Back Yard Breeders Let’s “put these people out of business”

I posted the following quote on my Facebook page this morning, which resulted in quite a few comments "As dog breeders, we rely on our dogs to feed our families. It is ridiculous to suggest that one can abuse animals and run a successful, profitable kennel." Quote from Canine Breeders Of Ireland whose members breed dogs on a commercial basis This was in relation to the pending Dog Breeding Establishments Bill that was eventually signed into law. Under this Bill a scale of fees were drawn up in accordance with the number of breeding bitches kept by a single establishment. The new fees will vary in accordance with the number of breeding bitches so as to reflect the size and scale of the operation, as recommended by the working group. To that end the appropriate fee bands will be as follows: in the case of a dog breeding establishment at which six to 18 eligible bitches are kept, €400; for 19 to 30 bitches, €800; for 31 to 100 bitches, €1,600; for 101 to 200 bitches, €3,0…
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Munster Agricultural Society All Breeds Open Dog Show

Munster Agricultural Society, are delighted to announce their All Breeds Open Dog Show to be held as part of the Cork Summer Show, on Sunday 17-06-12 This is on the last day of the 3 day show, that if last years event was anything to go by, is a great day out for all the family Munster Agricultural Society recently purchased a sizeable piece of land in Curraheen Co. Cork, and this is where this years show will be held. Judges for this years show are as follows: John Canty (Megacant terriers) Breeds in and groups 3 / 6 / 10 Lyn Richardson (Kelyn Poodles) Breeds in and groups 2 & 9 & BIS Clodagh Fallon (Clodana Pugs) Breeds in and groups 7 & 8 Margaret Spink (Konda Samoyeds) Breeds in and groups 1 / 4 / 5 & Variety / Handling classes Prize money as per last years show Unfortunately, due to the BSD Club of Ireland, running their Championship show on the same day, we can only offer Any Variety Group 1 or Any Variety Group 2 Details re…
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Miniature Pinscher Cherrybeau Pedigree Dogs – Featured Kennel

Miniature Pinscher We are Cherrybeau Kennels a small miniature pinscher kennels situated in Wexford in the sunny south east. My name is Michele Browne and along with my Fiancé Eddie Brophy, we are privileged to be the owners of these wonderful dogs called Miniature Pinschers. I grew up on a dairy farm and my first memory is of my mums best friend coming to visit with a small box, which was given to me and inside was this beautiful red and white Jack Russell Terrier pup, we called her Giddy and for the next 10 years or so she was my constant companion. We bred from her a couple of times and had her line with us for up to twenty years, she was my first pet and I will never forget her.  Along with the JRT’s we always had working collies, that were always trained by ourselves and there was usually a red setter or pointer lurking around the farm as well. When I met Eddie, I was in a rare stage of my life where I actually didn’t have a dog, I was living by myself and working…
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The Story of Adam & Eve’s Pets

Adam and Eve said, 'Lord, when we were in the garden, you walked with us every day. Now, we do not see you anymore. We are lonesome here, and it is difficult for us to remember how much you love us.' And God said, "I will create a companion for you that will be with you and who will be a reflection of my love for you, so that you will love me even when you cannot see me." "Regardless of how selfish or childish or unlovable you may be, this new companion will accept you as you are and will love you as I do, in spite of yourselves." And God created a new animal to be a companion for Adam and Eve. And it was a good animal and God was pleased.And the new animal was pleased to be with Adam and Eve and he wagged his tail. And Adam said, 'Lord, I have already named all the animals in the Kingdom and I cannot think of a name for this new animal.' And God said, 'I have created this new animal to be a reflection of my love for you, his name will be a reflection of my own name, an…
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White Rice or Black Soul – Which is best for your dog ?

