Always look on the bright side of life

I think at this stage the world and his aunty are aware that The Cork Summer Show scheduled for the week end just gone had to be cancelled due to unprecedented rainfall over the last few weeks. According to Joan Blackburn last night on RTE's weather forecast, Cork was the wettest county for the month so far with over 4 times the average rainfall (Tell us something we don't know Joan !!!) You can imagine the disappointment of the event organisers, having to make this extremely difficult decision, after the months upon months of organising that goes into running an event like this. Being involved with the IKC open dog show, that was due to run on the final day of the show, I can empathise with the main event organisers in a small way. For me what makes it even more disappointing, is that as per the blog we posted back in March, Munster Agricultural Society had purchased a sizeable piece of land, which is now the new home for The Cork Summer Show, and it would have bee…
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Irish Kennel Club new web site

All good things come to he who waits......Well the wait is over, the Irish Kennel Club's new web site is now live and available across the World Wide Web. I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate all involved with the upgrade of The Irish Kennel Club's site,  as it's a huge improvement on the previous version, and a more fitting reflection on what The Irish kennel Club is all about. There is some brief but very good information to be found under the Dog Breeding section, and having been involved with a dog related web site now for over 2 years know that if you bombard people with too much information, they simply don't read it, and bounce off to another site to find what they are looking for. As with all web sites, the Irish Kennel Club's site is a work in progress, and I look forward to seeing how it develops going forward. Well done again
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Poland 1 – Ukraine 0

Well I guess the weather we are experiencing at the moment sums up how the majority of Irish Soccer fans must feel right now, especially the thousands that spent hard earned cash to travel to Poland to support The Boys In Green. MET éireann describes it as bright with sunny spells, but cloudy periods also, with occasional showers, some heavy, with the odd thundery one. Top temperatures of 15 to 18 C., me, I describe it as pretty dismal, and worse after the 9 PM watershed. But lets not forget the football players themselves, as they have to deal with difficult balls (Football ones that is), slow playing surfaces, fans blowing whistles in the crowd, the heat and midges. Who said the life of a professional footballer was easy ?? If you are a regular follower of this blog, I'm sure you're asking yourself, what the hell is he going on about this time, and what the hell has any of this got to do with our beloved four legged friends, or dogs as some people call them. Well …
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Pedigree 1890 there I was catching up on all that is new in Summer Bay when I nearly choked on my cheese sandwich.... What is it you might ask that made me nearly exit stage left from this life, with just less than half of my to do list completed....Well, two words, Done Deal. You see they have now have taken to advertising through our TV sets...On this occasion it came either side of Pat Shortt doing his 1890 routine for house insurance..... Not that we are overly worried or anything...As to us here at Pedigree Dogs there are 2 obvious things that differentiate between our own web site and DD. One is that we haven't amassed the huge amount of money that it must cost in order to broadcast an ad during prime time TV, and the other is the way we run the classified dog section. Now to be fair, maybe we are not comparing apples with apples here. If I am to be completely honest with you here, DD are at a slight disadvantage compared to us when it comes to running a…
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Dogs: I think they are worth a second chance

What a sad and tragic episode of Mad Men that was last night ! I've mentioned a few times here before that I happen to be a fan of a Mr Don Draper, but last night he let me down, BIG TIME You see, he has been given lots of second chances in his life up to now, living under another mans name etc, but on last nights episode he came across an instance that he was not happy with, and instantly dismissed this person, which resulted in a dire and tragic ending. The thing is, I think we all deserve a second chance, even our dogs.... The fact is, that our dogs are always giving us second,third or far more chances to get our acts together. However most of us are quicker than Usain Bolt when it comes to coming down hard on our dogs, when they haven't obeyed the mixed signals or instructions that we send their way that are curvier than a curve ball. Add this to the fact that we don't rear our litters correctly, that are not the result of a carefully planned mating, socialis…
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Pedigree Dogs – Want to be a part of it ?

