Puppies ferried to UK

I came across this post on my Facebook feed last week, and have been given the Ok by the author to post same on our blog.

If you have any questions / suggestion etc, please post a comment, and I will forward same.

“Can I ask for some real support and action to those of us who invest time energy and money into the well being of our dogs. I was at Dublin port yesterday and witnessed puppies being transferred from a southern Irish registered vehicle to a white box van, northern Irish registration. I then saw the white box van leaving the ferry at Holyhead. I informed the port authorities but was told ‘This happens all the time, its an ongoing trade’!!! Oh right-that’s ok then? The R.S.P.C.A. are aware apparently, but THEY criticise dachshunds for not being able to run. The KC tell me to eye test my dogs part of the Accredited Breeder scheme, Have they got their priorities right? I am tired of the authorities hiding behind rules and regulations. How many children have been abused and died because of rules instead of common sense intervening. This trade is virulent, open and happening all the time without any interference from the authorities. I was distressed to hear those dogs, but I come home and goodness knows where they went. There is no intent to insult any nationality from my evidence, just facts and this trade is without boundaries. I understand I will gain no friends by challenging authority or making life uncomfortable for them-but it is NOT about them. They purport to care about dogs, lets see them and us really doing something”