Golden Retrievers What Breeds of Dogs have you got now ? Golden Retrievers and one Border Collie What would you consider to be your main Breed and the one people associate you with ? Golden Retrievers What attracted you to this breed ? Their intelligence and eagerness to learn and work What advice would you offer to anybody that is interested in becoming an owner of this Breed ? This breed should be worked in some way may it be gundog work or obedience. They make a great family pet and love lying in front of the fire but also love to work Does the Breed…
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