We're not as popular as page 3 of The Sun, but we're heading there - 59'193 Visits and 185'515 pageviews on for the first 5 months of 2012....Nice !!!! Want to be a part of it ?? Send me on the link to your Kennels web site or Breed Club and for a return link you too can be seen by these visitors to our site. - The registered web site for Dogs in Ireland
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June is National Microchipping Month (NMM)

I'm sure there are a few things in this life that you wouldn't mind losing, (I certainly could do with losing a few pounds off the waistline) but losing one of your dogs, doesn't even bear thinking about. It can happen in so many ways: an open door, an unlocked gate, a romp off-lead in a field. In a split second, your pet can go missing. Sometimes a pet finds its way home on its own. More often, though, a lost pet remains lost. The main cause: lack of identification. You can greatly increase your chances of finding your wandering pet by making sure it has identification at all times. The standard collar and identification tag are a must. But you should also consider the added insurance of a modern microchip, a permanent identification technique that successfully reunites hundreds of pets and owners every year. A microchip is an invisible form of identification. The chips are the size of a grain of rice and contain a unique ISO standard number. This number is recognise…
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Dog food…Are you having a laugh ?

In a blog I posted towards the end of last year, I stated that We Are What We eat, and therefore Our Dogs Are What They Eat Another way of looking at this is to say that you only get out of a dog what you put into it. Dog poop, is a subject we have covered here quite a few times in our illustrious 2 and a half year existence, and I'm not going to get too deep into this here today. But, we've all come face to face (hopefully not literally) with a big mound of dog poo, so big in fact, that as my Dad would say, "you could take shelter behind it" Is it any wonder, when you see peoples shopping trolleys at the supermarket checkout, loaded up with the cheapest of the cheap dog food, like the example above. 4% Chicken in the Chicken Kibble...What the hell is the other 96% made up of ? 4% Carrot in the Carrot kibble and 4% Peas in the green vegetable kibble...Bloody 'ell That's even before you get onto the colourants etc.... Here's a snippet from one of the larg…
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Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs…Natural

I have to admit, that whoever or whatever advertising company came up with this ad, are worthy to share the same elevator as Mad Men's Don Draper. You see, unfortunately, the power of advertising is extremely strong, and poor unsuspecting souls (like myself) often get sucked in. It's not too bad if after seeing an advert for the latest Magnum ice cream bar, and with temperatures in the mid 20's, you suddenly get the urge to indulge in a creamy chocolate ice cream enrobed in a luscious chocolatey coating, rich chocolatey sauce and thick Belgian milk chocolate, to take your mind off more mundane things. But when it comes to things for our dogs or pets, we should think twice before we drop whatever it is that we are doing, and head straight to the online veterinary web site, or to our local vets office. Have you ever wondered, why most of these spot on treatments for dogs and cats in their instructions advise us not to come in contact with the contents, and if we do to…
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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Ireland

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Ireland are holding the Breed Championship Show on Sat. 9th June at the National Show Centre, Cloghran, Swords, Co.Dublin. On that day they are also hosting a Family Fun Day for all Cavalier Owners and their families. The Day will commence at 10 am with the Championship Show and the Fun will commence approx. 2 pm after lunch. There will be lots of information available on the care, grooming, health etc of the Cavalier, as well as lots of Fun Classes for the children (and adults ) to enjoy. As per my recent BLOG this is a great way to reach out to people within individual breeds, advising them on upto date issues regarding health, and general care of the breed in question, that maybe in their innocence or ignorance think they are doing it by the book.
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Pet Parents are NOT Moms

I love children, but I could never eat a whole one... It was Mothers Day in the USA recently, and a piece written about "Pet Parents are NOT Moms", caused quite a stir What's your take on it ? Do you think it's acceptable that we humans refer to our dogs as our kids or fur kids ? Do you talk to your dog and say things like "Mommy is getting your dinner ready now" or "Daddy is going to take you for a walk soon" Should we like some of the outdated dog behaviourists out there refrain from looking at our dogs as part of the family and simply see them as part of the pack, a member that is far inferior to us super human beings, that should submit to us, and only do things on our command or on our terms. Did we domesticate the wolves and wild dogs, just so we could be their master ? Myself and my wife have four dogs, the first came into our house, very shortly after we moved into a house and were sure that the back garden was dog proof. We never imagined that we w…
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Munster Agricultural Society Cork Summer Show

Ok, so we mentioned on the Pedigree Dogs Facebook page yesterday that we had a couple of bits of GREAT news re Munster Agricultural Society "Cork Summer Show" IKC All breed Open Dog Show, being held on the 17-06-12 Here's the first bit. As well as Munster Agricultural Society putting up the fantastic prize fund (Below) at the show, we are also delighted to announce that Brenken have come on board as a sponsor, and will be offering the following by way of prizes. Best in Show - Medium PVC Dog Kennel (White) or voucher to be redeemed @ Brenken for another size kennel - Value Euro 150.00 Best Puppy in Show - Small PVC Dog Kennel (White)  or voucher to be redeemed @ Brenken for another size kennel - Value Euro 100.00 For more details on these amazing kennels check out THIS AD Prize Fund from Munster Agricultural Society BIS = € 200.00 RBIS = € 30.00 BPIS = € 30.00 RBIS = €20.00 All remaining Group winners = € 20.00 Reserve Group winners = €10.00 Now…
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All you need is love (Part II)

