Is Your Dog A Gold Medallist ?

Congratulations must go to Katie Taylor on making it to an Olympic Final at London 2012

It seems like this has been her goal since she was 11 years of age, and now after being guided by the correct people combined with her natural ability, she stands on the verge of fulfilling her dream.

Now apart from being a fantastic athlete, Katie is a self confessed dog lover, and can sometimes be seen training with her dogs, all of which are called after famous boxers (No – strangely not the dog breed) , like her 10-year-old Bullmastiff called Marvin Hagler.

Having been glued to the TV since the games began, the message that keeps coming though is that the medal ceremony is only the crowing moment for the medallist, and it is the years of sacrifice and hard work, proper training backed up with the correct nutrition, combined with overcoming disappointment and injuries that has got them to this pinnacle in their career.

It sounds quite similar to how a responsible dog breeder operates or like rearing a puppy from birth up until it’s time for your dog to cross the rainbow bridge.

Again, proper training and guidance backed up with the correct nutrition, will ensure that both you and your dog will get the very best out of life.

Your dog should be a Gold Medallist in every way, and as is the case with Katie’s success, it’s taken an awful lot of dedicated people through generations of responsible dog breeding, proper socialisation, training and nutrition, to ensure that the puppy you take home goes on to be a Gold Medal ambassador for it’s breed.