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  • Dog welfare IrelandDo you like Dogs ?
  • Do you like all dogs, Cross Bred & Pedigree ?
  • Do you think that Dogs deserve to live a life based on the Five Freedoms ?
  • Do you think that a lot of people need to be educated in relation to owning a dog and providing this dog with the Five Freedoms ?
  • Do you think that the government and organisations in Ireland charged with the promotion of responsible dog ownership could do more ?
  • Do you think that events like Pet Expo (07th & 08th November RDS Dublin) are a useful tool in relation to educating the general public ?
  • Do you think the next generation of people in Ireland will be more compassionate & more educated when it comes to being a responsible dog owner ?
  • Do you think Ireland will ever shake off its reputation for being the puppy farm capital of Europe ?
  • Do you think that the rise in canine disease like diabetes has anything to do with the what dogs are being fed today ?
  • Do you think that annual vaccinations for dogs are necessary ?
  • Do you think that Breed Specific Legislation is not working & needs to be scrapped ?
  • Do you think that the huge divide that exists between some dog rescues & dog breeders can ever be bridged ?
  • Do you think that the designer breeds of today will ever go on to breed true & produce pups of the same conformation & traits as the parents ?
  • Do you think that certain breeds of dogs have had traits exaggerated to the point it causes the dog health issues ?
  • Do you think that if there is an endorsement placed on a dog by the breeder it should only be the breeder that can lift it ?
  • Do you think that agility & obedience should feature more in all dog shows not just the likes of Crufts etc. ?
  • Do you think that the dog licence system & dog warden service in Ireland is working ?
  • Do you think that the courts have been to lenient in sentencing people found guilty of acts of cruelty towards dogs & other animals ?
  • Do you think that compulsory microchipping of all dogs from March 2016 is going to have any affect in Ireland ?
  • Do you think enough is enough and that instead of making new laws, more emphasis should be placed in implementing the ones that are already in place ?

August 28, 2015 4:39 pm

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