Last year I penned a blog called All you need is Love If you are interested go ahead and read it, if not this blog wont mean much to you. Anyhow, the pups that are mentioned in the above blog turned a year old on the 09-05-12, and as the cake in the top left hand corner suggests, there was a reunion, and party held in their honour. Unfortunately, our Danno couldn't make it, as we had a communion to attend, but he is already making plans to go and see Ruby, his first and only, and his offspring in July this year. We think that the friendship and many other spin off's which has come as a result of two dog mad families getting together to breed a responsible litter of Dachshunds, is fantastic, and wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood come knocking on our doors to make a feature length film about us... I can just see it now "Ruby and I, the tale of two Dachshunds, a Black & Tan and a Shaded Red, defying all that is thrown at them, so that they can be together an…
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Labour saving devices & our dogs

With the good weather nearly upon us (wishful thinking me thinks !) we get the added bonus of being able to spend more and more time outside with our dogs. It's scientifically proven that dog owners are more healthy than, what is it you call those other people....oh yes, non dog owners (strange breed) We've posted these scientific results HERE before for us wise ones who are already in the know, in the hope that the non dog owners may wake up from the zombie like state they have been living in and realise that life without a dog in it, is like having jelly without ice cream, peaches without cream, Tom without Jerry, and so on. Sorry to go on there, but these non dog owners aren't the most intelligent breed of Homo Sapiens Now one of the downsides of spending so much enjoyable quality time with your dog in the great outdoors is that household chores kind of start sliding, and trust me, it's a slippery slope Isn't it great then that as we evolved, we have invented and…
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One man’s meat is another man’s poison

That is to say that what I like, might not be to your taste. If you look at general dog ownership in Ireland, everybody has an opinion on what (or maybe what is acceptable in "Some Peoples" eyes) is the best way to rear, train, feed, house, and exercise your dog. You can even narrow this search down, by applying the above to the small percentage of dog owning people in Ireland that show their dogs, and the vast differences of opinion that the owners of the 1800 or so dog's at an all breeds Championship Show in Ireland, will have. Narrow it down again to the other people in your dogs breed. Some people house their dogs outside, and only get to see them twice a day at meal times. Some people only care to their dogs teeth and nails the night before or morning of a show. Some people breed indiscriminately, in order to finance the rising costs of entering every Championship show in the dog show calendar year. Some people leave the mother with the pups out in a w…
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When is a Judges decision final ?

Well it depends if you are talking about dog showing or about life in general. Or does it ? If you are unlucky enough to be caught on the wrong side of the law, and convicted for your crime in a court of law, you could say, that that decision is pretty much final. That's unless you feel as though you didn't get a fair hearing in the first place or a new piece of evidence has come to light, and you go down the road of an appeal. Is it strange then, or maybe funny, that the same type of process and rules exist in the world of showing dogs. Lack of sportsmanship, and general bad manners, seems to be creeping into our Sport or Hobby on a far to regular basis. Maybe the increased costs, and added pressure that the exhibitor feels under, is a contributory factor, whereby they feel that they have to win in order to justify the costs of travelling to and entering dogs shows on the island of Ireland. None of the above though, excuse any person from conduct that the majori…
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Mini Circuit & Dog Showing in Ireland

Just a quick line to wish all those travelling to and exhibiting at the Mini Circuit shows this W/E, a safe journey, and enjoyable few days amongst friends. The weather looks a bit mixed, so bring your all weather gear, and tents, but remember only pitch them in the spaces provided (Like our friend above) AKC Judge Dr. Harry Smith Jr. was once asked, “What things tend to irritate you when judging?” He responded, “It takes a lot to get me irritated in the ring when I am judging. When I do, it’s usually because one of the exhibitors has been a poor sport. None of us are infallible. We do our best to render excellent judgments. When, in the eye of an exhibitor, we do not do what they think is correct, they must be a good sport about it, and go far away from the ring before they explode! Good sportsmanship is the strongest part of our dog show sport.” And remember the Dog Show Sportsmanship Checklist: Abide by the rules of the game Avoid arguments Give everyone a chan…
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Huskies in Ireland – Oprah we need your help !

