Former Page 3 Model using her puppies in clinical trials

I came across an article the other day that really got my attention. (Not nearly as much as the above one might have!!!)

The article carried the headline Woman banned from keeping pets after dogs went bald because she treated them with homeopathic remedy rather than take them to the vets

Now in typical tabloid fashion the reporting is very poor and sketchy to say the least, as the 36 comments at the end of the article will confirm. It’s a wonder they didn’t say she was a former page 3 model and ex Girlfriend of some C list celebrity, whose only claim to fame is that they auditioned for the X Factor.

The comments come from a wide a varied readership, some that are pro the holistic approach to treating our dogs and others that are totally against.

Now just so you know which side of that debate we here at Pedigree Dogs sit on, check out our blog on the matter that we posted in March last year titled Homeopathy does it work for dogs

As I stated above the piece is very poorly written, and it’s hard to know exactly what happened here, but if you were to nit pick surely a farmer that is spraying his crops with sulphuric acid was doing more damage to our pets and us humans than a lady treating her dogs using a method that originated in 1796.

People that chose to ignore this alternative medicine, will say that any results are due to the placebo affect, in that once taken “we” convince ourselves that we are getting better.

Most of us reading this blog will say that our dogs are smarter than a lot of people we come across, but would draw the line when it comes to having the capacity to convince themselves that they are getting better after taking something we administer to them. That’s just pushing how smart your dog really is a bit too far.

Personally I think the whole article smacks of “The Man trying to keep us down” by telling us through constant marketing and advertising campaigns that pharmaceutical companies and dog food manufactures know 100% what is best for our four legged friends. Far be it from me to say that every end product resulting from these industries is BAD, but we should ask a lot of questions and not just get sucked in from what they spew out through their print, radio and TV adverts.

Both the pharmaceutical and dog food industry are multi billion dollar industries, with a lot of economic spin offs with large profits at stake, but maybe it’s time to stick it to the Man, and do what you know in your heart of hearts is best for you and your beloved dog.

October 30, 2012 12:45 pm

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