What price are you willing to pay for that Green Star ?

Now that the Munster circuit is over for another year, it’s probably a good time to take stock of how things are going for you and your kennel in the world of dog showing.

Everybody has gone home with different feelings.

Some were elated as they won Best Of Breed at all shows entered, and figured prominently in the groups. Others were happy that their home bred dog was graded excellent, and some just happy that their dogs showed well for them.


Everybody has a different idea as to what success is. It’s the same in all walks of life. Some people don’t think they are successful until they own a large mansion on the hill, and have a choice of supercharged cars waiting in the drive to transport them to their company headquarters everyday. Other people are just happy to have a roof over their heads, and food in the fridge.

Since the new Green Star system was introduced a few years ago, there have been plenty of supporters, as well as many opposers. People in numerically strong breeds, tend to favour the old points system, whereby people in a breed where there maybe only one of two of the breed entered in the general championship shows in Ireland, prefer the new system.

I’ve often heard people say that the Green Star awarded in one of these minority breeds, was a cheap one, or the dog that goes on to be made up a champion in one of these breeds is labeled as a cheap champion.

Miserable Bank Balance

Now I’m sure that anybody that was lucky enough to win a Green Star over the circuit shows, no matter what breed you are in, will say that your bank balance is looking a lot more miserable now than what it did before you took to the road in search of glory.

The hobby of showing dogs is NOT a cheap one.

Even if you are entering just one dog, taking travelling expenses into consideration, the figure can exceed well over €100….and there’s no guarantee that you will come away with the holy grail.

Based on the above IMO, there is no such thing as a cheap Green Star and the fact is, we place a very high value on every single one of them. The down side to this is that, as with all objects of desire, people will stoop to all kinds of levels to become the owner, lawful or otherwise, of same.


So to wrap it up, I hope that you all enjoyed your week in Munster, and that everybody arrived home safe & sound, that your dogs are in fine fettle, and that no matter what happened or what the judge on the day decided, you can hold your head up and say that your represented your breed with honour and dignity, and treated your fellow exhibitor with the respect that you in return would expect.