The fact that we still live with dogs, even when we don't have to herd or hunt our dinner, gives me hope for humans and canines alike." - Oprah Winfrey, It's amazing the reach that a quote like the above can have. So it's no surprise then that recent headlines in some of the tabloid newspapers in Ireland, have caused major hurt and damage to Husky owners the length and breadth of the country. As per my blog the other day check out THIS FACEBOOK PAGE set up to counter act the irresponsible reporting of the 2 recent attacks by dogs in Ireland. It's great to see a group of dedicated and passionate dog lovers coming together to try and reverse any damage that has been unjustly done to the Husky breed by these Journalists only interested in sensationalising the news in order to sell more copies. A lot of the group that set up the above page are also involved in the following page, Hiking & Mushing Ireland whereby they try and get people interested in primarily the…
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Dogs and Crazy People: Welcome to my world

The more I know about people, the better I like my dog, and being the person behind the web site Pedigree Dogs, I'd say there wasn't a truer word spoken. Putting yourself out there via the World Wide Web ensures that you cross all sorts of peoples paths, and as the saying goes "There's nought queerer than folk" Trust me I have come across a few of those over the last few weeks ! Having said that there are certain things that you can control in yours and your dogs life, like the food we eat, the water we drink and the exercise we take as well as the drugs, toxins and chemicals we expose ourselves and our dogs to on a daily basis. Everything else is out of your control. There is so much that can go wrong from the day that our pups enter this world if you are a dog breeder, or from the day the puppy is introduced to your house if you have purchased a dog from a responsible breeder or rescued from a welfare group or shelter. Just because you have researched the br…
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Dog Poo for FREE WiFi – A stinker of an idea !

I was going to start this article by stating that Dog Poo is a subject close to my heart, but thought that it didn't read to well for some reason. Throughout the 2 years of this blog, it's a subject we have written about on more than one occasion Irresponsible dog owners, that don't pick up after their dog, give all us responsible dog owners a bad name. It seems to be featured more and more in newspaper articles and on live radio shows, that's when they are not too busy mounting a hate campaign towards a certain breed of dog, and falsely reporting on recent dog attacks . Check out THIS FACEBOOK PAGE Now there have been plenty of novel ways in which town or city councils around the world have tried to get to grips with dog fouling, such as exchanging bags of dog poo for lottery tickets etc, but I must say the Golden Poo award must go to the company in Mexico that came up with Poo WiFi This is a bin system set up in parks or any public place that rewards people for…
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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks ?

An older tired looking dog walked into my house Yesterday I could tell from his collar and condition that he had a home and was well taken care of. He came over to me, and I rubbed his head, and he followed me to the kitchen and after the initial meet and greet, curled up with my other dogs & fell asleep. An hour later he went to the door and I let him out...and off he trotted The next day he was back, and the same routine occurred. This continued for more than a week. I was baffled as to who may own this dog, so came up with a great idea, and pinned a note to his collar stating " I would like to find out who the owner of this wonderful dog is, and if you are aware that on most afternoons he comes over to my house for a nap" The next day like clockwork he was back, with the note still pinned to his collar. Oh well I thought, at least I tried, and maybe today I might get into my car and follow him home. Then I discovered that when I took the note o…
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Purina Dog Food Diet

Yesterday I was at my local Super Valu buying a large bag of Purina dog food for my dog. When I was at the checkout a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. What did she think I had an elephant? I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again. I added that I probably shouldn't, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 4 stone before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a Perfect Diet and that the way that it works is, to load your trouser pockets with Purina Nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story.) Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care, because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I steppe…
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Wet Nose Day 22-04-12 Emerald Isle Newfoundland Club

Hi Folks, as you know we did this event last year and what fun day we had.... we have been invited back this year again, as newfies were a big success. I have attached a schedule of events at the bottom of this post, one small error, it should be Emerald Isle Fun Show not ards dog club, last year Newtownards hosted it, but this year I am delighted to say Emerald Isle Newfy club has been invited to do it... we will be having 5 classes 1.  Cutiest puppy 2.  Prettiest girl 3.  Handsome boy 4.  Hairest beastie 5.  Dog judge wants to take home We are also delighted that Lady Rose, of the estate will be presenting the prizes for the show..  We will also be having raffle for a doggy hamper... Why not come along and enjoy a fun day out with your 2 legged and 4 legged family. Also to get free entry to the event please download the voucher below...  look forward to seeing you there.. Just to make it 100% clear, free entry for the weekend of 21 & 22 April is by vou…
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HOKAMIX Skin & Shine – Pedigree Dogs – Product Review –