After a dog show free W/E I decided to use my bank holiday Monday relaxing and surfing the net. The following is one of the many headlines that caught my attention. "Eating white rice may be linked to a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes", according to a Harvard University study.The full article can be found on the RTE news web site. I'm not sure about you, but growing up, the only case of diabetes I ever heard of was a boy in my school that used to get out of choir practice, as he had to go and eat a snack at 11 Am to keep his blood sugars correct. (My way of getting out of it was just to fake fainting...worked every time.) I certainly never heard of it in a dog, but yet this disease is on the increase in our canine companions all the time, and as readers of this blog will know, Doris our eldest Dachshund was diagnosed with Diabetes about a year ago As per the link above, we have switched Doris, and the rest of our dogs to a Raw Food Diet, which is grain free, and r…
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Lá ‘le Pádraig fé mhaise dhaoibh go léir ó gach ag

Just a quick line to wish everybody an early Happy St Patrick's Day To all those travelling tomorrow to the Celtic Winners Dog Show, safe journey, and what ever happens enjoy your day. Lá 'le Pádraig fé mhaise dhaoibh go léir ó gach ag Tá alán ag tárlú timpeal na tíre. I mBaile Átha  Cliath tá an Celtic Winners Dog Show atá eagratha ag an Kennel Club- IKC Bainigí taithneamh as an lá
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Question: Dog Showing; Sport or Hobby ?

I have had dogs in my life since I was knee high to a grass hopper, but it's only in the last 12 years or so that I got involved with pedigree dogs, and started showing dogs about 10 years ago. Having said that, at this stage in my life I don't really consider myself as a sports person. According to The Committee Of Ministers To Member States and the European Sports Charter "Sport" means all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels. When I think of sport I think of the Olympic Games held every four years, and later this year in London, as being the pinnacle of the sporting world. Not to leave it there I started searching the World Wide Web for definitions of sport,  and I came up with the following: The oldest definition in English from around 1300 being "anything humans find amus…
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Your (dogs) Health Is Your Wealth

They say that in life, "Your Health Is Your Wealth" As we tend to do here at Pedigree dogs let's turn the focus of the above statement towards our dogs. We have published some great articles in relation to dogs health, some just general, and then some more breed specific articles like the one written on Inherited Leonberger Polyneuropathy (ILPN) As anybody in the world of dogs will know, the health of 6 dogs was called into question at Crufts last week end, and the fallout is still happening. These 6 dogs were all judged to be Best of Breed on the day, but were not allowed to go forward to represent their breed in their respective groups. This decision lay at the hands of an independent Veterinary Surgeon. Of course Vets are human, (like dog judges) and the level of knowledge between one vet and another can be immense. In cutting edge areas like vaccinations, you have people like Dr. Ronald D. Schultz and then you have certain vets in Ireland that advise cu…
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Crufts 2012: Was it as good as Lhasa year ?

As Peter Purves might say, "My, my, what an interesting four days" Or as Evan Ryan last nighted posted on my Facebook Page "Apso"loutely fabulous.. Anyway, that's it for another year Ladies & Gentlemen, the biggest and best Dog show in the year came to it's climax last night at a packed NEC arena. Judging from the reaction on the social media networks, there seems to be mixed reviews about Crufts 2012, but I expect that depends on what side of the fence you are standing on. Here are some of our BLOGS during and after last YEARS event I'm not going to get into too much detail about this years Crufts, as the dust is just settling, and you can be quite sure that certain events that happened over the last few days will be a talking point for quite some time. One thing that I will say is that, Crufts for quite some time now, is no longer just about conformation Dog Showing, and it encompasses all things dog. Events such as agility, obedience, flyball, heelwork …
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Letter to President Michael D Higgins

My name is Luke Kelly Melia and I am thirteen. I am home schooled at the moment because the board of management won’t let the Aidan in, he’s the dog that helps me walk. If you’re wondering why I need him, I have cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy affects my legs. The messages in my brain sends to my legs gets messed up and bang I hit the ground. Before I got Aidan I was falling 24/7 on my front and back and it hurt like hell. So when I got Aidan I was training for a week in Cork and I did well, so now if you’re wondering, this is before all this doo doo happened. It was going pretty great, Aidan was dropping me to my class, and back to my car with not a bother until christmas. After Christmas I was planning on keeping him with me all day. Then the letter came, I didn’t know what was happening and this was after I got my christmas holidays. The letter said, you can’t bring the dog into school anymore. This made me feel really sad. Mammy and Daddy …
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Sheep Dog Trials (with a twist)

With all the recent publicity re the IKC St Patrick's Day Dog Show, being held at the National Show Centre in Cloghran on Saturday 17-03-2012, it looks like Guinness ® are trying to cash in on same. At the up coming event they will be holding sheep dog trials with a twist. Shepherds and entrants can enter per the usual channels. Also, please note that if you do in fact make it to the bar at the end of the course please ensure that you have a designated driver with you to take you home (After the curry that is )
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Has your dog passed the NCT ?

