Introducing a Puppy to your home. Is Christmas a good time ?

puppy christmasIs Christmas a good time to Introduce a Puppy to your Home ?

This is a question that raises its head about this time every year and it is a very controversial topic. My human asked this question on his facebook page back in 2012 and he got a great response, the answers covered the full spectrum, from “never,never,never” to “I got my first dog as a Christmas present & it was the best one I ever received”

A Puppy to the right home

When my human read through all the facebook comments he posted the following comment – “Would it be safe to say that a puppy to the right home at Christmas is far better than a puppy to the wrong home any other time of the year ?” this met with a general acceptance.

Different dogs are suited to different lifestyles / households, so whatever time of the year you are introducing a new puppy or dog to your household, please ensure that you have carried out in depth research into the breed, and ascertained what the breed of dog requires by way of exercise,feeding,grooming and housing.

A puppy should never be a last minute decision whatever the time of year, as a responsible owner you should contact reputable breeders a few months in advance and plan properly for this new arrival. My advice if you are considering bringing a puppy into your home at Christmas is to ensure you and your family will have ample time each day of the holidays to spend with your new arrival.

A puppy needs a quiet and stable environment in the first few weeks of its life and this is vital to its development. Most people are on holidays during the festive period and this can be a great opportunity to spend time with your new bundle of joy and to start to house train them etc.

If you are the type of person that likes to party 24/7 around the festive season and has a constant stream of noisy guests around, then this is definitely not the right time to bring a puppy into your life. On the other hand if you have ample time off work and are planning on having a quiet family Christmas in front of the TV and the boxes of Quality Street, and you don’t mind standing out in the cold patiently while puppy is being toilet trained then consider bringing a puppy home at this time of year but keep him away from the chocolates !

Some reputable breeders do sell their puppies at Christmas but only if the puppy is going to the right home. A truly and responsible breeder cares about where their puppies end up some of them carry out house checks and if they think you could be a suitable owner they will then invite you to visit them and to see the set up they have in place, as a reputable breeder has nothing to hide. He/She will question you the prospective buyer about your lifestyle and living arrangements to ascertain if the puppy is suitable to your current situation. You as a responsible owner should always ask to see the mother and father of the pup and ask if the relevant health checks have been carried out for that breed if relevant. A reputable breeder will never meet you at the side of the road when collecting your puppy , if they do suggest this off site meeting, heed the warning bells and walk away !

Becoming the Lifelong owner of a Pedigree Dog

We all agree that education is the key to success. If you are thinking about bringing a puppy into your home in the future attending events like the Dog Breed Village at Pet Expo in the RDS, which will be held on the 22 & 23rd November is a great way of meeting over 40 different breeds of dogs. Going to events like this will lead you in the right direction in regards to becoming a responsible dog owner.

Their responsible owners are on hand to answer all your questions about the pros & cons of owning each breed. It is a two way street, Responsible owners & Reputable Breeders, the two combined reduces the risk of your new puppy becoming another statistic in our already overflowing pounds.

So that’s my thoughts on the subject, now I’d love to hear yours. Feel free to post a comment. If there’s anything else dog related you’d like to see posted on the blog email me at [email protected] or Tweet me over on Twitter @DorisDachshund