There’s none so blind as those who will not see

dog breeders online responsibleFortunately there aren’t many times when I have to ask myself, why did I set up the web site

The idea that I thought at the time & still do, was the best thing since sliced bread, came to me over 4 years ago now.

Back then when we were desperately trying to tell the world that there was a classified type dog web site out there that went about things the right way, we advised everybody that we were in this for the long haul, and for that at least we can’t be criticized.

Any real follower of the site will know that we are passionate about dogs, all shapes & sizes, and that the site is a hobby that takes up a fair amount of our time. If we are not working on the site we are always thinking of ways to get our message in front of more peoples eyes.

So what is our message ?

Our message is responsible dog ownership.

That applies to owner / breeders & of course to the people that have just taken on the life long commitment to a dog.

Making sure that if you are thinking about breeding, that both dogs have had all the breed specific health tests & are fit, healthy with an even temperament, and that any resulting pups are reared in a home environment and fully socialised before moving to their new homes.

Making sure that as a potential dog owner you have researched the breed fully & spoken to as many owner / breeders as possible, and out of these selected one or two to be placed on their puppy waiting list.

As a dog owner that you can provide your new dog with the correct housing / shelter and provide for it by way of exercise, nutrition & healthcare.

This is the message that we constantly portray through our blogs & the advice section on our web site.

That’s why when I see statements from the DSPCA calling on all websites once more to cease all sales of animals immediately I wonder if our message is being heard at all.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, there are some owner / breeders that go about things the right way, & why shouldn’t they be able to advertise regarding the same ?

Online is where it is at these days, and where most people turn to when researching anything. A good web site & online presence is a must in the modern world. Where would the DSPCA be without their site or social media following ?

Thankfully we know that the site is making a difference, and the work we put into it is worthwhile, but just wish that people would open there eyes a bit more before tarring everybody with the same brush.