Pure Bred Non Registered (Or in some cases Pure BREAD Non Registered)

It’s a term or abbreviation we are all well aware of and see more than ever on most of the dog adverts on the general and most dog classified sites.

It is then normally followed by “hence the price”

Some of the adverts will advertise a pup for say Euro 200 non registered or Euro 350 registered

Let’s break down the cost of registering a pup

My Vet charges Euro 25.00 to microchip a pup

The Irish Kennel Club charges Euro 13.00 to register a single pup

Euro 38.00 so far…

You have to be an associate member of The Irish Kennel Club (IKC) to register, and the annual fee for this is a whopping Euro 10.00 or Euro 100.00 for life membership

I think you could be safe to say that Euro 50.00 would cover you handsomely to register a pup with the IKC, which is after all the recognised body for the registration of Dogs in Ireland, as well as Internationally recognised.

Some people will say that it’s only a piece of paper, but so is the service history on a second hand car or the deeds of a house.

I wish that the people selling the PBNR dogs at cut down prices would stop trying to dupe potential buyers into thinking that it’s the registration costs that stop them from registering their litters….There may be OTHER reasons why they don’t !!!