This Dog is laughing all the way to the bank !

Regular readers of this blog will know that we are quite passionate about our dogs, and more importantly so about what we feed them, and we try in our own small way to offer the best advice when it comes to all things dog.

I came across this poster in my local Aldi store yesterday, when I was in there buying some cabbage, broccoli, carrots and courgettes, some of which will end up in our dog’s bowls, along with some fresh meat.

The statement on the bottom of the poster reads – “Paws for thought – We’ve been feeding Irish Cats and Dogs for 20 years”

I guess that makes them pretty good at it then ?

Maybe the company that is based in Naas, Co. Kildare should have expanded on this statement a little, and advised the customers, exactly WHAT they have been feeding Irish Cats and Dog over the last 20 years, as according to the fancy packaging this food claims to help support the IMMUNE system, helps aid COAT condition and offer 100% COMPLETE balance.

However on closer inspection, one would find out the following.

Cereals are the main ingredient, and there is a whopping 4% rice in the rice kibble.

As part of the meat and animal derivatives, 4 % consists of beef, and there is another whopping 4% carrot in the carrot kibble, plus, go on, have a guess as to what percentage of peas is in the green vegetable kibble…….If you answered 4 well done, top of the class, although if you had only scored 4% in your school exams, something tells me you may have spent a lot of time down the back of the bike sheds, having a quick smoke.

Now I’m not sure how much one would be expected to pay for this wonder dog food, that not only comes in fancy packaging, but purports to support your dogs immune system, aids coat condition and offers a 100% balanced diet for your dog, but reckon your money would be far better spent on picking up a copy of Honeys Real Dog Food, Natural Feeding Handbook for dogs.

This handbook explains why your dog will be better off on a natural diet and provides simple instructions on how to prepare your dogs food.

This is what one person that bought the book has to say about the results “Put our dogs onto a raw meat feed a month ago amazing improvement.”

More information can be found out about the same at this LINK

So if you’d like to wipe the smile of this fellas face, and maybe help him lose a small bit of weight (Your dog that is) do your dog a real favour and next time your in store, don’t be sucked in by the fancy packaging and false claims, head instead to the fridge with the fresh meat in it, and then pick up a head of cabbage or some other vegetables, blend them together with what you learn from this handbook, and I am 100% positive your dog will thank you for it.