Now even though our site Pedigree Dogs is getting bigger and receiving more new visitors every day, we're not at the stage yet, where we get companies in the pet industry, posting us products to try out in the hope that we may do a review on the same... (Please don't let that stop you though) Recently I noticed what appeared to be a few dry patches on one of our dogs. In fact, what it turned out to be was a few fat pockets that had appeared just under the skin. With a few shows on the horizon I wanted nothing to take away from how the dog looked so went about looking for a way to rectify this. I eventually settled on HOKAMIX Skin & Shine and was extremely happy that I did. Just a single pump for my dog (12 Kilos) on both feeds of the day, and within the week we had seen a major improvement. Two weeks later the dog was 100% Now as they say on the Shampoo & Beauty Product ads on the TV, here's the science bit... Skin & Shine is rich in Omega 3, 6 and…
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Are we preaching to the converted ?

Last week we sent out a mail shot to every person that has registered on Pedigree Dogs. We got some nice comments back, thanking us for the hard work that we are putting in, trying in our small way to educate the potential buyer of any kind of dog, of what they should be looking for in a reputable dog breeder. A small number of people also have asked for more information in relation to writing articles for us. The whole process has got me thinking, and I wonder if sometimes we'd be better off talking to the wall ? Now I mean that in the best possible way, because I reckon that the majority of visitors to the Pedigree Dogs web site already know the correct way about going to purchase a puppy, and would only consider one from a reputable breeder whereby dual vetting has taken place. So maybe it's time to start thinking about another strategy. Dog clubs & societies as well as breed clubs are holding more and more seminars, that is when they can find a free W/…
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Britain falling out of Love with its dogs

A piece in The Times yesterday asked the question is Britain falling out of Love with it's dogs Now depending on who you listen to, there are between 8 to 10 Million dogs in the UK That's an awful lot of dogs to fall out of love with According to a UCD study in 2007 35.6% of households in Ireland had one or more dogs and at the same time 22% of UK households had dogs. Owning a dog and loving a dog are two totally different things as per the blog linked HERE I'm sure when people my age were growing up we all knew of some families dog or dogs that was kept chained out the back, with a barrel of straw for it's kennel, that was fed milk and white bread from an old beat up sauce pan that was used as a bowl, and maybe even today we still know of dogs kept like this. The point is, that if you treat a dog or know of dogs treated like the above, or worse, it's obvious to everybody bar except the owner, that that dog is not loved, and if this is the case, then I fear th…
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Rainbow Bridge on Pedigree Dogs

As we have blogged about a few times on Pedigree Dogs, Grieving For Your Dog is an extremely traumatic experience to have to go through, if you are a genuine dog lover. On the linked article above we advised that we being the owners of this site had an opportunity to write about our loss, and for us that was a major help. Putting things down in words no matter what situation you find yourself in has been proven to make things a bit more clear or help you come to a decision easier rather than going over it in your mind. We are thinking of adding a tab to our site called Rainbow Bridge. Registered users of Pedigree Dogs can then use this facility FREE of charge to load up a few pictures of an old four legged friend that has passed or just recently crossed the bridge, and write in their own words what their dog had meant to them when still with them. A fitting tribute to the love and loyalty that their dog showed to them during the course of his or her life, that stays on…
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Pedigree Dogs, Yes we can

As per my BLOG the other day, we are getting more and more contact from Joe Public enquiring about different breeds, that is if they can't find a litter advertised on our site. The following email came in on Sunday, and I was able to put them in touch with 2 Miniature Pinscher kennels that have links on our blog, one of which was our Featured Kennel for March. "My name is .....and I was wondering if you can help me find a black and tan Miniature Pinscher pup to have as a family pet. I love this breed and it seems quite difficult to find a pup in Ireland. I would very much appreciate your help if you know of any breeders or upcoming litters. Thank you for the time taken to read my email." If you have a website, and would like to be linked under show kennels on our site, (For a link back in return) please send us on your details, and let's show Joe Public & his friends, how it should be done.
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Hello Pedigree Dogs, can we help you ?