Depending on where you live, your car if of a certain age has to go through an MOT or NCT or if you have a commercial vehicle then a DOE. Likewise, the older in years us humans get, the more likely we are to go to our GP and have a yearly check up, to make sure all our working parts are in order, and that our general health is to be what is expected. The question is then, how many of us take our dogs to the veterinary surgery, when there are absolutely no signs of anything wrong ? Well we went down this road for the first time last week. Danno, one of our home bred Standard Smooth Dachshunds, who will be 4 in august, suffered an auto immune attack on his system last year. It was terribly frightening, as the options for treating the same were limited. We could have dosed him with strong steroids to suppress the symptoms, but instead finally went the homeopathic route which at the time, many people thought we were mad in doing so. At the same time we were advised to s…
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Irish Dogs on The Late Late (Dog) Show

I'm sure most of you have heard at this stage that the President of The Irish Kennel Club, Mr Sean Delmar will be appearing on the Late Late Show on RTE television this evening. From what we gather the purpose of the exercise is to highlight to the general public the nine Irish breeds which are of course: Irish Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Glen Of Imaal Terrier Irish Water Spaniel Irish Red and White Setter Irish Red Setter Irish Wolfhound Kerry Beagle Unfortunately the majority of the above dog breeds are on the endangered list, and have lost out in the popularity stakes over the years, and I think it's great news that the IKC have secured this slot on the longest running chat show in history, to showcase these beautiful dogs that are steeped in history, to the potential dog owner. Good luck to all involved, and I'm sure that anybody with half a brain will see that these dogs have far more to offer than the latest fad…
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Let’s earn our Dogs Trust

Everywhere you look these days on the TV there are programmes or TV ad's in relation to Dogs. Could the influx have anything to do with the fact that the worlds largest Dog Show, Crufts starts next Thursday 08-03-2012 ? One ad that particularly attracts my attention is the one for Dogs Trust Dublin. During this ad, it shows a family enjoying some time together with their canine companion, on the beach getting in some vitally important cardio vascular exercise. Of course the easiest way for the dog to gain this type of exercise is when they are allowed off leash. I wonder what the Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown Council would have to say about that ? Oh I know, but if you'd like to find out please take a visit to the BLOG we posted last year re same. Don't take the stance that it's not happening in my back yard, so why should I be bothered, as who is to say that this ridiculous carry on wont spread nationwide affecting all of us dog owners. Our Dogs place their trust …
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There’s no F in Dog

But there is in Fear which the dictionary describes as - to be afraid of somebody or something I think all responsible dog owners live in a mild state of fear all the time. We want to make sure we are taking care of our dogs requirements 100 % Are we providing sufficient exercise and socialisation, do we attend to all the dogs health requirements by choosing the best course of veterinary or alternative treatments. Are we confident with our choice of when to vaccinate, if at all, and if so when to give boosters, and then when it comes to diet, have we made the right choice and are we happy with the food WE have chosen for our canine companions. I came across an article the other day titled - 13 Pet Foods – Ranked From Great to Disastrous… A balanced, raw, homemade diet Commercially available raw diet Cooked, balanced homemade diet. Human-grade canned food Human-grade dry food Super premium canned food Super premium dry food Veterinary-recommended canne…
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Another Crufts Competiton – The Winners – 27-02-12

Pet Expo in conjunction with are delighted to announce we have 4 x single day tickets to give away for Crufts 2012 being held in the NEC Birmingham UK from the 08th - 11th March In order to be in with a chance to win a ticket please answer the following questions 1: How many years will Pet Expo be running including this year's October event* (*Details to be announced soon) 2: On the advert posted on on the 27-01-12 for Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen pups for sale what is the Nickname for this breed outlined on the ad ? 3: What is the title of the blog on dated 09-02-12 Please email your answers to [email protected] Competition closes midnight 26-02-12 Thank you very much for the enormous response we had in relation to this competition, and we are delighted to announce the winners of a single ticket each to this years Crufts as follows: Jaroslawa Poulova Elaine McInerney Rosemary Chanbers V…
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All Gods creatures have a place in the choir

