Munster Agricultural Society – Now that’s a plan !

On the 18th of June this year, our blog was about the cancellation of The Cork Summer Show due to the unprecedented rainfall of previous weeks.

This of course meant the cancellation of the IKC All Breeds Open Dog Show due to be held on the final day of the 3 day event.

The only light at the end of that very dark tunnel were the plans for the newly acquired venue going forward.

Back then I did mention that the plans were extremely impressive, but that was before I got to see exactly what those plans were.

After attending a meeting earlier this month, I can now say without doubt, that the plans outlined by The Munster Agricultural Society for this site at Curraheen, Co. Cork, are not only extremely impressive, but when completed, will mean that this venue in my opinion will be second to none in relation to hosting any event that concerns the promotion of canine / bovine or equine activities on the island of Ireland.

Now as we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the society has marked out a five year plan in relation to completion of the works, but with a lot of work having being done since June, next years show should be the start of something special in the societies illustrious existence.

Massive congratulations must go to the main figures pushing this idea, and with their unending commitment, future generations can be sure that they will have state of the art facilities, to enjoy the showing of dogs, horses, cattle as well as the many other disciplines that will be catered for long after the summer that we experienced in 2012.