In memory of Daisy

Dachshund IVDDDaisy Irish Champion Dessaur “Driving Miss Daisy”
03/08/2018 – 12/10/2018

Sadly we had to give our final hugs to our beautiful Dachshund, Daisy on the 12th October. In early June Daisy had been diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease . This horrible disease is common in certain breeds like Shih tzus,Cocker Spaniels, Beagles. IVDD however is most prevalent in Dachshunds and it is just heartbreaking to watch your dog go through it.

We fell in lovely with this adorable breed 18 years ago when we saw them for the first time while on holidays in Italy. They just looked so cute, stylish and classy and we were besotted. Unfortunately like a lot of people we did not do our research on the breed and just fell in love with how they looked !

We knew nothing back then of Intervertebral Disc disease that is way too common in Dachshunds. We don’t regret a single day we have had with this wonderful breed as they are so affectionate, loyal and great watch dogs but I never want to go though the heartache and stress again that this disease caused us, let alone what our Daisy went through with it, no longer being able to walk. We are now down to our last Dachshund, Donna,aged 13 who is Daisy’s mother and sadly, she will be our last.

So our message is no matter what breed you are interested in buying or rescuing especially at this time of year when a dog is on many people’s Christmas list, do your research into health issues and care needed. A dog is for life, they are a massive commitment if they are cared for properly, but they give you back so much in return tenfold !

We gave Daisy a proper Irish burial and she is laid to rest in our garden in West Cork. We know we did everything we could for Daisy during her illness and gave her a great life and in return she gave us 10 wonderful years of great memories. She was such a happy dog in life, we don’t want her parting to make us sad !
We would like to thank Carl Mc Auliffe, Orthopaedic, Spinal & soft tissue surgeon and to all the team at Riverview Vets for caring for Daisy the past few months. A special thanks also to Liam O’Reilly Veterinary Surgeon and his team at Knockgriffin Veterinary for their compassion on Daisy’s final journey, it helped us a lot.

Dear Daisy,

From the first moment you came into our lives, you brought us love, joy, happiness and laughter in abundance. We thank you for these wonderful memories, like you, they will be with us forever.

You were always Daddy’s Girl, he blew life into your lungs when you were born and after that the bond was made, never to be broken. Your adored your years of belly rubs from him in the back porch, which earned you your title “The Belly Rub Monster”.

Whenever the Sun Shines we know where you will be Dear Daisy. You were always such a happy dog and you too were a ray of sunlight every day in our lives.

Today a piece of our hearts goes with you Daisy to guide you on your journey, but you will stay in ours forever. You enriched our lives in a way that nothing else in life could ever do.

Run free Sweet Princess with your friends that love you !