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As you already know, the team here at Pedigree Dogs are always looking at ways to improve our web site.

By doing so we hope to continually get the message out there that, contrary to the message that some people are spewing out, not all Pedigree Dogs are diseased or will go on to develop certain ailments.

Yes, that’s correct, there are an awful lot of people breeding dogs in Ireland, doing it the right way.

These people ensure that they have carried out the breed specific health tests laid down by International Health Councils for the breed, and only breed from pairings within the allowable results range.

Breeders of any variety Miniature Dachshund for instance should have their dogs tested for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and breeds like Labrador Retrievers should be hip and elbow scored.

There is of course an open invite on our site for any person of any particular breed, to write a PIECE for our blog on their involvement in dogs, detailing some general information about their current breed or breeds with a link to their web site, where more specific information can be obtained, and as most of you know we offer all this FREE of any charge, because that’s just the type of people we are.

We are also very open to any ideas on how to improve and one idea that we have been mulling over for a while now is showcase these same type kennels on the classified section of our site.

We are getting more and more visitors to the site, (Although still not as popular as PAGE 3 of The Sun) and as followers of our Pedigree dogs FACEBOOK PAGE (please like if you haven’t already) have seen, we often post details of emails we receive from visitors looking for a particular breed of dog, whereby there might not be any advertised on the site. ( I think some of the visitors actually think we are the IKC, as that’s what we get asked quite a bit, like last Saturday evening, when somebody phoned looking for a reputable breeder of pugs )

Now, here’s the pitch.

What we are thinking of is, setting up a facility whereby a show kennel etc can become a member of the Pedigree Dogs web site for an annual fee of just € 10.00

For this ridiculously low fee, you would be able to post 6 ads on the site over a 12 month period.

This means that even if you don’t have a litter in a particular year, you can have your ad LIVE on the classified section for the full 12 months, showcasing / detailing your kennel, and offering your contacts as a gateway to the person that is thinking of becoming an owner of your breed of dog.

But before we go ahead and make any changes in this area, we would love to hear from you with any feedback, positive or negative, in relation to this proposal as we don’t want to have to work on the changes required if you think it’s the worst idea since installing an ash tray on a motorbike.

C’mon we’re quite thick skinned around here, so don’t hold back !