Poland 1 – Ukraine 0

Well I guess the weather we are experiencing at the moment sums up how the majority of Irish Soccer fans must feel right now, especially the thousands that spent hard earned cash to travel to Poland to support The Boys In Green.

MET éireann describes it as bright with sunny spells, but cloudy periods also, with occasional showers, some heavy, with the odd thundery one. Top temperatures of 15 to 18 C., me, I describe it as pretty dismal, and worse after the 9 PM watershed.

But lets not forget the football players themselves, as they have to deal with difficult balls (Football ones that is), slow playing surfaces, fans blowing whistles in the crowd, the heat and midges. Who said the life of a professional footballer was easy ??

If you are a regular follower of this blog, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, what the hell is he going on about this time, and what the hell has any of this got to do with our beloved four legged friends, or dogs as some people call them.

Well quite a lot as it happens.

On the run up to The World Cup 2010 that was held in South Africa, the police sent out an Appeal to the public to “donate” dogs that would be trained to work during the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Once trained they will be used for patrols, locating narcotics and explosives, tracking, fire detection and search and rescue.

For those that don’t know, Euro 2012 is being co hosted between Poland & The Ukraine, and it’s Ukraine that has come under the spotlight of us dog lovers on the run up to and now that this tournament is well under way.

Even online activists with Anonymous “Took out” the site www.kieveuro2012.org, which is one of the main sites for information etc for Ukraine’s involvement in these championships.

What on earth could the government have done on the run up to these football finals to have brought this attention to their front door, from the watching public.

Maybe they took a leaf out of South Africa’s book, and were using certain breeds of dogs to help with crowd control etc during the finals

But surely that would have us applauding the Ukrainian officials….

Maybe it’s that fact then that the Ukraine government have been conducting mass killings of dogs found in the streets in an attempt to clean up the city ahead of the soccer event.

When caught carrying out these heinous acts, last November they would said they would stop the killings, but that’s not the case according to France 24 online news site.

So even though the weather we are experiencing for our summer is not as it should be, and the result didn’t go our way last night, and the blasted midges are eating the football players alive, please spare a thought for the defenceless dogs that were brutally done away with so this tournament could go ahead. One pundit summed it up with these words ” All animal cruelty is abhorrent but it’s particularly terrible it’s being done in the name of a game we love.”

Guess I’ll be shouting for Sweden this evening.