Chihuahua pups for sale: Can you help me ?

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On the About Us page of our web site Pedigree Dogs, we sign off by saying ” Finally, if you haven’t found what you are looking for, head on over to the contact us tab and fire us off an email, we’d only be to happy to try and put you in touch with somebody in your interested breed that like us, believes in doing things the right way.”

This is an honest to goodness offer, and we are delighted when people take us up on it and we can take them out of the loop, and help them find a responsible breeder for the dog breed they are interested in.

Having said this, at the end of the blog we posted last Wednesday we stated “However, as you can see, the odds certainly looked stacked against us, so maybe it’s about time we forget about our differences, and all started singing from the same hymn sheet, as there’s plenty of work to be done if we are to win this war”, and that’s exactly how I felt this morning.

Where I could get a Chihuahua ?

Yesterday we received the following email

” Hi I got ur email on fb! I’m just wondering do u kno where I could get a chihuahua ??

We responded by giving the mobile tel # of the Breed Secretary in Ireland, who also signed the breed up for the recent Breed Village at Pet Expo, due to the situation that the Chihuahua breed finds itself in here in Ireland.

Shortly afterwards, we received the following email.

“Hi Paul , My partner spoke with …..but unfortunately she had nothing herself . Do you know anybody else?”

Obviously we weren’t privy to that telephone conversation, but would be confident in saying that if this person was truly interested in becoming the life long owner of a Chihuahua, that the breed club secretary would have been able to advise them of some responsible breeders, that follow the clubs code of ethics, and maybe had a litter planned in the near future.

To back this up, I also suggested another person I know of in the breed, and gave their details.

You an imagine then how deflated I was when I logged on this morning to find the following email waiting for me.
“Got sorted Paul thanks for help found one in Dublin picked her up tonight 🙂 delighted ”

Beware: Irresponsible Dog Breeder ahead !

“Found one”, and “picked her up tonight”, leads me to think that they didn’t check out the advice section on our site, or that the “Breeder” of this pup didn’t carry out any home check etc.,

The thing is, it’s easy to go online and buy just about anything, and in most cases, if when the item arrives and you don’t like it, or you find that it is faulty, you package it back up and send it back for a replacement or refund. That’s all fine and dandy if you’re talking about a piece of clothing or an electrical item, and even then you would have done some research about where you buy the item, and if it’s through Amazon or checked out the sellers rating.

But when were talking about a dog or puppy that can go on to live for 15 + years,  it would make sense to spend a bit more time than a day looking for a suitable place to “place your order”

Anyhow, at least we tried, and we may have lost this battle, but the war is far from over…Next time I may just direct them to THIS

(Ok, so I know Boo is not a Chihuahua, but this version isn’t real, so don’t feel too bad if you find yourself reaching for the credit card and making an impulse purchase!)