Pedigree Dogs 50% Off Easter Sale

Pedigree Dogs SaleThe team here at are delighted to announce details of our first ever Easter Sale.

Like other well know brands in Ireland, such as Aer Lingus & Ryan Air who constantly seem to be having a seat sale, we have decided to follow the same route (excuse the pun) and have our very own sale.

We are having a 50% off sale, so from now until midnight on Easter Monday, ALL dogs advertised on the Pedigree Dogs website will be available to purchase for 50% less than the asking price.

Yes you did just read that right, 50% off all dogs advertised on the Pedigree Dogs web site.

You see over the last 5 years of running the registered web site in Ireland for dogs, we’ve come to the conclusion that a large percentage of people in Ireland look upon pets & dogs especially as a commodity, that can be exchanged, traded against, haggled for or simply dropped like a hot potato as quickly as the fashions change.

Taking into consideration the above, and the fact that everybody loves to bag a bargain, it made the decision of offering this 50% off sale a bit of a no brainer.

It’s kind of like when Brown Thomas or HOUSE OF FRASER have their January sale, where you see luxurious items slashed by anything up to 50% off the recommended retail price (RRP).

You see the dogs advertised on are from some of the top owner / breeders in Ireland and if Brown Thomas or HOUSE OF FRASER were ever to start selling dogs, the dogs you see on our web site would definitely fit in with their brand.

So don’t delay, get your credit card out and go bag yourself a bargain.

Promotion starts: 01-04-15
Promo Code to be used at check out: Pedigreedogsaprilfool

April 1, 2015 8:55 am

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