Dogs & the lessons we can learn from them.

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We’re just about recovered from what can only be described as an insanely busy week end at Pet Expo.

This was the 9th year that the show gave pet owners and potential pet owners their fix on all things pet related.

Obviously being involved with the Dog Breed Village I am biased in saying that it ranks up there with some of the other major attractions, and based on the feedback, post Expo on my personal facebook page where I posted pictures of the Breed Village, it delivered exactly what we set out to do every year.

The message that all the breed village representatives get across to the huge numbers that visited over the 2 days, is one of responsible dog ownership.

Often when people hear the term breeder, they shudder. It implies something “bad” and suggests that pedigree dog breeders are creating health difficulties in dogs down the line.

This 2 day event gives us the opportunity to wave our hands in the air and say, hello, we are here, and tell the huge numbers that visited the event that despite what they hear or read, there are owner breeders of Pedigree dogs out there that do go about things the right way. These are the people to talk to if you are interested in becoming a dog owner not just of the breed that they represent but any breed of dog.

Advising people that all breeds of dog were originally bred for a specific purpose and therefore not suitable to all individuals or households.

Getting children involved with the grooming of some of the longer coated breeds at the event to advise & educate them that this is what is required if you want to keep their dog or potential dog looking good, not to mention the added benefits to dog and owner. The dogs lapped this up and based on the smiles from the Children it certainly looked like they were enjoying the experience too.

I was reminded of some valuable life lessons when organising the Dog Breed Village on behalf of the event organisers this year, but yet again it was the dogs that I learnt so much from. The Dogs at the Breed Village meet everybody with the same enthusiasm, and no matter what you are presented with on the run up to the show, the face of the paying public when they come face to face with all the breeds on display compensate far more than the few little hic cups along the way.

Any visitors to this website or people visiting Pet Expo already have a love of pets / dogs, but every year I am reminded of just how unbelievably special our dogs are, especially when I see how they interact with adults and children with special needs.

So I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, to all those people that represented their chosen breed/s at this year’s Pet Expo, take a bow, as without your dedication none of this would happen, and the biggest thank you of all goes to the main event organisers for giving us these 2 days and such a great platform to promote and protect the breeds so close to our hearts.