Hokamix BARF KombiMix – Product Review

Cheap Dog food in Ireland I recently attended a Digital Media Course and found myself asking a lot of questions about this web site and it’s blog.

The course covered all sorts of topics, including Search Engine Optimisation right through to developing a marketing plan.

In relation to this plan I had to take a step back and re define what the objectives of the site are.  Hmmn !!!

Without trying to sound too muck like wee Daniel O’Donnell and sugar coating the death out of it, our main objective is to try and educate Joe Public through our blog in relation to responsible dog ownership, and how to go about sourcing a reputable owner / breeder of the breed of dog you may be interested in…..

Easy !!

All That Is Good & Bad For Your Dog

Nearly three years in and we have over 600 blog posts, covering all aspects of what is good in relation for dogs, and unfortunately a lot more on what is bad in relation to the  general well being of your dog.

So today we’d like to post about something that we consider to be very good for your dog.

Regular visitors to the sites blog will know that all of us here are big advocates for feeding our dogs on the BARF diet, and suggest that if you are looking at making this life defining switch from processed food to what your dog was biologically designed to eat, you may want to get your hands on the following Natural feeding handbook for dogs.

The book was written by Jonathan Self, and edited by Tom Farrington who is Ireland’s leading holistic practitioner. Tom is a firm believer in supplementing your dogs diet when feeding raw, to ensure that over time your dog is receiving a fully balanced diet.

Our Dogs used in Clinical Trials

That’s where Hokamix and their BARF KombiMix comes in. The good people in Holistic Pet Products sent me on a trial of this product to try out on our 4 Standard Smooth Dachshunds, and they have now finished with this trial. However, unlike some of the ads on TV for anti wrinkle cream where only 200 women were surveyed and only 82% noticed they could physically see the difference after 1 week, our pack have all given it the paws up.

Now I must admit that our 4 dogs all looked great before we started these clinical trials, but I have noticed an extra glean to their coats since we introduced this product to their daily feeds, and that one of them that used to eat the odd bit of grass, has ceased doing this.

To sum it up it’s basically all your dogs important nutrients in one scoop, a kind of one stop shop.

Where can you get your hands on it I hear you ask, head on over to Irelands only distributor Holistic Pet Products

And remember, as we’ve said here many times before – Your Dogs worth it !