Seeing that you have landed here, I assume that you have some interest in Dogs. Great, that's that sorted. I could talk all day, and then some, when it comes to talking about dogs, and over the last week or so I have had plenty of opportunity. Through our web site, we have had phone calls and emails from people interested in the following dog breeds: Italian Greyhounds West Highland White Terriers Cavalier King Charles Spaniels German Shepherds and last but by no means least, Glen Of Imaal Terriers It's great to have been given this opportunity to speak to these people, all of whom differ in experience when it comes to owning dogs or just certain breeds, and in most cases able to point them in the right direction in relation to a breed club or a responsible breeder whom we know of. Instances like the above as well as the case detailed HERE are the reason we put crazy hours into running, policing and maintaining this web site, and hope that by filtering these …
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Your Dogs Soul / Has He or She Got One

Now I can't say for sure, but somebody once told me that the Bible states that only the souls of humans go to heaven. No matter who or what you believe in, I think that that would lead us to have a far more different relationship with our dogs. Whether you have grown up with dogs, only recently become owned by a dog, had Heinz variety mixed breed dogs, or one or more of the hundreds of pedigree dog breeds out there, we all know that they are all different. What makes them all different ? There has nearly always been a dog in my life and currently I share a house with four dogs, an aunt (kind of) , mother and 2 pups from our first and only litter to date. Do they all differ from each other, hell yes. Is that a result of genetic make up, socialisation, position in the dog "pack" I can't say, but for me to think of them as being soulless is impossible. By taking complete care of your dog in areas such as nutrition, exercise and veterinary care , we are looking…
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Bitch,I hate you for being so perfect and beautiful !

'Sounds like something you might hear at next week ends dogs show ! "There are downsides to looking this pretty" and why women hate me for being beautiful ! Only that the article titled the above which I came across was dated today I would have thought this was for sure an April fools joke This is a statement from a self confessed female beauty, and although she states there are plenty or perks to be gained from being attractive, there is also a downside in looking this good. Bitchiness in the work place etc, as well as been seen as a threat to other females husbands ! The article produced something close to 2000 comments, and the majority of them were not positive. This W/E in Ireland is a big one on the Irish Dog Show Calendar as the Combined Canine Club host their annual International Championship Show this Saturday at The National Show Centre in Dublin where there will be slightly less beautiful dogs exhibiting than the amount of angry comments that the above…
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We are delighted to announce that we have had an offer from one of the biggest on line classifieds in Ireland to purchase the website and brand. They have been tracking us from our start date of 29th January 2010, and are obviously very impressed with the results and development to date. Of course, this comes as no surprise to the team behind as we knew from inception that we were on to a winner. This web site are not the first company to have shown an interest in as we have featured in The Sunday Business Post, The Sunday Times, interviewed on Dublin’s Spin 103 to name just a few We obviously had to take some time to think about the offer, and when the company in question contacted us to see if it they had a Done Deal, we gave the following reasons as to why we would have to decline You see, the difference between our classified website and the others is that we specialise in just one area, Dogs. We have total control…
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Lord of the Animals

You've probably seen it at this stage, as the clip was even aired by the BBC & Sky It's of an Elephant that escaped from the circus, in Blackpool, Co. Cork, Ireland Most of the TV and web coverage looked at this as quite a funny incident and likened it to the rhyme, Nelly The Elephant. The thing is though, there is nothing at all funny about using animals as entertainment. Especially something as majestic as an Indian Elephant. Us Human beings have domesticated the animals that we can, farmed a huge amount of other species, and still continue to ridicule others, such as this Elephant, by way of putting them centre stage in an olde world freak show. Not ever having owned an Elephant I can't say what they are like to live with, but know that their purpose on this planet was not to traipse around from town to town in the back of a truck, and on command file into a small arena, to perform tricks that have been drummed into them since they were young. Now I have o…
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Dogs call for dangerous human beings to be microchipped

Senior canines have called upon the government to microchip dangerous human beings, who they claim to be a “menace to dog society”. The proposal was made at  the Irish Kennel Clubs - Celtic Winners Show,round-table discussion on the future of canine-human relations. “Basically, some of them are nutters,” said Mr Fluffy, a 6-year-old Poodle from Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. “I mean, my owner’s OK – she’s in her sixties and wouldn’t harm a fly – but you see them hanging around on street corners with these things hanging out of their mouths, making all these strange noises. If I did that, I tell you what, they’d put me down!” (more…)
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