Doris Day’s in the Summer

Dog Friendly AccommodationSummer greetings to you all from Bridie’s Cottage,

Sorry I haven’t been in touch lately but I have been feeling a little bit under the weather.  The recent humidity a few weeks ago really took it out of me and affected my diabetes and my sugars went a bit high, but that’s another days blog !

Thankfully my loving, ever observant humans noticed my warning signs immediately and they provided me with a fan and cooled me down with a little cool mist spray on my head, belly and my little feet at regular intervals. I was feeling really drained even though I spent most of the day in the shade of a cool kitchen and I only went outside for toilet breaks.

To help me recuperate I came down to my peaceful holiday retreat with my humans in lovely Clonakilty, which is in the heart of West Cork and is part of the Wild Atlantic Way, to get away from it all and to restore myself back to full health. Once the humidity lifted from the air so did my spirits and I felt vibrant again within a few days. After my break in the countryside I feel totally re-vitalised after all that’s what holidays are all about.  Now you also can have a taste of this tranquility, as I have decided to share a piece of this little tonic with you my canine friends, as I am now offering Pet Friendly Accommodation and it’s now live on airbnb check us out here

Enjoy the rest of the Summer and what a glorious one it has been I have virtually slept in my Karen Millen Sunglasses. My advice to the lovely weather lady Evelyn Cusack is to lay off the humidity for the rest of the year , it’s not good for us more mature canines and also plays havoc with my complexion !