Certain sectors of Irish society are 100% opposed to embryonic stem cell research, but I wonder what the response has been to the headline in Monday's Irish Examiner. "THE number of animals used for experimentation in Irish laboratories has rocketed 800% in five years, raising serious concerns among welfare groups." According to latest figure 280,000 animals were used last year in live experiments, and of these a record 831 dogs were used of which 791 were not even given anaesthetic. Politics and religion are 2 things that they say you should never discuss with friends, and even though we are all friends here on the pedigree dogs blog, I'm sure if you believe in a God, then you would all agree that we are all Gods creatures ? I think that George Orwell in Animal Farm, hit the nail on the head - "Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished forever. Man is the only creature that consumes with…
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Pet Insurance – Is your dog covered for life ?

Did you know that Lloyds TSB & Halifax are both pulling out of the pet insurance market in the UK ? Pet owners will now have to pay significantly more to arrange alternative cover, and in a lot of cases will not be able to get cover for existing illnesses or injuries. Some of these owners had paid huge premiums for what they considered "Lifetime" cover, but this will now cease. The thing is, pet insurance is an annual contract, and if you need to switch companies for one reason or another, it may be difficult to source an new pet insurance company if you have already made numerous claims. Some policies offer the option of resetting the benefit limits each year, based on previous claims etc, so you have cover for existing conditions, but if the company decides to cease trading in the pet insurance market, you have basically paid an elevated premium for something that you may have been led to believe as lifetime cover for your pet. These two companies are not t…
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Crufts Competition – Pedigree Dogs – Answer

The Kennel Club (London) has been very kind in offering Pedigree Dogs 5 x 1 day any day tickets to this years Crufts, being held at the NEC, Birmingham from 08th to the 11th March If you would like to be in with a chance to win the first pair, please email the answer to the following question to [email protected] Please also share this post on your Facebook page. Closing date for this first competition is Midnight 19-02-11 Question: In what year was Sean Delmar first elected as Irish Kennel Club President. 20-02-2012 Thank you to everybody that entered the above competition. The answer was of course 2002 and the lucky winner of a pair of tickets to this year Crufts is Lisa Sweeney For those that still would like to win some tickets to Crufts, head on over to the Pet Expo Facebook page later today for another chance to win.  
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Dog Laws & Horse Manure – Here’s the connection

As people living in Ireland will already know, we are great at making up new laws, but can be found a bit wanting when it comes to actually enforcing them. There are enough laws in place regarding responsible and general dog ownership to make your head swim. It seems that horse ownership is heading down the same route according to this piece This new piece of law, like most dog related ones, puts the onus on the owner to comply, the same as having to have a licence for your dog, picking up after your dog poops in a public place, not letting your dog roam freely, not to mention breed specific legislation. With all the above laws in place, you'd think that with the amount of dogs in Ireland, and offending owners, the local authorities, who are responsible for the control of dogs, would have bank balances that are bursting at the seems. Funny (or not) then that the dog warden service in Ireland loses about 3 Million Euro per annum. In order to try and claw some o…
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South-East Mushing – Pedigree Dogs

New group set up to facilitate the get together of people interested in running and hiking their dogs. Open to all and about the dogs not the politics so everyone is welcome to join. Hopefully we will all find it easier to arrange meeting up for runs and hikes etc with our dogs. Please feel free to add members and post details of any runs or hikes you've planned so others can join you if available. Click the Link to their Facebook page and request to join !  
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Pet Expo 2012 & Pedigree Dogs

The team here at Pedigree Dogs are delighted to announce that we have been invited and accepted the invitation, to organise the Breed Village at this years Pet Expo This years event will be held on the 06th & 07th October, at Punchestown Event Centre More details to follow once available, but breed representatives from last year will have first refusal regarding representing their breed / breeds at this years event which based on our recent meeting with the event organisers plans to be bigger and better than last years huge success.
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Guard Dog – Shyness or viciousness very highly undesirable

As a lot of people are aware of, there has been a spate of dog thefts happening in Ireland at present, and recently two show kennels have had this heinous crime inflicted upon them. We have Blogged about this before here at Pedigree Dogs, and let's hope that the huge campaigns that started after these 2 show kennels were affected, result in these owners being re united with their beloved dogs. I have also written about my particular dogs, Standard Smooth Dachshunds, where I advise that his bark is worse than his bite We all agree that temperament is paramount when we go to breed a litter of pups, and make sure we only breed from dogs with a sound temperament. The dictionary states that temperament is a person’s or animal’s nature, especially as it permanently affects their behaviour. Looking at the Dobermann and the Kennel Club London Breed Standard it states "Bold and alert. Shyness or viciousness very highly undesirable" Now the Dobermann was developed by, Loui…
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A man in a pub once told me….

