Kensana Golden Retriever Ireland – Featured Kennel

Name of Kennel:

Kensana Golden Retriever Ireland. The Kencana mine is one of the largest gold mines in Indonesia and in the world. Because I am from China originally, having a kennel name with some Asian background means a lot to me.

What age were you and how did you become involved in the world of Dogs:

I was always fascinated about dogs when I was young but my mum didn’t allow me so have one back then in China. So I swore when I have my own family, I would have as many dogs as possible. Now my dream has come true. We moved the house over 13 years ago from Galway city centre to the country just to have more space so we can facilitate more dogs.

What Breeds of Dogs have you had over the years:

When I was engaged to my husband back in 2000, I asked him to buy me one of those Dalmatian puppies as an Engagement present instead of a diamond ring as I loved the movie 101 Dalmatians. He was very much obliged and that was our first family dog called Wizard before the kids came along. Wizard died when he was 12 and half years ago on the morning of our wedding anniversary 5th of May 2013.

What Breeds of Dogs have you got now:

6 Golden Retrievers for myself and 1 Bichon Frise for the kids. 😊

What would you consider to be your main breed and the one people associate you with:

We only breed Golden Retrievers.

What attracted you to this breed:

Their joyful and playful approach to life attracted me the most, always happy and maintain that puppyish attitude even into their adulthood.

What advice would you offer to anybody that is interested in becoming an owner of the breed:

Be prepared to fall in love from head to toe with this fantastic breed and be prepared to own more than just one. That’s exactly what happened to me and my family

Does the Breed have any specific requirements by way of exercise & grooming:

Like most Sporting breeds, Goldens need plenty of daily exercise. Goldens make great companions on long runs and bike rides but also need to be mindful of any strenuous or high-impact activities that might cause stress to their bones and joints. Goldens heavily shed their thick, water-repellent double coat once or twice a year, and they also shed more moderately on a continuous basis. Most of the time, a good brushing-out with a slicker brush once or twice a week will remove much of the dead hair.

Does the breed have any specific health tests that should be done before a Dog or Bitch is used at stud or bred from:

Goldens are generally healthy dogs, and responsible breeders should screen their breeding stock for health conditions including elbow and hip dysplasia; eye conditions such as juvenile cataracts, pigmentary uveitis, and progressive retinal atrophy. All our breeding stock are health tested, hip scored, elbow scored and holding current eye cert aligning with BVA standard.

How would you sum up the characteristics of this breed and what type of household would they best be suited to:

Golden Retrievers are perfect, so much so that you can’t help but smile as soon as you see one. Goldens are loyal, happy, fun-loving, caring and intelligent, and bring laughter and joy to anyone and everyone due to their cuddly and affectionate nature. I always try to find homes for my puppies with families having kids. Goldens are very much family orientated especially families with special needs. It would be fantastic for the kids to grow up with these gentle giants to learn the responsibility on how to respect and care about animals, to explore the world together and to share the life experience together. This was exactly what I wanted for my own kids so much so that we have more dogs in the household now than humans and so much so that we decided to breed these beautiful dogs so more families and kids will get to share the fun and happiness.

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