Dog food developed with Vets that gives your dog wings.

Dog food IrelandDeveloped with vets. Top breeders recommend it. That’s according to the people, (Mars) that bring you the Pedigree Chum brand of dog food amongst others.

I came across this old piece of advertising from this company the other day, & posted it on the Pedigree Dogs Facebook page asking people for their opinion of this food.

Maybe it’s a coincidence but I posted it around the same day that I leaned that the caffeinated drinks giant Red Bull was sued $13m for falsely claiming their product “gives you wings”

Anyhow, out of the 73 comments that were posted, the general gist stated they wouldn’t feed it to their dogs if it were the last dog food left on the supermarket shelves.

During the summer I read a fantastic book called Farmageddon The True Cost of Cheap Meat written by the CEO of Compassion In World Farming, Mr Philip Lymbrey. It deals with the production of food products around the globe, and the cost not just in monetary terms but to the planet that large industrial factory farms cause. Before reading the book I always considered that I had a healthy(ish) diet & filled the shopping basket with ethically sourced foods, but now look at everything I buy to eat through a new set of eyes.

It makes sense to feed you & your family with the healthiest and most ethically sourced products, and I’m not sure about you, but I definitely include my dogs as part of my family.

It’s all too easy to get caught out by the marketers who through their advertising campaigns in print, radio, TV, & now social media brainwash the majority of people into thinking that their product is the best for them & that money can buy.

See the thing is, that Mars also own Whiskas, Royal Canin, Cesar, Sheba, & Chappie & if they can get away with spouting these claims about Pedigree Chum, why would you believe anything else they tell you about their other brands?

But why would you stop there?  Surely if Mars are at it, their competitors aren’t  just going to sit back & take a beating in the race for market dominance.

Personally I’d rather just feed my dogs what nature intended, which isn’t processed foods no matter how many vets were involved in developing it, or how many top breeders recommend it.

October 12, 2014 2:56 pm

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