Christmas present for your dog loving Friend

Dogs Pups Puppy and Puppies for sale in IrelandLook no further.

Send us on a cheque or Postal order for € 9.00 and we’ll post you back a book that will change your friends and their dogs life forever.

Seriously, after they have read The Natural Feeding Handbook for dogs, written by Honeys Real Dog Food, they’ll be kicking themselves as to why you they hadn’t read up on this way of feeding their dog before.The handbook explains why their dog will be better off on a natural diet and provides simple instructions on how to prepare their dogs food.

But it doesn’t stop there. Not only will you be giving your dog loving friend something they will thank you for the rest of their and their dogs lives, but € 7.50 of the € 9.00 will be donated to an Irish Dog related charity !

It’s a win win situation, you have given your friend something they will be forever grateful to you for, their dogs will benefit from it 100% and the cost of the book excluding postage is being donated to an Irish Dog Charity.

I’m sure even Santa’s Reindeers would say that’s a no brainier, and that says a lot, considering that a nice piece of reindeer leg would make quite the Christmas dinner for your four legged friend..Ho, Ho Ho…