Dogs online – It’s not as bad as you fear

Shih Tzu dogs Ireland

Selling dogs online

When it comes to selling dogs online a lot of people get hot under the collar to say the least.

Well here’s something to think about.

On the 05th March I optomised the following blog in relation to the Shih Tzu breed of dog.

Back then that article on the Shih Tzu had been looked at 1669 times. Four weeks on from this, and the same blog has been looked at 1883 times. The Shih Tzu video and breed standard have been looked at 214 times in 4 weeks, that’s over 7 times a day…

As a favour, can I ask you to search for Shih Tzu pups for sale in Google Ireland, and advise where returns in the results ?

I know we won’t figure ahead of the general classifieds as with the amount of traffic they get each day, Google will always place them higher then a specialist dog web site like ours, but if we figure on the first page of search returns, we have some hope of scooping some of the people that are looking for a Shih Tzu out of the net, and then putting them in touch with a responsible Shih Tzu breeder.

These type of results can be achieved for most dog breeds, and in the case of our blog, can be linked to a responsible breeder’s web site or a dog breed club web site.

Let’s face it, this internet thingymajig is not going away, so the more we embrace it the better for us and of course our dogs.


April 3, 2013 12:01 pm

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