Pedigree Dogs Happy 5th Birthday

Pedigree dogs Happy 5th BirthdayToday five years ago, the website went live on the World Wide Web.

In the 5 years since we launched the site, we have learned an unbelievable amount not just about dogs & people, but also about search engine optimisation and techy things we would never had gotten involved in only for the site.

The site also got us involved with the event organisers of Pet Expo and as a result we have organised the Dog Breed Village for them for the last 4 years.

The world of Dogs in Ireland is massive covering such areas as rescues, puppy farms, dog shows, agility, and so much more, and you would have to be extremely foolish to think that you can improve the life of all dogs in each of these areas.

What we have come to learn over the past 5 years is that it would be extremely unlikely that we will win the war on puppy farms, but we can all make a difference by winning the odd battle along the way. Promoting responsible dog ownership and the responsible breeding of dogs can go some way to educate people that the breeding of healthy dogs of sound temperament does have its place in the world of dogs in Ireland, just in the same way that dog rescues / welfare organisations do.

Emails we receive back from people like the one hereunder makes the hard work that goes into running & maintaining the site extremely worthwhile.

“Hi Paul, just letting you know that I finally got my dog 4 weeks ago via your website. He is a beautiful springer, from Tralee Co Kerry. Breeder was …. ……. who advertised on He was worth the wait and the journey, I’m mad about him. Thanks again for your help. Kind regards”

None of us can say what is around the corner, but we have every intention of sticking around and doing our bit to promote Pedigree Dogs and responsible dog ownership in Ireland. Having said that the site wouldn’t be possible if not for the support of people like you, so I’ll hope you will join me in wishing a happy 5th Birthday and raise a glass for the next 5.