yeah, and I hope your next …. is a Pineapple !

Now as I often say, it’s the simple things in life that make you most happy.

Things like, that sneaky kiss on the lips (Tongue and all) from your dog whilst sitting on your lap, watching TV

Coming home from the supermarket and being greeted by your dog like you have been on a 1 year career break, and decided to travel the world.

Going for a walk with your dog, and if they decide to poop, that when you scoop it up (Yes, that’s what responsible dog owners are supposed to do) there is a bin specifically designed to take your bagged collection not more than 100 miles away from you.

You can imagine then, that when I came across this recent instalment when out on a walk with one of our Dachshunds, I had a smile on my face that looked like I had slept with a coat hanger in my mouth.

It’s not just me though that thinks this instalment is the best thing to happen to Midleton, Co. Cork for quite some time, as it made the headlines, in East Cork Journal where they ran an article “Midleton gone to the dogs”

In the piece they mention that my latest friend is not an only child, in fact s/he has 5 other siblings erected around strategic points of the town and surrounding areas that are popular with dog walkers. At last the town council is starting to realise the problem that un scooped dog poo can cause.

The thing is though, the funding and servicing of the bins is being carried out by the Tidy Towns group, as there is a lack of resources at county council level.

Not the case when the town clerk decides to spend / waste an absolute fortune on new foot paths for the town’s main street, which in most peoples opinion were not needed, and have business owners complaining due to the disruption it is causing, and driving customers to spend their money else where.

I’m sure these same shoppers are going to love coming into town, and remark on how lovely and clean these new footpaths are and that that big pile of dog sh1te (Left by an irresponsible dog owner) really contrasts well against the light grey colouring of the granite slabs .

Now I know that placing these bins around town isn’t going to solve the problem of dog fouling 100% as you will always get some people that couldn’t well, give a sh1T, when it comes to picking up after their dogs, but to be honest, I have seen far less cases of un scooped poop since our friend here and his five siblings have been in situ.

Fair play to Midleton Tidy Towns, I’m sure your council buddies that are too busy laying the new footpath to help out, will thank you in the long run.