Lovely Puppies on Display !

It was back in October 2009 that I came up with the idea for the Pedigree Dogs web site.

To be brutally honest, back then I didn’t put an awful lot of thought into how much work it would entail.

Then and even now, the popular general classified sites were not paying much attention to the online sales of animals, even though this area would rank in their top three busiest and therefore most profitable categories.

Instead of being a tech type person (switch it off and on again) trying to cash in on this lucrative market, I was a dog person that thought it was time enough, and planned on having a go at creating and running a dog web site, so that reputable breeders had an outlet to advertise their planned litters, and prospective buyers could come to a site and hopefully find a pup from the breed that they had researched fully and now were able to give a forever home to.

Everybody has their own idea of what success is, but for me and the site, it’s when I get an email from somebody that has come to the site through a blog article or Google search, checked out the classified section for their interested breed, and if they can’t find it there, after reading the about us or why advertise section , think the site is a worthwhile resource, and fire off an email looking for a reputable breeder for the dog breed they are interested in.

Other people judge success on figures and results, so here’s our latest for the first 7 months of this year.

77’942 Visits to the site with 234’170 Pageviews.

That’s proof that the puppies on display on our site, are definitely getting pretty popular.