Dogs: A Mans Best Friend ?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary “Friendship is a relationship between two people who hold mutual affection for each other”

Social Media sites like Facebook, although in their rules try and have us stick to the above meaning of the word, most times fail, as according to them I have 1448 “Friends” on my personal account…That’s a hell of a lot of Birthday & Christmas cards to be sending out.

Virtual World: As you can see from the above, in this virtual world that most of us spend far to much time in, it’s very easy to make friends, far more difficult than it is in the real world.

Having said that though, it’s also very easy to lose friends, and as the saying goes easy come – easy go, and with the click of a button you can call a halt to this relationship between two people that previously held mutual affection for each other.

Like most things in life, friendships and relationships have to be worked on, and the same goes for the relationship and friendship you share with your dog.

Bringing a new puppy into your home: As we have stated on our blog, more times than I care to remember, when you bring a new dog or puppy into your home, it should be the start of a life long friendship where you and your dog hold mutual affection for each other. For this friendship to last, each party should have total respect for each other, and with proper socialisation and training, this friendship should see you both through a great lifetime together.

In order for the friendship to have any chance of succeeding, you would hope that the so called more intelligent being in this human canine relationship has carried out the right research.

A friendship that starts out between, say a human that lives in an apartment, working long hours away from home, is not very athletic, and a bit of a couch potatoe, and a Siberian Husky, is never going to work. I’m sure you would agree that if the above scenario were in fact real, I’d give it less than 12 months for this friendship / relationship that started out with the human ogling over a small ball of fluff, before the unfriend button was clicked, and the dog surrendered to the pound.

Message: Therefore the message we should all be putting out there to any person that is considering bringing a dog into their life, or a potential owner of one of your pups, is that this is the real world, and unlike the virtual one, friendships in this world need to be worked on in order for both parties to be truly fulfilled, as if they are not, we all know where that ends up.