A man in a pub once told me "There are three different types of people in this world, the one's that can count and the one's that can't" He also told me that it's OK to : Breed from dogs that haven't had the breed specific health tests Sell pups out of the boot of a car on a by pass and never invite people to view their mother at home Cross 2 different pedigree breeds of dogs and sell the offspring as hypoallergenic designer breeds Breed from a bitch on her very first season and then every time she comes in heat Leave bitches well alone at the time of whelping, as they can take care of things themselves Sell a bitch in heat or one that is in pup, for the right money Feed poor quality dog food and never give the dogs any exercise Tell the prospective buyer that the pups have been wormed from 2 weeks every 2 weeks until they are ready for sale at 6 weeks old, even though they haven't Give vaccination certs signed by a vet, even though the vaccination…
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Your Dog – To vaccinate or not ?

Blogging about dogs can in fact be quite easy. I think that after some more adult themed searches, dogs rank well up there in the more popular topics searched for on the www so information is easy to get your hands on. An awful lot of dog blogs pander to the masses, and are often an online advertising site for the magazine behind it. Most of these dog magazines spew out the same old stuff month in month out and year in year out. They feature the latest dog products, whether it be a new training device, set of bowls or bedding for the active dog or pampered pooch. On a blog I wrote back in September last year, after flicking through some old editions of a popular magazine that were given to me I wrote " I am trawling through same at the moment to see if there is any good material that I can use for the blog, and at the moment can say, that not an awful lot has changed in the 7 years since these magazines were hot off the press." Well, I came across a blog recently, that…
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Pedigree Dogs – Featured Kennel – Hotratz Black Russian Terrier & Russian Toys

We are Stephen & Debbie Long, and we were very honoured by Paul’s invitation to introduce you to the Hotratz Kennel, home of Black Russian Terriers and Ireland’s first IKC registered Russian Toys.   We use the term “kennel” lightly as our dogs are not kennelled outside… our dogs are our friends and our family and as such we are firm believers in sharing our home and lives with them. Being an animal lover from early childhood, with my greatest devotion being to dogs, upon leaving school I studied science and trained as a veterinary nurse.  This led me to a number of interesting jobs and experiences including working for the SPCA and involvement with a number of societies and groups related to animal health, welfare and genetics… always with my dogs by my side.  Ultimately I was very lucky and found a wife who shared my sentiments!  So for the last twenty years we have always been a multi dog household.  Over the years we’ve shared our lives with various breeds including I…
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Dog – Free to a Good Home

Our house was broken into last night by two robbers who locked me in the bathroom, and proceeded to steal all they could carry. Our watchdog ‘Killer’ did not alert us at all, and for this reason we are giving him away. We no longer want this dog. We’ve decided on installing an electric fence and detection devices with alarms. They're cheaper to maintain and definitely more reliable. For those interested in adopting the dog please send an e-mail immediately. ‘Killer’ is fun to hang out with. A recent photo of ‘Killer’ is included below: (more…)
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Crufts – The Canine Academy Awards

February is the month for the Academy Awards. It is also the month for the first Golden Collar awards for Best Dog in a Theatrical Film, which follows on of course from the Palm Dog which happens at the Cannes Film Festival each year, and this week Film4 are showcasing films directed by people they see as the top in their industry. In film making it seems that you can have a fantastic cast, great screen play & huge budget, but if you don't get the right director on board, you can kiss goodbye to box office success and any chance of walking away with a golden statue. It's much the same in the world of dogs, and dog training, because if we relate the above to a more familiar topic to most of us, responsible dog ownership, then without the right owner, you can kiss goodbye to a well socialised, dog and human friendly canine companion, and any chance of coming away with red ribbons or a good citizen dog award. As Caroline Kisko from The Kennel Club states - “Any dog…
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Dog owners being hounded out of rental market.

