Why Advertise

Pedigree Dogs is the only dedicated site in Ireland that deals with Pedigree Dogs, registered with the Irish Kennel Club and Kennel Club (London) or any FCI affiliated Kennel Club.

Unlike any other dog related website, we review every single ad before it is published, ensuring that only ad’s that meet our criteria will go live, so that your ad will only share space with like minded breeders.

The emphasis throughout is on attracting reputable breeders and owners and there are a number of stipulations that have to be met – puppies or adult dogs being sold must be registered with the Irish Kennel Club or the Kennel Club London or FCI affiliated Kennel Club, ads must be accompanied by  photos that promote responsible dog ownership, showing dogs of good health, and kept in suitable conditions, no exaggerated claims can be used in the text.

We are a site that only advertises registered puppies

You will not see adds with puppies or adult dogs living in appalling conditions.

You will not see any PBNR or F1 Hybrids on our site, and through the blog we publish articles on why buying a registered pedigree dog is the best choice if looking for a dog to join a household – we would also advise people that if they are not buying a registered pedigree dog, then rescue a dog from their local shelter.

This is a web site for dogs that is run by people involved in the world of dogs in Ireland, check out our Facebook page, pedigreedogs

Since we launched in January 2010, we have been featured in the Sunday Business Post, & Sunday Times.

So if you are looking to Sell a dog in Ireland, that is registered with the Irish Kennel Club or Kennel Club (London) you have come to the right site.