Lolmar Goldens – Golden Retriever & Miniature Schnauzer Stud Dogs PLUS full canine reproduction package

Can you tell us about Lolmar Goldens and the services you provide:Stud dog service Ireland

Lolmar Goldens offers numerous canine reproductive services. We can offer a full reproduction package from ovulation detection, Artificial Insemination/Natural Mating to ultrasound scanning at 30 days post mating or Insemination.

So this isn’t your run of the mill stud service;

Well, yes and no. The traditional stud service is available however, taking a more scientific approach, we can dramatically improve the chance of a bitch going home in pup.

Scientific Approach ?

Yes. Mark is fully trained and Accredited in Canine Reproduction, Canine Artificial Insemination and Canine Cytology. We can accurately predict a bitch’s fertile period and mate her on her most fertile days. Cytology can also detect split and silent heats which can save everyone lots of time and hassle and allows us prepare a plan for the bitch and her owner for her next cycle. Artificial Insemination is a very useful service to offer breeders who have tried and failed when visiting the dog previously. There are occasions some bitches just refuse to be mated naturally. The success rate is equal to that of a natural mating and its obviously much safer for both the dog and the bitch so it’s becoming more and more popular with breeders.

So Canine Reproduction is Advancing ?

At pace…!! Breeders nowadays can choose males for their females from anywhere in the world, get semen shipped to us and have your dog inseminated within 24hours of ordering the semen (European Countries). Domestically, we have found this service becoming extremely popular with breeders all over Ireland since lockdown restricted us all to 5km. There have been incredible advances in canine reproduction over the past two decades.

Do you only accommodate bitches who wish to use your stud dogs?

No, We accommodate all breeds and can also inseminate your bitch with chilled or frozen semen from any dog you wish to use on her. we also carry out semen analysis for stud owners quite regularly. It’s not always about getting bitches in pup, we help out the stud owner too! We also carry out ovulation testing for your bitch so breeders can plan exactly when semen is to be ordered or when they must bring their bitch to the stud dog. Obviously, we are busiest with our own dogs, who are all listed on We have some very exciting stud dogs in our kennel.

Golden Retrievers Miniature Schnauzers
Golden Romance All That Jazz JC Full Cool Bobby McGee JC
Baron Steadlyn Hypnotizer Int Ch
Bright Ebony  


Baron (Golden Retriever) is the newest addition to the team and he is a superb example of the breed. He’s young, so we’ll take our time with him and allow him to mature fully but he will be available to a select number of bitches this year.

Do you keep visiting females overnight?

Yes we do. We’re lucky to have state of the art boarding facilities here and our new kennel block is well under way and due for completion in April 2021. Our new block will accommodate up to ten large dogs. Security is a big concern for both ourselves and obviously the owners and with the unfortunate increase in dog theft over the past year, it’s something we don’t take lightly and this can be seen throughout our premises with the installation of CCTV and Alarmed housing. The welfare of the dogs in our care is paramount.

What would you say to those opposed to dogs being bred?

It’s a very contentious topic and both sides have valid points, but if an owner has a well-bred, healthy dog that they wish to breed with a well-bred, healthy male and this ultimately improves the breed, I think this can only be beneficial for the breed as a whole. We see some ‘opportunistic owners’ breeding their dogs for the wrong reasons and especially during the pandemic which is worrying.

People nowadays are much more knowledgeable about the breed they own and associated hereditary conditions. The majority of owners are ensuring their dogs have all the required health tests for the breed which is great to see.