We have blogged many times here at Pedigree dogs, that when you commit to owning a dog, you are making a life long commitment to the dog, which could last up to 20 years. A regular question used by job interviewers is,"Where do you see yourself in 10 years time" and maybe this is a question that people who breed dogs should add to the List of questions they ask potential puppy owners, and one that the potential puppy owner should have asked and answered themselves before contacting you. As the recession that is biting hard right across Europe, tightens it's grip, more dogs or "household pets" are being offered for sale or surrendered to the pounds due to a change in the families income / circumstances. People are having to walk away from family homes and move into rented accommodation, a lot of which do not take dogs or animals, or don't have a suitable garden etc. It seems that if you are looking for a rented property and the owner of a dog you are looked upon as a…
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Pedigree dogs – 2 years old today

Can you believe it ? is 2 years old today ! We launched the site on the 29-01-10 and are still here to tell the tale (Tail) I’d like to thank every single one of you for dropping by, but it would be our third birthday before I’d get that finished Special thanks to the regular visitors (you know who you are) Stay tuned for some site improvements in the next month or two, and remember if you have any interesting articles relating to your dog / breed or details regarding the breed club you may be a member of, we would be delighted to receive same.
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Smells of Pups – an aerosol enhancer

Is there anything as nice as the smell of a puppy or puppy breath ? The reason I mention this is that yesterday I came across a product called "Smell of Books" which is an aerosol e-book enhancer. Technology is advancing everyday, and more an more people are switching over to reading their books on electronic devices, such as the Kindle / iPad or smartphone. As you know when we come across a good dog book here at we feel compelled to share our experience with our dog loving community. All of these have been devoured in the old fashioned way One of the gripes that people have with this new medium is, that although these devices save on paper, are lighter to carry, and you can carry your library around on your person, there is nothing like the smell of a book. Whether it is a new book smell or musty smell, these new devices at present just can't cut it. Hence the development of "Smell of Books" an aerosol e-book enhancer. (It's not a joke..Go on..Google i…
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Paris Hilton to decide fate of Otterhound

I came across the following statement on a dog blog today - "we, dog owners, decide on the dogs that are popular and we do it for a whole range of different reasons" It was in response to the Kennel Club (London) trying to highlight the plight of certain British pedigree dogs in regards to dwindling registrations in these breeds, to the point where if nothing is done about it, soon these breeds will be no longer. The author of the above statement thinks that it should be up to Joe Public to decide on what breeds survive and which ones don't. S/he thinks that these endangered breeds are in this predicament due to their own fault - basically they are not appealing enough to today's potential dog owner. If Joe Public is to decide on what breeds of dogs survive and which ones don't then I hope that they have been in receipt of a standard education, and can write by hand, in plain English / their first language, and maybe even spell the breeds of dogs they are interested…
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Chinese Dragon means rough year for the dog.

Happy Chinese New Year, and welcome to the auspicious year of the Dragon! or in other words 恭禧發財 There are 12 Chinese year-based horoscopes, starting with the Rat and continuing through the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and finally the Pig Now I was born in the year of the Dog, and according to one Chinese astrologer, the Dragon always means a rough year for the Dog. However with his nose to the ground, the Dog can get a lot out of 2012. This same astrologer also predicts the Dog will discover who his real friends are, and he recommends that the Dog stand up to challenges in his career. Although the Dog may suffer anxiety this year, he will make it through with meditation and thrift, I wonder what this astrologer would predict for the thousands of dogs in Ireland, that through no fault of their own are going to be dumped, surrendered, or just generally mistreated, as the recession that has taken a grip of this country gets w…
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Dogs love Postmen’s legs

My Brother is a postman, and has had his fair run in with a lot of unruly dogs, but more so with the dogs owners over the years. Like me, my brother was brought up around dogs all his life, and can tell the difference between a dog that just wants to interact, and one that wants to cause harm. In the case of the latter, he refuses to deliver the post, and leaves it at a designated collection point. Based on the lack or reminder letters that he has to deliver to the residents regarding dogs license renewal, the majority of houses he calls to with dogs, don't actually have licences. Wouldn't you think that An Post who issue dog licences in Ireland, would ask their staff that are delivering post to all the private residents in Ireland, to conduct a census on their route as to the households that have dogs, and then cross reference this against their database ? Anyway in the UK the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) are currently looking into a l…
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