You’ve 1 last day with your dog…how would you spend it ?

My post to the Pedigree Dogs Facebook Page yesterday seemed to hit home with quite a lot of people, as it was shared over 300 times…For those that missed it, here it is to the left…

You see the thing is, as I’ve always maintained, no matter what dog related activity you are involved in, there wouldn’t be any without the dog.

Dogs should come first and foremost.

Our dogs don’t need us to stand up for them, they are quite capable of standing up for themselves.

If there are any disagreements between one dog and another, they quickly sort it out and move on.

Like most things that go disastrously wrong on this planet, it’s us humans that are nearly always to blame.

We’ve written here before that Dogs Lives Are Too Short so maybe we should live each day with them, not worrying about what other people are saying or not about your success in the Show Ring or whatever other activity you and your dog are involved in, and live each day like it’s your last day together…..

Here’s a question to ask yourself, if today was your dogs last day, how would you spend it ?

Online bashing some other dog owners reputation or maybe defending your own ?

Sat ringside at a dog show ?

Or maybe enjoying a stroll together on the beach ?

Tell me,what would be your idea of the best way to spend your last day together with your dog ?