Don’t be the hurler on the ditch !

Up until a few years ago, I was of the school that attended events put on by other people, and based on how the said event went, would either give it the thumbs up, or have my own rant to myself about never returning to any event ran by that organising team again.

Sometimes I wish that I had stayed at that school.

Somehow I have drifted to the dark side, and thrown myself head first into being the person that is centre stage, lapping up the accolades, or dodging the verbal or sometimes physical abuse, depending on how things go.

My first venture into organising something rather than depending on somebody else to do something, was in fact this very web site. Like the hurler on the ditch it’s easy to point the finger at the “other” web sites out there that we all knew were, and are still doing it wrong, ( trust me I did a lot of finger pointing ) with the old me being very content in doing this for ever and a day.

Then somehow I got roped onto the committee of The Munster Agricultural Society in relation to the IKC all breeds open dog show that runs each year as part of The Cork Summer Show. Little did I know when I gave consent to include my name, that last year, and this year only for the weather, I was putting what little bit of a reputation I have built up on the line, as the book so to speak stopped with me in organising this show.

In for a penny, in for a pound as they say, and not wanting to rest on my laurels, after hinting to the people behind Pet Expo in 2010 that in my opinion the dog breed village held at this annual event could be so much bigger and better, they kindly asked if I would like to run this area of the expo for them. Well, that was definitely throwing down the gauntlet !

Somehow it’s come around to getting busy again, and try and build on what I see as the success of last years Dog Breed Village, with work starting re organising this years event which is being hosted at the new venue Punchestown Event Centre on the 06th & 07th October.

I have already had Breed Village Representatives from last years event send emails and texts, or approach me at a dog show, requesting to represent their breed at this years event, and also a few new breeds* have shown interest in being present this year.

Over the next few weeks I will be sending private messages and texts to the 52 breed reps from last year, checking to see if they are going to be available this year, and trying to get as many new breeds and clubs represented at this years event.

As I stated last year we all scratch our heads when we hear of people getting duped into buying a poorly bred dog from an unscrupulous breeder, so now is our chance to put ourselves well and truly in the spotlight – It’s a perfect opportunity to promote responsible dog ownership / breeding, and best of all it’s FREE !!!!!

So get off the ditch, and get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Rough Collie
Belgian Shepherd
All three varieties of Schnauzer